Sunday, 29 November 2020

After the Slaughter

 Hey gothlings! I'm late with this post due to RL issues, but hopefully you'll love it nontheless! Thankfully the Darkness Chamber Fair event has been extended over Black Friday, so hurry on down while you still can!

 Introducing Millie the Blood Nymph princess, who just can't resist a bloody slaughter on a Sunday morning! It's just the thing to get the old juices flowing! Once again sendin out the hounds to help her! Until, its finally time to rest and enjoy the spoils of the battle. What more should an evil Blood Nymph do?

~ dOllPaRtS ~
hair ~ Tableau Vivant ~ Vlodovic hair - Equinox,
maskMorbid Mausoleum ~ Hades Mask Blogger Pack ~ available from The Darkness Chamber fair,
horns ~ Psycho Barbie ~ Onyx Horns ~ group gift,
hornsCerebrus Crossing [CX] ~ Apis Horns,
tattooLeave Your Mark ~ As Above So Below ~ available from The Darkness Chamber fair,
nails ~ Goodies I Need ~ Eerie nails ~ available from The Darkness Chamber fair,

top[Addicted Apothecary] ~ Hekate Halter ~ available from The Darkness Chamber fair,
skirtzOOm ~ Lilith Outfit ~ available from The Darkness Chamber fair,
bootsAsteroid Box ~ Obsidian Boots,

wings ~ epic ~ Succubus Star Drippy Chibi Wings ~ this weekends' The Saturday Sale,

(pic 1 &2)
Pile of Bones ~ Lady M,
Garouka ~ Liliths Den ~ available from The Darkness Chamber fair,

(pic 3)
candles ~ BJSS ~ available from The Darkness Chamber fair,
skeleton dog ~ TLC ~ animesh companion skeleton dog, 
skeleton ~ TCOD Designs, 

Happy shopping!

MiLLiE xox

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Welcome to Hell!

The time is upon us again for The Darkness Chamber Fair to open it's doors. This time the theme is 'Gates to Hell'. So if you happen to be either a creature of the night, or someone who wishes to commune with the other side, The Darkness Chamber Fair has all you need. For my first offering, Millie would like to introduce you to her new pets, courtesy of Lilith's Den. The Garouka prefer to travel in packs and are the perfect companion for travelling through hell as they can see in the dark and dont mind the smell of searing flesh!

For these featured goodies and more, The Darkness Chamber Fair is open now and runs til 28th November!

hair ~ clawtooth ~ Dark Queen,
eye make-up ~ lolapop ~ La Diabla ~  currently available at The Darkness Chamber Fair,
chest tattoo ~ psycho barbie ~ Satan's mark
wrist tattoo ~ germinal ~ Silence ~  currently available at The Darkness Chamber Fair,
nails ~ Dark Passions/ Koffin Nails ~ Glitter Bats,

bodysuit ~ Beauty of Darkness ~ Pandora ~ currently available at The Darkness Chamber Fair,
tights ~ blueberry ~ Pia,
boots ~ Dark Love ~ Skull boots,
blindfold ~ Hysteria.

garouka ~ Lilith's Dencurrently available at The Darkness Chamber Fair,
snakes ~ hideki,
backdrop ~ Tropix ~ public bathroom,
pentagram ~ Angelic Designs ~ bones of your enemies,

Love and snuggles,

MiLLiE xox

Friday, 30 October 2020

Halloween Ball

 It might not be the case for you in RL, but at least in SL, its that time of year for all you witches and ghouls to grab a partner and head on to a Halloween Ball near you! If you don't have a partner already, then why not dig one up? Trust us, down at Pumpkin Town, we won't judge! But, watch out for the photo-bombing bar-tender!

hair ~ Doe ~ dark room (tinted by myself),
tattoo ~ Mister Razzor ~ Kali tattoo,
nails ~ Dark Passions: Koffin Nails ~ pentacle moon,

dress ~ The Annex ~ Sabrina dress,
shoes ~ Gos ~ Blake spiked pumps,

cane ~ Laminak ~ Beetlejuice ~ free gift at Pumpkin town,
choker ~ [Bubble] ~ Witch choker,
rings ~ Cult ~ bat rings,

pic 1 ~ Izzie's ~ Pin-up poses,
pic 2 ~ Stun Poses ~ Halloween gift on marketplace here,
pic 3 ~ Clix ~ Female prom date,

MilliE xox