Saturday, 19 September 2020

The day I left.

 Hey gotlhings, so the last few days/ week has been pretty busy and hard for me. It's my first born's 18th birthday next week and we just got news that our area is going into a localised lockdown. Which means we're back to not being allowed to mix with other households, either outdoors or indoors. I've been planning my daughter's 18th for like the last year and have had to cancel our inital plans and make new ones, then adjust these to fit the current situation. And now we have to change them again. It's made it hard for me to concentrate on blogging, but anyways! At least that's something I can do from home, right? 

Here is an adorable dress from 1313 Mockingbird Lane that I absolutely love and simply had to show you. This is a classic 50's style dress along with matching shoes, also from 1313 Mockingbird Lane. The outfit alone blogs itself its so gorgeous! But, then I saw this eye nake-up from This is Wrong, that was on sale last weekend which I also had to get. The make-up is called 'I won'. And for me, as I'm sure plenty of others out there who may even be reading this blog, it made me think of personal RL experiences. This pandemic is a hard situstion for us all, especially those who may be in volatile relationships, effectively locked in with their abusive partner. Please, if this is you, get out, seek help. Don't leave it too late <3


Hair ~ Wasabi ~ Melon,
Eye make-up ~ This is Wrong ~ I won,
Piercings ~ Suicidal Unborn ~ Kara facial piercings (group gift) and;
Spookshow ~ Ankh piercing,
Nails ~ Dark Passions: Koffin Nails ~ Dark Harlequin,
Tattoo ~ Redfish ~ My soul,
Knee plasters ~ Suicidal Unborn,


Dress ~ 1313 Mockingbird Lane ~ Roselia,
Shoes ~ 1313 Mockingbird Lane ~ Rockabilly bow pumps,


Sunglasses ~ Suicidal Unborn ~ The Shagi glasses (group gift),
Rings ~ Cult ~ Lily,

Poses ~ Zombie Suicide ~ from the 'About Me' and 'Ira' sets.

MiLLiE xox


Thursday, 10 September 2020

Autumnal vibes

 Hey gothlings, so this weekend has been the first weekend where it's begun to start feeling a lil more chilly and there's definately a touch of Autumn in the air and I have even been Halloween shopping already in RL! When I saw this beautiful dress from Cosmic Dust out for FLF over the weekend, I just coudnt help but snatch it up! I love its halloweeny vibe and I can totally get the 'wear black or stay naked' vibe in my RL hahaha. I managed to grab the boots from Demon Doll during The Saturday Sale, as well as the ever so cute batty backpack, which is from Cult. The nails were also a steal from Dark Passions: Koffin Nails over the weekend. Sadly many of these offers are likely gone now, but if you love the teepee and the pumpkin cart- they are both gifts from Hive!

~doLL pArTs~
hair ~ wasabi ~ melon (was available for Fifty Linden Friday),
nails ~ dark passions: koffin nails ~ black rain,

dress ~ cosmic dust ~ nova outfit (was available for Fifty Linden Friday),
boots ~ demon doll ~ madness stompers (was available for The Saturday Sale),
stockings ~ beauty of darkness ~ purrah stockings,

earrings ~ zombie suicide ~ luna earrings,
rings ~ Cult ~ Lily,
choker & necklace ~ kibitz ~ Taliz's necklace (was available for The Saturday Sale),
batty backpack ~ Cult (was available for The Saturday Sale),
coffee cup ~ hive ~ currently available at Anthem until September 30th,

teepee & autumn tree ~ Kims Creations ~ Fabfree group gift,
pumpkin cart ~ hive ~ group gift,
autumn leaves (on floor & falling) ~ hive (was available for The Saturday Sale),

MiLLiE xox

Sunday, 23 August 2020

And thats a wrap!

Hey gothlings. So I have never meant for this blog to be a personal, RL one, but sometimes, I don't know where the RL me ends and Millie begins so I have to apologise now if I put too much Personal RL stuff in here! Anyways, my burgeoning RL relationship came to a sudden and unexpected end this week. So what else was I to do, but head back to Millies loft to get over it all. Only Millie wasnt quite as restrained as RL me and didnt deal well with the whole breakup. Instead her and Gargungoy decided to play a game with the ex. A deadly game that ended up with the ex discarded like a broken toy.

Most of the items here were from the recent round of Necrosis, which has just ended, but you should still be able to get them at their mainstores.

~dOll pArTs~
upper body tattoo ~ Germinal ~ Magick,
thigh tattoo ~ WitchCraft ~ Necrosis tattoo,
nails ~ Dark Passions: Koffin Nails ~ Mystic Age,

bikini ~ Dark Love ~ formerly free gift at Necrosis, 
boots ~ Dark Love ~ part of the Black Angel outfit ~ formerly free gift at Necrosis,
leather jacket ~ Spoiled ~ Bowsette leather jacket ~ out now for The Saturday Sale,

septum ring ~ Spookshow,
necklace ~ implings ~ Moon rock necklace ~ formerly free gift at Necrosis,
rings (left hand) ~ Vibing ~ Ciara rings ~ out now for The Saturday Sale,
belly chain ~ Dark Love ~ part of the Queen of Chaos outfit,
navel piercing ~ bubble ~ Venus Heart Dermals,

baseball bat ~ [Chris Two Designs],
coffin sconce ~ Immoral Designs ~ formerly free gift at Necrosis,
backdrop ~ Paleto,
pentagram ~ Angelic Designs ~ Bones of your Enemies ~ formerly free gift at Necrosis,
bodybag ~ Hogs and Cartwheelsformerly free gift at Necrosis,
Gargungoy ~ Liliths Den,

MiLLiE xox