Friday 15 October 2021



~ dollparts ~
hair ~ 
Doe ~ Bride,
skin ~ 
Autopsia ~ Zombie Skin - autopsia.008 ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
shape ~ 
Autopsia ~ Witch Shape - autopsia.008 ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
brows ~ Autopsia ~ Stapled Brows - autopsia.008exclusively available at Necrosis,
body tattoo ~ BUG ~ Broken Dolly v2 [BoM] ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
forehead tattoo ~ G.I.N ~ kreus,
blood ~ duckie ~ bloody mess,

~ worn ~
dress ~ 
Unicorn ~ Carrie,
necklace ~ Wicca's Originals ~ Lamia wire,
septum piercing ~ Six Feet Under ~ bat septum ~ currently available as part of the Mournful Mondays event,

~ everything else ~
pose (pic 2) ~ Be My Mannequin? ~ Possession ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
pose (pic 3) ~ Be My Mannequin? ~ I See You ~ exclusively available at Necrosis.

Special thanks to Necro Bloodrose for allowing me to use her land to take pics in! ♥

MiLLiE xox

Saturday 9 October 2021

Resting Witch Face

 Hey gothlings, its finally the month of HALLOWEEEEEEEN and Necrosis is back with a BANG! Not only do they have exclusive new designs at discounted prices, there is also a Halloween HUNT and it is runnig through the whole mon th of October! So more spooky bang for your buck.

    Corvus have released this adorable two-piece set exclusive for the event, which is just perfect for a Witch's Day In, or Night out! It comes in a variety of styles, which are all changeable via HUD and also in a variety of sizes, including Freya, legacy, maitraya, hourglass and ebody. The choker I'm wearing is by Pixelancer and is also available from the event and comes wiht matching earrings (not shown), as is the hair I am wearing, which is by Sn@tch. Full details after the pics.

~ dollparts ~
hair ~ Sn@tch ~ Bride Hair ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
horns ~ 
TRIGGERED ~ Strapped Horns,
nails ~ 
RAWR! ~ Mystic Nails,
tattoo ~ <Nar Mattaru> ~ Underboob Tattoo (Owl), 

~ worn ~ 
outfit ~ 
Corvus ~ Witchy Elysia skirt worn with Black Elysia top ~ exclusively available at Necrosis,
boots ~ 
Sn@tch ~ Teddy Platform Boots,
choker ~ Pixelancer ~  Atropos silver exclusively available at Necrosis,
rings ~ RAWR! ~ Mystic Rings,

~ everything else ~
witch tapestry ~ oubliette ~ nu-goth witch tapestry,
witch decor/ make-up set ~ movement ~ my resting witch face,
sideboard ~ oubliette ~ nu-goth bookcase,

MiLLiE xox

Thursday 30 September 2021

What fuel crisis?

 As some of you might know, there is an ongoing fuel crisis in the UK right now. Stupid people are being stupid and panic buying fuel because the media started a rumour that we were running out of fuel... so now we actually ARE running out of fuel! Thankfully, that is not an issue in SL. Millie could not believe her luck when she found NO queues at the fuel station and PLENTY of fuel as she was about to go on a summer road-trip in her latest new threads from Sn@tch!

~ dollparts ~
head ~ lelutka ~ EvoX AVALON 3.1,
body ~ Belleza ~ Freya - updated to BOM,
hair ~ Sn@tch ~ Song,
tattoo ~ Corvus ~ Monsters,
underboob tattoo ~ <Nar Mattaro> ~ (Owl)
nails ~ CULT ~ Majik ~ Belleza - Freya,
horns ~ 
TRIGGERED ~ Strapped Horns,

~ worn ~
top ~ sn@tch ~ Wanna Be Top,
shorts ~ s
n@tch ~ Frisky Hotpants,
boots ~ sn@tch ~ Teddy Platforms,
mobile phone ~ #187 ~ 
Scarified Tongue Phone Case,

~ everything else ~
pose 1 ~ Be My Mannequin? ~ pinch me,
pose 2 ~ Be My Mannequin? ~ overwhelmed,
neon palm trees ~ Foxcity ~ potted wireframe mood,
4x4 ~ Bueno ~ Barbie,
backdrop at Backdrop City.

Seriously though.... STOP PANIC BUYING FUEL!!!!! This has been a public service announcement brought to you by;

MiLLiE xox

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Dead End

 As the T-virus spread throughout Raccoon City, Millie got herself all dressed up in her brand new clothes that she had been planning to wear for her big birthday party. Well, she thought to herself as she got dressed up, if I'm going out, I may as well look good!

~ dollparts ~
hair ~ [monso] ~ Beth,
horns ~ TRIGGERED ~ Strapped Horns,
eye-liner ~ Nar Mattaru ~ Winged Liner {Black} Evo X,
eye make-up ~ Nar Mattaru ~ Smoky Eye {Tintable} Evo X,
blood ~ !SIDIKA SAKA! ~ Blood Smell Bom / Fresh / EvoX,
bloody hands ~ SongBird,
tattoo Corvus ~ Monsters Tattoo,
eyes ~ absinthe ~ Racca ~ available at The Darkness Chamber Fair,
nails ~ RAWR! ~ Obsidian Nails,

~ worn ~
dress ~ {WitchCraft} ~ Lady Vampira Dress ~ available at The Darkness Chamber Fair,
fishnets ~ Dark Love ~ Saibruk - as part of the outfit,
shoes ~ .HIPNOTIC. ~ Isabella Heels ~ available at The Darkness Chamber Fair,

~ accessories ~
rings ~ RAWR! ~ Obsidian Rings,
septum ring ~ B L A I S E ~ Death Moth,
nosechain ~ Just Yaska ~ Hali,
bag ~ lock&tuft ~ lux purse,

Hurry the event ends on 2nd October!

MiLLiE xox