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Sunday, 18 May 2014

World Goth Fair 2014: Taxi!!!

World Goth Fair is going strong, so here is one of {MV}s exclusive items on sale at the fair, She. This sexy mesh leather dress is currently available at the Fair, and 50% of its proceeds will go to the SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation. The gloves worn with this dress are also included, and I particularly love these gloves as the fingers are in different positions, so it looks like your hands are posed when they are not :)
      After a night out with friend's, Millie gets seperated from the group of people she was walking home with and wanders into the wrong side of town. An area known for its crime and prostitution. As she rounds a corner, she sees something laying in the street, that she can barely make out in the dim-lighted street... Curious, she decides to go take a look and see what it is...

Stunned to find a young girl lying comatose in the street, still holding a needle in her hand, Millie freaks out and decides to hail a taxi to take her the rest of the way home.

'Wonder City' it is not, Millie thinks.

The hair I am wearing here, is from Damselfly and is also currently available at World Goth Fair, which ends on June 1st.

skin: the little bat ~ Brutal Love skin ~ past hunt gift,
hair: damselfly (includes hair-base) ~ sindy ~ currently available at World Goth Fair,
eyes: heavenslough ~ draesphier eyes ~ was a Fantasy Faire gift,
tattoos: insanya ~ love or die ~ past hunt gift,
eyeliner: beautiful freak ~ demonia ~ currently available here at World Goth Fair,

dress: {MV} ~ She Damask Lavender ~ currently available at World Goth Fair,
boots: {MV} ~ witchaven ~ skulled,
tights: snatch ~ fishnet tights,

earrings: scrub ~ 3 stupid earrings,
nose piercing: pekka,
piercimg 1: hebenon vial ~ alice,
piercing 2: cobrahive ~ monutm (no longer open),

MiLLiE xx

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Can't get no scrubs...

So I suck at blog titles, I really do... anyway this one is inspired both by the location where I took this shot... Scrub, and the song 'No Scrubs' by TLC, which was going through my head at the time, LOL. This look started off with the gorgeously sumptuous skinny leggings from {MV} which were on sale for L$60 Weekends, then I started pulling things from outta my inventory and came up with this gorgeous causal Saturday kinda look!

skin: aeva ~ Una ~ Bare ~ Cream (recently out for Lazy Sunday),
eyes: nocturnal couture,
hair: Mina hair ~ Noor (prev TDRF),
nails: [virtual/insanity] ~ feline (Slink nail appliers worn with Slink nail applier HUD),
tattoo: [aRAWRa] ~ Life is Beautiful (think this store is closed),

top: sakide ~ chilly dress,
leggings: {MV} skinnys violet,
boots: sakide ~ invern boots,

collar: sakide ~ attitude collar,
earrings: phoebe's,
hair-bow: deadpool,
bracelets: blitzed,
ring: cute poison ~ spikey ring,
piercing: cute poison ~ hush,

poses: juxtapose ~ It's almost Over (previous holiday giftie),

MiLLiE xx

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Twisted {MV}

Yeah, this is another Twisted hunt post, I promise I won't do *every* Twisted hunt gift... just the ones I realllly like, haha! Anyways, I HAD to show you the hunt gift from {MV}, cus it is just too damn cute!! I'm also wearing here one of {MV}'s Twisted gatcha hats - at L$35 a try its worth a go!

skin: Glam Affair ~ Roza ~ 07 (previous Arcade Gacha skin),
hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Melissa (currently available at The Arcade Gatcha event),
eyes: Rotten Toe ~ zombie eyes veiny red (Twisted Hunt gift),
nails: songbird ~ Dirty Tent (Twisted gatcha item; L$35 a go. These are slink nail appliers that only work when worn with the Slink nail enhancement hud and/or Slink hands),

face: Czarny Kanarek ~ Happy Clown (Twisted Hunt gift),
wounds: Repulse,

Dress & Boots: {MV} ~ Dark Quinn (Twisted Hunt gift),
Jester hat: {MV} ~ Clown Around hat ~ Bloodskull (RARE Twisted gatcha, L$35 a try).

MiLLiE xx

Friday, 31 May 2013

World Goth Fair...

is coming to an end tomorrow, so better hurry and check it out if you haven't already!!


Skin: The Little Bat ~ Sally Skin/ Poison plum (L$20 gacha item available at World Goth Fair),
Eyes: Beautiful Freak ~ Chloral eyes - Haunted Purple, (exclusive to World Goth Fair, 50% of the sales of this item go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation),
Make-up: Songbird ~ Gothique/ Purple Glitter (100% of the sales of this item go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation!!!),
Full outfit (inc collar, gloves & boots): {MV} (100% of the proceeds of this item go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation!),

Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Sunny,
Nails: Utopiah ~ infected.

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 29 April 2013

More from Horror Haute!

There's so much I want to show you form this month's Horror Haute, that I dunno if I'll get the time to do so, but here's another of my faves from this round; this beautifully textured two-piece outfit from {MV}.


Skin: Aeva ~ lumi ~ T0/ Natural/ Freckles (new release!),
Lashes: Aeva ~ long lashes,
Hair: the plastik ~ Naamah Hair/ Mermaid (free at the Fantasy faire),
dead apples ~ anime - muted (previous Arcade item),
{MV} Creepy Crawler (out for this month's Horror Haute),
{MV} Deco heels ~ Zombie,
Maxi Gossamer ~ sugar candy (available at April's round of Collabor88),
Mouthie: {Witches & Rats} Bloody Summer ~ popsicle mouthie (free instore) .

