Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Perfect Solitude...

 Slowly she awakens from her decades' long slumber, the need to feed stronger than she ever remembered. But she had expected that to be the case after her sleep, that was why she had cleverly stocked a large cooler full of blood bags for when she awoke. But as she drained 1 bag after the other, she realised blood bags were just not going to cut it. She needed to go and get the real thing. And soon!

This stunning dress is by Blue Blood... all you old-timey gothlings will remember the fabulous store Blue Blood. Well the store is BACK and the fabulous Ghani is now making clothes suitable for mesh bodies and also BOM!! So, go and check out the new store and her new designs!

~ dollparts ~
skin ~ 7 deadly skins ~ Aster,
hair ~ sintiklia ~ Bethy,
eye make-up ~ This is Wrong ~ Salem, and; zombie suicide ~ bloody tears,
lips (blood) ~ la petite morte ~ bloody lip, sorry no longer available,
gartered knees ~ Suicidal Unborn,
nails ~ Rawr ~ moonchild,

~ worn ~
dress ~ Blue Blood ~ Solitude,
tights ~ Normandy,
shoes ~ Six Feet Under ~ black magic,
bindi ~ Six Feet Under ~ cross,
rings ~ Rawr ~ moonchild,
blood bag (worn) ~ insomnia angel,

~ everything else ~
pose 1 ~ Be My Mannequin? ~ Bathed in moonlight,
backdrop ~ paleto ~ mauseleum,
bags of blood ~ Hogs & Cartwheels,
cooler ~ Black Jack Emporium,
coffin roses ~ Star Sugar,

Welcome back Blue Blood!!

MiLLiE xox

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