Friday, 30 August 2013

The finale of The Black Market

well, sadly its time to announce that this month will be the last round of The Black Market. Its been a fun ride, with lots of amazing bargains to be had over the weeks and months. If you haven't checked it out already, be sure to make a visit before it is all over, with items from as low as L$40 you'd be mad to miss it! Here's what I loved this month.

skin: aeva ~ poppy - t0 (yup, im still wearing this! lol),
eyes: adoness ~ daroan eyes - pond,
hair: ploom ~ tart,
nails: adoness ~ delirium (currently available at The Black Market),
tattoo: vestigium ~ Lady Muerta,

eye-shadow: Mon Cheri ~ smokey eye (Black Fair, which I think is now over),
eye-liner: CIA designs ~ graphic eyeliner (Black Fair, which I think is now over),
lips: Pin Me Down ~ Tiken (Thrift Shop),

lacy bodysuit: Rotten Defiance ~ Hitch,
dress: adoness ~ black market dress (currently available at The Black Market),

hair-clip: zombie suicide ~ skully bow hair tie (currently available at The Black Market),
bracelet: opal ~ Black Only (currently available at The Black Market),
ring: Little House of Curios ~ flower skully ring (currently available at The Black Market),

pose: elephante poses ~ available as part of the 'Watch 'n Learn' pose pack currently on sale at The Black Market.

This round finishes on the 8th September, make sure you visit before its over for good!

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 29 August 2013

More from Horror Haute!

So, I've been in a bit of a funk the past couple of days, due to some bad news I heard in RL. I couldnt get anything to work together, then when I thought I had something I liked, I couldn't get the right pose/ scene that I wanted. I was beginning to think that I wasn't going to be able to show you another Horror Haute post, until I saw this amazing 'wings' top from Cain! I love it! It brought to mind thoughts of the impending apocalypse, and the blind eyes and bloody tears from InSpired Designs' summoned up the idea of a modern-day avenging lady Justice character. I had to go one step further though, and add this bloody blindfold to my look.

 Finally, I *love* kick-ass women who don't take no s**t, and being a huge 'The Walking Dead' fan, I was definitely calling up images of Michonne when I was working on this post! Can't wait for the new season to start!!

As well as the top from Cain and bloody tears from InSpired Designs, I am also using the full blood layer that is available with the Tasty Pudding Horror Haute item this month.

skin: aeva ~ poppy - t0,
hair: ploom ~ tart,

top: cain ~ pentagram - wings (Horror Haute August),
jeans: evolve ~ bloody jeans (sorry, no longer available, but still an old fave of mine!),
boots: bubble ~ Tattoo Mesh boots (Brand new and exclusive to the Black Only event!),

-blood/ make-up/ accesssories-
bloody blindfold: Hysteria ~ the future is dark (no longer available),
bloody tears: InSpired Designs ~ Bloody Blind Eye with Optional Bloody Tears (Horror Haute August),
full body blood layer: tasty pudding ~ bloody mess (available as part of their Horror Haute item),
bloody arms: repulse,
stomach tattoo: Corvus,

katana & pose (photo 1):  f*king ninjas ~ prepare for glory,
pose 2: ploom ~ available as part of the 'bones' pose-pack.

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 26 August 2013

Monochrome zombie

So, its that time again for Horror Haute. I really wasn't sure what I was going to show you form this round, but there are a couple of things that stand out, for me anyways. This cute lil vest top from Czarny Kanarek is one of them. Here I am wearing it with the lacy pants by Zombie Suicide, that are currently available at Perfect Wardrobe, and the new stalwart of my wardrobe, the J's studded long boots. I have accessorised this look with make-up from pin me down and delusions, as well with jewellery from hebanon vial, zombie suicide and little house of curios. This adorable little ring I am wearing is by Little House of Curios, and is currently available at the last ever Back Market (more about this coming in a subsequent post). The gorgeous skin I'm wearing is by aeva, and was recently released as part of Lazy Sunday. This is their 'tone 0', which is perfect for me!

