Friday, 17 October 2014

Death Becomes Her!!

'Death becomes Her' is a unique shopping + prize event brought to you by Horror Haute, themed around the inimitable classic movie of the same name, and is right up my ally! How it works is, basically, when you buy something from this months round of Horror Haute, you also receive a prize token with it, which can then be redeemed here for a unique gift from the same designer! There were so many things I wanted to show you! But in the end, I chose this amazing dress from the untitled. For more pics of the regular items, and prize items available this month, check out the Horror Haute blog.

skin: riel - Aayalyn - Tainted Love (past hunt gift),
hair: wasabi pills ~ Melissa ,
eyes: insufferable dastard ~ valentine eyes (past hunt gift),
tat: g0th1co ~ sick love tat (past hunt gift),

dress: the untitled ~ death becomes her (Horror Haute October/ Death Becomes Her),
shoes: the little bat ~ creepy pumps/ monsters,

necklace: lantian ~ smashed healing heart (past hunt gift),
ring: axix ~ sweeties ring,
sunglasses: papermoon ~ coco sunglasses,
skully hands (hair): truth

table & chairs: noctis.

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Final Spiral!

So, I started this just before A Clockwork Spiral had wound down for another year, but due to work and general RL I have only just managed to get this up now. I do apologise for this, but still wanted to share it with you :) I absolutely adored the complete Anna avatar that Fallen Gods released for A Clockwork Spiral, but off course, I had to add my own unique twist to it :) And, as always, I went mad with pics... ugh, my indecision is my biggest flaw, lol.

skin: Fallen Gods ~ Materica ~ Rust Elegance (as part of a complete avatar released for A Clockwork Spiral, should now be available in-store),
eyes: razorblade jacket ~ gouged out eyes,
hair: Fallen Gods ~ ANNA ~ Rust (as part of a complete avatar released for A Clockwork Spiral, should now be available in-store),

full outfit: Fallen Gods ~ ANNA (as part of a complete avatar released for A Clockwork Spiral, should now be available in-store),

eye: yellow jester ~ cybernectic eyepiece,
necklace: lantian flox ~ smashed healing heart,
ring: unrepentant ~ the deep gold (released for A Clockwork Spiral, should now be available in-store),

bloody tears: repulse,
mouth: repulse ~ cheshire smile.

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Keeping Watch

This next A Clockwork Spiral post was inspired by the Steam Outlaw outfit from The Little Bat. I accessorized the look with the smoke stacks adornment from Songbird, currently available at ACS, and decided to wear this adorable new skin from la petite mortes' fantasy range. I don't often wear fantasy type skins, but when I saw this one by la petite morte, I couldn't resist it. All together, the final look made me think of rebels during a historic battle, not part of any official army, but focussed on their own mission directives, perhaps on an alien planet not disimilair to Earth.

skin: la petite morte ~ suellen ~ f1, (released for We <3 RP 9/4),
eyes: pin me down ~ koh 1, (current Pin Me down group gift, there are other colour packs available at A Clockwork Spiral with 50% of the proceeds going to the National Kidney Foundation),
hair: truth ~ posy,
streaky make-up: yayo ~ warpaint, (store closed, no longer available, sorry),
nails: lolapop ~ cog nails, (dollarbie, currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),

outfit: the little bat ~ steam outlaw, (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),

smoke stacks adornment ~ songbird, (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),
steampunk gasmask ~ DRD,
knife armband ~ [virtual/insanity],
goolds necklace ~ lolapop, (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),
bracelet ~ old steam hunt gift.

MiLLiE xxx