Saturday, 30 March 2013

Horror Haute: March

I apologise for the delay in me getting this post up, I've been having problems with my ISP in rl, anyways, here's some of my favourite things from this months' Horror Haute.

The dress is from, one of my favourite up and coming stores; Death Rocker Betty Crocker, I absolutely love the originality of Delirium Sols' designs, and they totally appeal to both my loves of the macabre and rockabilly fashion! The boots I am wearing are by Epic, and I felt matched my new dress perfectly! These were recently out for Jersey Shores' Grenade Free Wednesday!

The adorable skin I'm wearing is from la petite morte, and is currently being previewed at Skin Fair - thank you Voshie XD!! I am also wearing another fave item of mine from Horror Haute - the facial scar from Zombie Suicide. Here's a closer look at the skin and scar;


Skin: la petite morte ~ madison ~ t1, m2 (currently available at Skin Fair til March 31st),
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Fay ~ Crystal Violet,
Eyes: Mayfly ~ Liquid Light ~ True Grey,
Piercing: hebenon vial ~ Jewel (NEW mesh piercing),
Facial scar: zombie suicide,
Dress: Death Rocker Betty Crocker ~ Hearse Haute dress (L$100 out for Horror Haute),
Boots: Epic ~ Neo Prowler boots ~ purple (L$100 for Grenade Free Wednesday at their Jersey Shore stall - still available for L$100 at time of posting!!!),
Necklace: { Gala fashion Design } My Macabre Love necklace (L$100, out now for Horror Haute),
Spider hair accessory: A Netherworld ~ Crystal Spider Hair Clip,

Pose picture 1: Helamiyo ~ (Part of the fashion Blogger pose pack available at the Pose Fair - thank you Miyoko Magic!!!),
Pose picture 2: Little beans ~ (L$100, Part of the boobie pose set available at this months' Black Market),

Happy Shopping ghouls!

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Busting out of my bubble with Billy...

So this is a cute blogger challenge originated by Skylar Coeur at her blog here, she basically suggested that we, as veteran bloggers, should get together with another, new, blogger and blog!Or, the newer bloggers' could approach a veteran blogger they'd like to work with themselves. I was honoured, and quite flattered, to be approached by Billy from Songs in the Key of SL, who asked that we work together for this challenge. And also quite surprised at being considered a 'veteran' blogger, I guess after nearly 3yrs of blogging, that I am indeed a veteran blogger, but I still feel like I'm learning new things every day!

Anyways, Billy came up with this wonderful idea that we should form a goth band and photo our gig! I loved this idea, as a rock chick myself it's very true to me and my RL, lol. We had heaps of fun shooting this piece, but I'll let the photo's speak for themselves!

To get to know each other a lil more, which was the purpose of the challenge, we asked each other a few questions about blogging and why we blog. This is what I asked Billy (you'll have to check out Songs in the Key of SL to see what he asked me!).

1) Who/ what inspired you to start blogging?
Being on Plurk, you see a lot of people talking about blogging. I didn't think I'd have anything different to offer, until an idea came to me one day, and I decided to give it a shot!

2) How would you describe your style?
My photos always start with an image I see in a song, or with an idea from the prompts on the story challenges I do. So I don't know if I have a specific style because I dress to suit the idea in my head. Although baseball caps and blue jeans are pretty common to see me in on a regular basis.

3) How do you prepare for a new blog post?
First the idea, then I find props that get me close to what my idea was. Location is next, where I set up props and pose, finally I adjust windlights. That's the hard part.
Writing the blog is easy!
(I agree!!)

4) What do you enjoy about blogging?
Challenging myself. I really enjoy taking photos.
5) Would you consider collaborating with others again?
Always. I've worked with several people now, and it's always interesting to see how they do things differently.

6) (just to be mean ;p) Who are some of your favourite stores?
You're right, this is a harder question than I expected. Argrace, Entente, FATEwear, Kal Rau, plus I have quite a few favourite clothing items from designers that I'd like to check out some more.
(Billy had already asked me this and I had found it too difficult to answer, so I threw it right back at him!)

 7) Do you have a favourite piece of clothing/ 'go-to' item that you wear frequently?
My hats from Argrace. Definitely.

Finally, here's what I am wearing, again you will need to read Billys' blog, Songs in the Key of SL here to find out what he is wearing.

Worn by me:

Skin: Amacci ~ Rayna/ Pearl/ Natural (available at Skin Fair),
Hair: DeLa ~ Moelleux ~ black,
Eyes: MayFly ~ Liquid Light eyes ~ True Grey (thank you Arkesh Baral!!), 
Eye-Liner: Mango Mango ~ rock liner (no longer available),
Runny mascara: S and P ~ Death Princess,
Top: Nefarious (maybe no longer available),
Skirt: [Sakide] Ruffly Skirt,
Arm-warmers: [Sakide] Leather Arm-warmers
Tights: Izzie's,
Boots: Gos ~ Triumph Boots,
Piercing: Hebenon Vial ~ Jewel (NEW mesh piercing),
Tattoo: Hysteria ~ Time is Precious.

My poses are from the Rock God pose pack from [Motionless], now only available on marketplace here.

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Black Market: March

The Black Market is here again, and here is just a quick post to show you, in particular, this adorable two-tone sweater from Sakide, which is currently available at The Black Market for only L$40!