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

{MV} at the Cart-Wash!!

Some amazing deals to be had right now ghouls. Make sure to head over to the fabulous Cart Wash sale over at The Wash. The ONLY biannual L$10 sale featuring oodles of your favourite designers with some <b>amazing</b> bargains to snatch up. Take a look at these STUNNING corset and boots by {MV}, for example and I'm sure you will NOT want to miss out on this!! The Cart Wash sale runs til 13th March, and as well as the UNBELIEVABLE L$10 bargains avaialable, there are quite a number of free GIFTS available too!!! Also, the free*style store opened today, with two floors of awesome deals and gachas by some really talented designers, this is also not to be missed!


Skin: SMOTD ~ Paintyface skin (no longer available, sorry),
Eyes: Miasnow ~ Soul/ green,
Hair: ploom ~ Aria,
Corset: {MV} Deco Corset Zombie (1 of 6 different corsets available by {MV} for L$10 @ their stall @ The Wash),
Shirt: SAKIDE ~ Spencer Lace Shirt,
Pants: A Netherworld ~ Emo Leather Leggings,
Boots: {MV} Deco Heels Zombie (1 of 6 different pairs of boots available by {MV} for L$10 @ their stall @ The Wash),
Necklace: Lasaki ~ Heart Beat Cameo Necklace (L$10 gacha over @ the Free*Style shop!),

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 18 February 2013

52 Weeks of Randomness...

Week 3 (?!)

haha, yeah yeah I know I'm already behind with this challenge I set myself! I was sorting through my mess of an inv again today, and came up with this random cute look I wanted to share with ya'll, so here goes.


Skin: Blue Blood ~ Matrioska ~ Celina,
Hair: HoM (sorry no longer available),
Bruises: Corvus,
Dress: {MV} ~ Creature Feature Caustic,
Boots: Adore & Abhor ~ Gogo Galaxy boots (these were a releases for My Second Box a while back, but they are available in ombre as a subscribo gift).

Pose is a dollarbie from Rotten Toe, new location here!

MiLLiE xx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

OK I suck....

OK, its official I suck at getting posts up on time. I started to prepare this post, and my previous one, last week during Septembers' Horror Haute, but unfortunately I've been working nights this month, so I have either been working, sleeping or too damn tired to get these finished, and for that I'm sorry. Everything should still be available at the respective shops though.


Skin: Pink Fuel ~ oopsies (currently available at the discounted rate of L$25(!!!) at Atomic's Knitting Circle Rummage Sale, available at this price til 7th October only!),
Piercing: Cobrahive (store closed, sorry),
Nails: {MV} Widow Nails (Horror Haute for September),
Eyes: Dead Apples ~ Sinstre Eyes (Horror Haute for September),
Shirt: Iren ~ loose panda shirt,
Fishnets: alterego ~ (available as part of their outfit for this weeks' Perfect Wardrobe),
Gloves: Hysteria ~ Cross meets spikes (Horror Haute for September),
Boots: Gos ~ Triumph boots/ Worn.

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Twisted Dollie

So I just about got done with the Twisted Hunt and wanted to show you my favourite gifties from it, unfortunately I have been stupid-busy in RL and haven't had time to write this piece til now (the hunt finished 30th September), but if you like what you see then maybe make a mental note to try the next Twisted hunt :)


Skin: [VoiD] ~ Annie/ Twisted/ Ivory (Twisted hunt gift),
Shape: Savoir Faire Shapes ~ Cordelia Doll Shape (Twisted Hunt gift),
Eyes: Mayfly ~ Deep Sky Eyes (Fab Free Hunt),
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Dedrick/ Sapphire,
Outfit (inc hat & Parasol): LooLoo's (Twisted Hunt Gift),
Boots: {MV} ~ Survivor Series Darkness (available from Twisted riotvend instore, price goes down to L$50 if you have enough people)!

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Vintage Fair Shoot-out!

There was trouble down at the Vintage Fair. Hoards of fashion-crazed broads descended onto the streets of the Fair desperate to get their hands on the latest fashion bargains! A fight broke out between the seperate fashionista gangs. Amidst the chaos a blood-curdling scream was heard. I ran down the cobble-paved street, towards the sound, my gun ready to fight off the masses. I rounded a corner and there, down the dimly-lit alleyway was the screamer. A woman who looked like she had been poured into her dress, a simple red scarf tied around her neck, which did nothing to hide her breast-line. She took my breath away, and for a moment I almost forgot why I was there.

"Mister, mister... there's a... a..." then she lost her composure and vomited on the ground. Just behind her, there was a body. Damn she was a looker. Shame about the bullet in her head. I reached into my inside pocket and took a swig out of the whiskey flask I kept there for times like these. Now to find out who killed her, and why. Was she an innocent victim caught up in the Vintage Fair crossfire, or was it a premeditated kill, covered up by the ensuing chaos?


Skin: [CIA] Designs ~ Bettie Skin (Vintage Fair),
Shape: [Iren] Betty (New at Vintage Fair),
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Gloria (MESH: New at Vintage Fair),
Tattoo: Glue Ink ~ Pretty Psycho,
Corset: {MV} Mafioso Corset (MESH: New at Vintage Fair),
Pants: {MV} Execution Pants (MESH: New at Vintage Fair),
Shoes: {MV} Cleaver Heels (New at Vintage Fair),
Bullet-wound: Repulse,
Wounds on arms/ hands: Eternal Darkness,
Pose: Just a Pose ~ available on marketplace.

P.I. M. Gloom