Sunday, 28 June 2020

Darkness falls across the land...

This month I have had the wonderful privilege of being accepted onto The Darkness Chamber Fair blogger team, and I can say that everything on offer is absolutely wonderful, but I've had particular fun playing around the Death Row Designs graveyard in this absolutely gorgeous dress from Secret Oktober. This simply beautiful dress didn't require much dressing up, however I found these beautiful Flutterbye booties from 1313 Mockingbird Lane did the job just perfectly - available at a reduced price for The Saturday Sale, and last but not least, I complemented the look with this oh so delicate Eldora Skull necklace from Morbid Mauseleum- also available at The Darkness Chamber Fair. Head on over now while you still can!

dress ~ Secret Oktober ~ smell the roses dress ~ available NOW at The Darkness Chamber Fair,
boots ~ 1313 Mockingbird Lane ~ Flutterbye booties ~ available for L$75 for The Saturday Sale,
necklace ~ Morbid Mauseleum~ Eldora skull necklace ~ available NOW at The Darkness Chamber Fair,
blindfold ~ Razorblade Jacket ~ bloodied blindfold,

hair ~ Doe ~ Mollie ~ indecisive ~ available for L$75 for The Saturday Sale,
tattoo ~ Mister Razzor ~ Dannika tattoo ~ hunt gift instore,
blood ~ Izzie's ~ Face & Body Blood & Wounds,

Thursday, 25 June 2020

It's a matter of Pride

So hey Gothlings, this month also happens to be Pride month. A time of year where anyone who falls under the LGBQT+ umbrella get to celebrate their sexuality whilst also attempting to engage with straight folks and break down some of the myths and boundaries around the LGBQT+ community. Throughout the month there are tons of events on in SL celebrating Pride month and lots of creators are offering some fabulous gifts. Here are some of my favourite's. I have mix and matched the adorable top from Bella Epoque with the shorts from Seniha. and finally I have finished off this colourful look with these gorgeous sneakers from Equal.

top ~ Pride top/ lips ~ Bella Epoque,
shorts ~ Pride shorts ~ Seniha group gift,
sneakers ~ Jensen sneakers ~ Equal group gift, L$200 grp fee,

hair ~ the Angel hair ~ Olive,
nails ~ Agale Bento nails ~ Witchcraft,

juice-cup ~ Pride tumbler ~ Hive group gift,
balls of light ~ Half Deer,
pose backdrop ~ Pride backdrop ~ Paleto Pride gift,

MiLLiE xox

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Black Lives STILL Matter

Hey gothlings, so as the tide has undoubtedly turned from one of support to one of criticizing the Black Lives Matter protests and the ensuing riots and protests over the racist undertones of many historical statues worldwide has hit, I fear the very important message of the Black Lives Matter movement has been lost. However, thanks to efforts such as the Stand for Justice Event and the Black Lives Matter Memorial Wall in SL, hopefully we can keep on pushing the narrative that Black Lives Matter and effect REAL change in equality and justice for people of black and ethnic minority origin. And there are still lots of amazing gifts available to show your support for this very important cause. The cute tied t-shirt is available at the Blacl Lives Matter memorial wall, while these amazing joggers are a group gift from Coco. I absolutely love these joggers and could seriously wear them all day long. They are equally as comfortable for protesting in, or just lounging at home.

t-shirt ~ Black Lives Matter shirt ~ free at the Black Lives Matter Memorial wall,
joggers  ~ CoCo ~ free group gift,
cap ~ BLM snapback ~ free at the Black Lives Matter Memorial wall
pose ~ phatkatt poses ~ free on SL marketplace here,

MiLLiE xoxo