skin: aeva ~ poppy - t0, (this was released at a reduced price for Lazy Sunday, but is now available in store at its regular price),
hair: ploom ~ jinx,
eyes: repulse ~ hemoholic,
nails: utopiah ~ infected (mesh nails),
neck tat: vestigium ~ aries,
arms tat: vestigium ~ lady muerta,

eye-liner: pin me down ~ the liners,
mascara: delusions ~ disturbia - runny mascara,
bloodied nose & band-aid: pop-tart (currently available at Perfect Wardrobe),

top: czarny kanarek ~ love me mesh top (currently available at this round of Horror Haute),
pants: zombie suicide ~ lacy pants & belt (currently available at Perfect Wardrobe),
boots: J's ~ studded long boots,

piercing: hebenon vial ~ Inque,
ring: Little House Of Curios ~ flower skull ring (currently available at The Black Market),
wristband: zombie suicide ~ star wristband,

Photo 1: hopscotch ~ available in the envy pose-pack,
Photo 2: ploom ~ available in the bones pose-pack,

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Millie does the hula...

haha, so I couldn't say 'Good-bye' to Flux without getitng out my ukulele and giving it a play at the Tiki Bar.

 The ukulele is fully animated, and even plays traditional ukulele music, which can be turned on or off with a click. It is by enchant3d and is currently avaialble at Flux, as is the outfit I am wearing and the tiki mask. Remember, this event only runs til 28th August.

skin: la petite morte ~ madison - t1,
hair: truth ~ video games (past Arcade),
nails: [virtual/insanity] ~ summer #2 (NEW nail appliers, worn with slink nail enhancement hud),
feet: Gos Boutique ~ barefeet - arched,

outfit: kokolores ~ beachin' (now available at Flux),

tiki mask: Circa ~ "Lost Island of Tane" Tiki Warrior mask (now available at Flux),

ukulele: enchant3d (now available at Flux),

photo taken at the Kualoa Tiki Bar.

MiLLiE xx

Trailer Park Zombie

I took my zombie self down to the Trailer Park at Kon Tiki today, but finding no-one to snack on (I think they had all safly locked theselves indoors, or otherwise evacuated the area), I saw this HUGE flamingo that was just asking for a biting...

There's still a few days left of Flux, if you haven't been yet, hurry!! There are some really cute goodies to get your hands on. Take this adorable Hawika mesh dress from Dead Dollz. It is actually 3 dresses in 1 because it is texture change via a hud, and all for the reasonable price of L$250!

These pictures were all taken at Flux's trailer park... take the portal to visit, or click my slurl.

skin: .la petite morte.~ madison - t1 genre1,
eyes: Chus! Seer lenses (freebie instore),
hair: Truth ~ Sassy -  light blondes,
feet: Gos Boutique ~ Barefeet - Arched,

forehead: Repulse ~ lobotomy,
eyes/lips: Mock ~ zombie makeover (past hunt gift),
chest: Repulse ~ autopsy chest wound,
arms: Repulse ~ bloodbath,
nails: [virtual/insanity] ~ summer #1 (nail appliers worn with slink nail enhancement hud),

dress: Dead Dollz ~ Hawika (now available at Flux),

necklace: DownDownDown ~ Kitsch flamingo pendant (now available at Flux),
earrings: (yummy) ~ Flamingo earrings (available on marketplace here),
hair-flower: Moonstone (part of the La Rosa outfit available at Flux),
ring: [ SAKIDE ]~  Dolphin Rings (gacha now available at Flux),

props & poses:
giant flamingo: !WorN ~ Mega Flamingo Pose Prop ~ Available at Flux.

The poses in the last 2 pictures are both no longer available, sorry.

Flux will close August 28th so hurry down here, hit up the gachas, go shopping, explore this beautiful plot and take photos - it wont last forever!

