Sunday, 26 September 2010


Wtf you might be thinking with that title, and I wouldn't blame you, lol. There is reason in my madness though, lol. There is a lil hunt on right now called the Kawaii Hunt which has lots of really cute things to find, most of which I wouldn't consider goth and therefore wouldn't actually use, however, the gift from Grim Brothers is most definately goth and something I would wear, but its also kawaii (which I'm told means cute in Japanese), hence the title.


See what I mean? You CAN be both goth AND kawaii, hehe.

Also worn:

Hair - House of Munster (which is currently closed again due to the sim her store was on being sold, sad times :< )
Skin - F'd Up - Felicity (this gorgeous skin is from the new line of skins that Beautiful Engineer of F''d Up is working on and is currently not released!!)
Boots - Dilly Dolls.

Thats all for now, razorblade smiles and demented dreams,

Mil xx

Friday, 10 September 2010

Zombie Princess!!

Now theres a title I'm happy with, lol. I put this look together the other week and wanted to show it you, but I've been sooo busy in RL I hadn't gotten around to posting it til now.


Skin - ello poppet (freak you hunt giftie),
Hair - new release by the ever awesome Truth Hawks,

Outfit - Into the Hollow
Tatoo - Dead Carrott
Shoes - Weird Designs

razorblade smiles and demented dreams,

Mil xxx

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Weird Wednesday

OK, I admit it, I suck at thinking up titles!!! Ah well, you're not here for my titles, are you? Hehe, onto the goodies :D


Dress and shoes - Weird Designs Moonlight in aubergine and pumps in aubergine (these are both a part of a limited edition release this week, only 26 or so of these were released, go grab yourself something that not many others will have before they are all gone o.o)

Hair - Crimson & Clover (available in the TTG hunt, grab it while you can, this is STILL my fave hair for now ;p)

Skin - Mango, Mango - Valentine (I LOVE this store for cheap but really well done skins! This skin, like all their skins, comes in three tones, I'm wearing the vamp tone here which is perfect for us gothlings. Right now this skin is on sale for 69 Lindens ONLY for humpday happiness, the ever-awesome Sileny Noel tends to keep them out for a coule of days afterwards, go grab it before she re-prices it!)

Pose - Mindshift Animations.

Thats' it for now, have fun dollies <3

Mil xx