Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Perfect Solitude...

 Slowly she awakens from her decades' long slumber, the need to feed stronger than she ever remembered. But she had expected that to be the case after her sleep, that was why she had cleverly stocked a large cooler full of blood bags for when she awoke. But as she drained 1 bag after the other, she realised blood bags were just not going to cut it. She needed to go and get the real thing. And soon!

This stunning dress is by Blue Blood... all you old-timey gothlings will remember the fabulous store Blue Blood. Well the store is BACK and the fabulous Ghani is now making clothes suitable for mesh bodies and also BOM!! So, go and check out the new store and her new designs!

~ dollparts ~
skin ~ 7 deadly skins ~ Aster,
hair ~ sintiklia ~ Bethy,
eye make-up ~ This is Wrong ~ Salem, and; zombie suicide ~ bloody tears,
lips (blood) ~ la petite morte ~ bloody lip, sorry no longer available,
gartered knees ~ Suicidal Unborn,
nails ~ Rawr ~ moonchild,

~ worn ~
dress ~ Blue Blood ~ Solitude,
tights ~ Normandy,
shoes ~ Six Feet Under ~ black magic,
bindi ~ Six Feet Under ~ cross,
rings ~ Rawr ~ moonchild,
blood bag (worn) ~ insomnia angel,

~ everything else ~
pose 1 ~ Be My Mannequin? ~ Bathed in moonlight,
backdrop ~ paleto ~ mauseleum,
bags of blood ~ Hogs & Cartwheels,
cooler ~ Black Jack Emporium,
coffin roses ~ Star Sugar,

Welcome back Blue Blood!!

MiLLiE xox

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Legend of the Cyberfae

Hey gothlings, somewhere in a cyber dystopian future there will probably be Cyberfaes, just hanging out, drinking soft drinks and waiting for thier mates to come out and play in the water fountains. And they'll probably dress like this. Well, if this last 12 months have proved, anything could happen, right?

~ dollparts ~
hair ~ sintiklia ~ Bethy,
eyes ~ Sixx ~ cyborg eyes,
wings ~ Sixx ~ chibi neon wings,
tattoo ~ Juna ~ Athena tattoo,
nails ~ Rawr ~ borg nails,
bindi ~ Sixx ~ neon cross bindhi,

~ worn ~
dress ~ Sixx ~ leather dress,
bolero ~ Psych Barbie ~ Nyx glow jacket,
boots & tights ~ Normandy ~ mono boots,
eye-patch ~ Normandy ~ solid eye-patch,
neon out-line ~ Sixx,
brain ear-muffs ~ bubble,
cup- drinkjunk food ~ Gingys fast-food,

MiLLiE xox

Monday, 29 March 2021

It came from the Abyss!!

Hi gothlings! Do you dare to explore the deep, dark waters to discover what lurks beyond the surface? If so then this round of Necrosis is for you. The designers have pulled out some AMAZING creations for this round, all with added tentacles! 

~ dollparts ~
skin ~ Haunted Dollhouse ~ Carnival ~ BOM skin, free Midnight Mania prize!
hair ~ RunAway hair ~ Aschera,
horns ~ Dark Love ~ as part of Telquin outfit exclusively available at Necrosis,
tattoo ~ corvus ~ Leviathan tattoo ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
arm & body veins ~ autopsia ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
nails ~ autopsia ~ vein nails ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
eyes ~ GIN ~ Roribus,
eye-shadow ~ Absinthe ~ rocker eyeshadows ~ currently available at Skin Fair,
eye tentacles ~ Wicca's Originals ~ Reaper eye ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
chest tentacles ~ immateria ~ Call of Cthulu ~ no longer available, sorry,

~ worn ~
harness ~ Normandy ~  556 ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
pasties ~ Dark Love ~ as part of Telquin outfit exclusively available at Necrosis,

~ poses & props ~
poses (includes tentacles on waist, arm & ankle) ~ Be My Mannequin & Her Geek Spot ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
coral reef ~ Angelic Designs ~ Deep Dive Kelp Rocks ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
treasure chest ~ Angelic Designs ~ Dead Waters Tentacle Chestcurrently available at Necrosis,
pirhna ~ Angelic Designs ~ Free Roaming Pirhanaexclusively available at Necrosis,
tentacles (foreground 1st picture) and Az4pixelancer ~ currently available at Necrosis,

Hurry, get your scales down to Necrosis while it's still on!

MiLLiE xox

Thursday, 25 March 2021

It's (still) a lockdown life

 Hi gothlings, so it's been a year (and some days) since we first entered into lockdown here in the UK. And we have effectively been in lockdown for the last 4 months. Infection numbers seem to be finally falling and the vaccination programme is well under way. I've had my first jab and my second is due next week! Things are slowly starting to open back up. Schools are back open (yay!) Non-essential retail and pubs are reopening soon, with restrictions in place. Things are beginning to look .... hopeful. Which is just as well, because although I generally do enjoy my own company, I cant wait to be able to see friends again and just go for coffee! There is only so much netflix, face-timing and living room parties you can do tbh! I mean, even Millie is getting bored with it all and has clearly turned to drink! Oh no! It looks like she's finally pulled out the fancy wine that she was saving for a special occassion! At least she's got dressed up for it though!

~ dollparts ~
hair ~ Wings ~ TZ0605,
eyes ~ rotten ~ ghoulish,
horns ~ violent seduction ~ bling horns ~ group gift,
tattoo ~ Mister Razzor ~ Charlotte,

~ worn ~
dress ~ violent seduction ~ zero ~ group gift,
tights ~ violent seduction ~ lachesis ~ group gift,
boots ~ cult ~ billie,

~ accessories ~
bindi ~ supernatural ~ amore,
rings ~ yummy ~ gothic horror rings,
choker ~ violent seduction ~ rosary choker ~ group gift,
phone ~ Boutique #187 ~ ouija phone,
wine bottle ~ chic chica ~ currently available at Cosmopolitan,

MiLLiE xox