MiLLiE xx


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lady of the Night...

This Lady of the night must be impervious to the cold and the rain because it does not seem to be stopping her from selling her ... wares, or is there a dark, dangerous secret she is hiding?

A lot of the items I'm wearing here are available from the Black Fair, and also Collabor88. I was very much inspired to do a 'noir' type post by all the amazing stuff available at Collabor88 right now, but I had to do it with a lil difference, hence my mysterious 'lady of the night', hope you like her!

skin: Izzie's ~ Kaelyn 20's Skin - dark red lips (now available at Collabor88),
eyes: Chus! ~ seer lenses (free instore),
hair: d!va ~ Layla (now available at Collabor88),
tattoo: Little House of Curios ~ Bird and feathers,

romper: la petite morte (NEW at the Black Fair),
Tights: MODA ~ Merlotto lingerie (free gift at the Black Fair),
shoes: NV ~ hell heels (available at the Black Fair- not free),

necklace: Deco ~ marilyn pearls - smoke (now available at Collabor88),
ring: maxi gossamer ~ (free gift at the Black Fair),
earrings: leonard ~ my feather,
garter: L*inc ~ Bitch garter,
parasol: Show Me On The Doll ~ the tainted taxidermist,

eyeliner: cia ~ graphic eye-liner - black (free gift at the Black Fair),
AND: *MC* ~ smokey eye (free gift at the Black Fair)
Mole: Mock,
Nails: Pin Me Down ~ Goth my nails up (nail appliers worn with Slink nail enhancement hud).

MiLLiE xx

Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop is well under-way, and is not to be missed; there are tons of great stores involved, who each have exclusive items available for 50% of their regular cost, and there are also gachas!

And here's a couple of close-up's, simply because I want to show you my gorgeous face:

It's times like these I wish I could splice multiple piccies into one, but nevermind, lol. Here's the info:

Skin: Sugar ~ Emily - Gothika [3] (now available at The Thrift Shop, L$99),
Eyes: Chus! ~ seer lenses in wrath (free gift instore),
Hair: Adoness ~ pitchblack ~ Scarlett (now available at The Thrift Shop, L$90),
Hair-Base: Adoness ~ shaved butterfly (now available at The Thrift Shop),

Eyes: la petite morte ~ black collection eyeliner (now available at the Black Fair),
Runny mascara & eye scar: Delusions ~ Disturbia,
Mole: Mock,

Top: Somnia ~ comic tank (gacha item now available at The Thrift Shop, L$20 a try!!),
Shorts: Somnia ~ Floozy bandit shorts (now available at The Thrift Shop),
Socks: schadenfreude (past Fifty Linden Friday),
Boots:  J's ~ Studded Long Boots,

Lip-ring: Broken doll (past hunt gift - no longer available),
Ear-plugs: zombie suicide (past hunt gift),
Face-piercing: zombie suicide ~ cute,
Wrist-band: zombie suicide (new release instore),
Nails: pin me down ~ goth my nails up (worn with slink nail enhancment hud),
Tattoo: suicide gurls ~ sinner (past hunt gift),
Tail: sugar ~ demon tail (now available at The Thrift Shop),

Pretense Poses ~ Signal (these are still some of my favourite poses that I own!).

Hurry and grab these bargains while you still can!

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Black Plastik

I picked up a few great deals with Fifty Linden Friday and Lazy Sunday from the plastik the other week and have put together this cute, casual look ideal for a Sunday with them. Also, it gave me an excuse to wear this amazing make-up from pin me down again, which is fast becoming my favourite look right now.

The skin, top and pants were all discounted items at last week's Fifty Linden Friday and Lazy Sunday at the plastik. I love a good bargain, and I'm sure you do too, which is why I highly recommend you follow both these events closely each week as they are full of amazing bargains like these!

skin: the plastik ~ Astrali skin - pale dream (past Lazy Sunday item),
hair: ploom ~ tart,
eye make-up & eyes: pin me down ~ haarken (Mad City game prize, available til August 31st),
lip make-up: pin me down ~ tiken (now available at The Thrift Shop in 9 different colours),
forehead tattoo: corvus ~ carved cross,
chest tattoo: vestigium ~ deer skull,
wounds: REPULSE,

top: the plastik ~ aurura - skulli (past Fifty Linden Friday item),
pants: the plastik ~ atlass (past Fifty Linden Friday item),
boots: deco ~ her showdown boots (this weeks' Fifty Linden Friday),

hair-accessory: netherworld  (available as part of the Lia outfit),
ring: kosh ~ nebula ring,
nails: pin me down ~ goth my nails up,
piercing: pekka ~ nose swirl,

pose 1: kirin ~ burlesque pose (available at Collabor88),
pose 2: pretense poses ~ tacky (available as part of the tacky pose-set at Flux),

MiLLiE xx

Lil Twisted preview...

As you may, or may not be aware (how??!) the now infamous Twisted hunt is returning in September for it's 10th outing!! With a theme which is RIGHT up my street- carnival!!! I am sooo excited for this! Sredni Eel (of Avatar Bizarre) very kindly sent me their hunt gift to preview. Their gift is a part mesh Mad Hatter outfit, which is highly detailed and skilfully put together, well worth the (probable) hour or so it will take to locate the pesky lil box it will be hidden in, and includes the hat I'm wearing too.

You can't see very well from this picture, but I am also wearing a new release from horribabules- these kooky wooden teethm which I love! These teeth are animated and features small drips of blood coming form them! Here's a closer picture:


skin: plastik ~ Astrali// Pale Dream (previous fifty linden friday),
hair: ploom ~ tart,
eyes: pin me down ~ haarken (Mad City game, ends August 31st),


costume: avatar bizarre ~ Madder Hatter (Twisted hunt preview, will be available when the hunt starts September 1st),


make-up (eyes): pin me down ~ haarken,
make-up (lips): pin me down ~ Tiken (NEW for Thrift Shop),
mole: MOCK cosmetics,
tattoo: corvus ~ carved cross,
teeth: horribaubles ~ wooden delights,

pose: kirin poses ~ burlesque (available at Collabor88 August).

Twisted Hunt starts September 1st, check out their blog for participating stores and more info here.

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Total Anarchy Round 3

Well, I didn't think I was going to be able to get this post up for you this week as I was supposed to be going camping today, but the weather decided to take a turn for the worse so we had to take a rain-check this time, hopefully it will be better tomorrow then we can go. In the meantime, here's some cute stuff from Total Anarchy.

Skin: pixystix ~ penelope ~ innocent ~ 01 Cream (L$99 per tone available at Structure Your Skin Project),
Hair: ploom ~ tart,
Eyes: Pin Me Down ~ Haarken (Mad City game prize),

Dress: The Little Bat ~ Skully babydoll in red (currently available at Total Anarchy),
Pants: The Little Bat (currently available at Total Anarchy),
Boots: Impish (currently available at Total Anarchy),

Make-up: Pin Me Down ~ Haarken (Mad City game prize), AND;
Corvus ~ Carved Cross, AND;
REPULSE ~ Shut the f*ck up mouth tattoo,
Nails: [Virtual/Insanity] Grunge (NEW nail appliers worn with Slink nail enhancement hud),

This photo was taken using the 'Pact' photo-scene from Show me on the Doll, which I LOVE and have been looking forward to using, however due to some RL sadness today I did not want to use the accompanying pose. The pose used is from Demise of Flight and is available in their 'Luck be a lady' pose pack.

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 4 August 2013

A twist of fate...

In the ongoing Adventures of Flat Rodvik, I decided to make it up to him for frightening him earlier, so I wiped off all my make-up and took him on a date to this luscious tropical paradise. I thought maybe he would relax and start to enjoy himself, but he still looked stiff and impassive. Never had I been on such an awkward date. I'd tried everything, even bought a new dress for the occasion and had my hair done all nice. Maybe Roddy had other things on his mind?

Later that day, as the sun set and the moon rose, Roddy was still stood there by the sea, impassive and forlorn. But where was his hot date??

Face-down in a pool, that's where!! With just one silent witness, the flamingo by his side, Rodvik would have the last laugh - no-one would ever know what had happened to her.

The amazing animated pool is from Horribaubles and is available up on the trailer park for the duration of this event. As soon as  saw it I KNEW I had to fit it into a post somewhere, hehe. As for Flat Rodvik Linden, who knows if he will ever be seen again?

Here's a lil close-up photo of myself, so you can take a closer look at what I was wearing before I was so brutally offed, hehe. This adorable dress is from Rotten Defiance, and is available in 6 equally kitschy-cute textures at Flux.

Skin: aeva ~ Selene - t1 - Adored,
Hair: truth ~ video games - blonde 2 (past Arcade item),
Eyes: rotten toe ~ visions of death,
Feet: Gos Boutique ~ Barefeet - Arched,
Make-up: kokolores ~ flower eyeshadows - fruity (now available at Flux),

rotten defiance ~ Kitsched dress - London (now available at Flux),

truth ~ orange roses (Past Arcade),
nails: [virtual/insanity] ~ summer #1 (nail appliers worn with slink enhancement hud),
necklace: AZE ~ coral & puka shell necklace (now available at Flux),

Pose 1 (pic 1): Purple poses ~ Friend pose (Previous hunt gift),
Pose 2 (pic 3): Pretense Poses ~ available as part of the 'Tacky' pose set now available at Flux.

One other thing, the adorable flamingo ornament is also available at Flux and is made by Weather or not?

MiLLiE xx

Where's Rodvik...?

So, I've been catching up on the feeds and I recently saw this cute meme by Strawberry Singh here. The Flat Rodvik meme is this week's challenge set by Strawberry, and basically she challenged us to take the flat Rodvik Linden out with us around the grid and take pictures of the things we got up to! I don't often have a lot of time for memes and things, but they always look like a lot of fun, and as I was out and about doing my Flux post's I figured it would be fun to combine this challenge with a post about Flux. If you don't know about Flux, its a themed event where lots of talented designers get together and create things relevant to the theme and set the for sale on the equally themed Flux sim each month, created by the hugely talented Ghost Mannequin.

Anyway, I popped down to the Flamingo Lounge today to relax with a cool cocktail, and you will not believe who was serving drinks today?! That's right... Rodvik Linden!!

He doesn't look too happy though, does he? In fact he looks quite nervous and not at all relaxed. I wonder why that could be?

In RL I am too short to wear maxi dresses, which is a shame because they always look so cute and comfy, so I couldn't resist this adorable maxi dress that Paper Moon have out at Flux right now. I have accessoried this with the flamingo hair-sticks from the Stringer Masueleum and the hair flower from Moon Stone. The hair-sticks are a gacha item, and are available for L$ a pop!

  The nails I'm wearing are not a Flux item, but they deserve special mention because they are so cute. They are one of the latest releases from [Virtual/Insanity], here's a closer look:

aeva ~ River - T2- First Kiss (available for L$100 per tone at the Outlet Sales Room),
hair: wasabi pills ~ veronica - seafoam,
eyes: rotten toe ~ visions of death (NEW location for rotten toe, make sure you grab a lm!),
feet: Gos Boutique ~ Barefeet - Arched,

paper moon ~ tropico dress - hibiscus red (now available at Flux),

necklace: AZE ~ coral & puka shell necklace (now available at Flux),
(yummy) flamingo earrings (available on marketplace here),
hair-sticks: The Stringer Mauseleum (gatcha item at Flux, L$10 a try),
flower: Moonstone (now available at Flux),
make-up: a.e meth ~ smile dog (2nd make-up and tattoo hunt gift, hunt now over, sorry),
tattoo: kokolores ~ flowers (now available at Flux),
nails: [virtual/insanity] ~ summer #2 (nail appliers worn with slink enhancement hud),

MiLLiE xx

Friday, 2 August 2013

The perpetual summer...

So it's that time of the month for Flux again, and this time the theme is 'The Flamingo Lounge'; think kitschy beach party... Some amazing designers have got together and released some really great items for this event, which I've enjoyed playing around with to create this post for you. I love how Flux challenges me as a blogger to think differently and to try new things/ styles that I perhaps wouldn't otherwise.

These photos were taking up on the trailer park section of the Flux sim... you have to take the long winding wooden path up the hill to get to it. There are some more shops up here too, so make sure you come and take a look :) Flux is open NOW!

skin: sugar ~ Emily - Autumn [1] (will be available at the Thrift Shop from Friday 9th August),
hair: ploom ~ Kat,
feet: Gos Boutique ~ Barefeet - Arched,

bikini: sakide ~ Kahakai bikini (currently available at Flux),

earrings: (yummy) flamingo earrings (available on marketplace here),
glasses: moonstone ~ Moon heart shades (currently available at Flux),
necklace: DownDownDown ~ Kitsch flamingo pendant (currently available at Flux),
ring: sakide ~ Silver dolphin ring (Gacha item at Flux, L$20 a go!)
nails: kokolores ~ nail appliers, worn with slink body enhancement hud (currently available at Flux),
tail: sugar ~ Cherry Blossom Demon tail (will be available at the Thrift Shop from Friday 9th August),

make-up: Kokolores ~ Flower eyeshadows (currently available at Flux),
tattoo (torso): Kokolores ~ Flowers (currently available at Flux),
tattoo (leg): Identity Body Shop ~ Believer tat (Endless summer hunt gift),

Photos 2&3: pretense poses ~ Tacky (currently available at Flux),
Photo 4: Rook poses (dec grp gift, no longer avaialble).


MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 1 August 2013

More from Horror Haute

OK, so I'm running a little late wih this Horror Haute post, but I simply LOVE this hoodie by Gala Fashion Design sooo much that I HAD to show it you. I had already got the photo's all done and was nearly ready to post this yesterday, until I decided to pop over and visit the new Show Me on the Doll store which Ghost Mannequin has rebuilt pretty much identical to the original SMOTD store. I simply LOVE this dolls' crazy brain. Everything about her is ghoulishly cute, from the things she makes to the macabre lil finishing touches to her store, like this creepy bedroom which seemed fit for this hoodie.

The skin I'm wearing is a gorgeous new release from Sugar, which you will be able to get your grubby lil hands on when the Thrift Shop opens on Friday!! I absolutely adore this skin-tone - it's perfect for a dead lil doll like me! Obviously the gore and the wounds aren't a part of the skin, these are add-ons which are detailed in the info below :)

Skin: Sugar ~ Emily [1] Autumn,
Eyes: {dead apples} Sinistre Eyes - Bloodlust,
Hair: [Auxiliary] Sweetie-Pie (new release, exclusively previewed at Hair Fair),
Make-up (1): MOCK ~ Zombie make-over,
Make-up (2): Eternal Darkness ~ Scar-liner (no longer open, sorry),
Wound (1): REPULSE ~ Lobotomy,
Wound (2): REPULSE ~ Clawed Eye,
Blood: REPULSE ~ Bloodbath.

Hoodie: Gala Fashion Design (L$100 for this round of Horror Haute - might still be available at this price if you hurry!),
Skirt: Edelweiss,
Socks: Edelweiss,
Shoes: DUH! ~ Mary Janes (previous Harry Potter hunt gift).

Mouth-nom: {Witches & Rats} Deadly Bow (available for July's round of Horror Haute).

Tainted Kisses,

MiLLiE xx