I am also wearing worn corduroy jeans from Sakide, and underneath them leggings from Bubble. The boots are the group gift from Red Mint. They come in a rigged mesh version, and a non-rigged version, which is resizable with a click. I had to wear the non-rigged version due to my small stature! 

The adorable skin I am wearing is from Amacci and is currently being pre-viewed at the Skin Fair. Rayna comes in three different skin tones; pearl, olive and terra. Olive and Terra are brand new tones for Skin Fair! Rayna comes in 12 different make-ups, and each make-up pack also comes with 1 nude skin with no make-up, plus 2 cleavage options, 4 eyebrow shapes and 8 lipsticks! All for the price of L$950 per make-up. I'm wearing Rayna/ Pearl in natural. Here's a close-up:


Skin: Amacci ~ Rayna/ Pearl/ Natural (available at Skin Fair),
Hair: DeLa ~ Moelleux ~ black,
Eyes: MayFly ~ Liquid Light eyes ~ True Grey (thank you Arkesh Baral!!), 
Top: [Sakide] Touch of Gradiant top/ black (L$40 at The Black Market!),
Jeans: [Sakide] Worn Corcrouy Jeans,
Leggings: [ bubble ] ~ purple leggings (previous hunt gift),
Boots: (red)mint ~ gG01'13 (I dunno how much longer these will be available for free, so grab em quick if you want em for free! Group is free to join),
Piercing: Hebenon Vial ~ Jewel (NEW mesh piercing), 
Tattoo: Love Zombie ~ inverted cross,
Earrings & Ring: [Sakide] Awareness Ribbon (currently available in a gacha/ riot vendor at Fashion For Life and the main-store),
Necklace: Izzie's ~ Panda necklace,
Nails: *Rotten Defiance* ~ nailed black matte manicure (subscribo giftie!!).

Happy Shopping!!

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 18 March 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

So today's the day everyone is meant to wear green for luck! I hope where-ever you are, you've had a lucky St Patricks Day. Here's a few things avaialble inworld that I wanted to share with you today.


Skin: Moonshadow Skins ~ Lia/ St. Pattys Day special (FREE instore, get it while you can!!),
Eyes: Beautiful Freak ~ Evening ~ Emerald,
Hair: Truth ~ Video Games (L$100 a try at the Arcade gacha),
Antlers: Rotten Defiance (subscribo giftie),
Clover nom-nom: Pierced by FG (marketplace freebie),
Dress: A Netherworld ~ Lucky Lara dress (everything green L$50 for St Patrick's day!!),
Boots: Violent Seduction ~ Esther boots ~ Envy,
Large clover & pose: Juxtapose (subscribo & group gift!),

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Last call for the Wash's Cart Sale!!

Well its the last day for The Wash' Cart Sale, get on down there while you still can to grab up L$10 bargains from tons of designers including, {MV}, snatch, somnia, 1 hundred, The Little Bat, blienssen & maitai, to name just a few!!! Here's some other goodies I picked up:

The adorable skin I'm wearing is a Skin Fair 2013 preview from *Shine* and is totally adorable! This is their *Anela* skin, it comes in four different tones and five different make-ups, and she comes with a variety of cleavage, freckles and teeth options. There is a shape included too (not shown). I'm wearing the pale tone, with smokey make-up and freckles. Here's a close-up:


Skin: Shine ~ Anela/ Ultra pale/ Smokey (Skin Fair 2013 preview, opens TOMORROW!!!),
Hair: ploom ~ Shira,
Top: 1 hundred ~ Moody Tube Top (L$10 @ the Cart Sale),
Jeans: The Little Bat (L$10 @ the Cart Sale)
Boots: {MV} Deco heels ~ Leopard & skull rock (L$10 @ the Cart Sale).

Happy shopping!!

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Back to black... and red

This look features the adorable 'Gothica' dress by Adoness, which is currently available at The Black Market for L$100. Also shown are a couple of myArcade gacha winnings; both the skin and hair are from the Arcade. I was lucky enough to score the 'ghost' tone of the Pink Fuel skin, and the black Clawtooth hair fairly quickly, which were both what I wanted the most, so yay!! I am also wearing nails from Utopiah, that are currently available at Perfect Wardrobe for L$90, upside-down cross tattoo from Love Zombie, and my look is completed by NEW mesh piercing from hebenon vial. Here's a closer look:


Skin: Pink Fuel ~ gacha "ghost" (L$100 a try at the Arcade gacha event),
Hair: Clawtooth ~ Surfer Rosa "softest black" (L$75 a try at the Arcade gacha event),
Eyes: dead apples ~ sinstre eyes "bloodlust",
Piercing: hebenon vial "jewel",
Tattoo: love zombie "inverted cross",
Dress: adoness ~ gothica (available at The Black Market),
Nails: utopiah ~ my wild hand (L$90 @ Perfect Wardrobe),

Happy Shopping!

MiLLiE xx

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Why So Serious??

so I picked up these goodies from the last round of Perfect Wardrobe, which I LOVED.

Think they theme might have changed now though, so sorry if it has!


Skin: Al Vulo ~ Alyss (old group gift),
Hair: ploom ~ Rene,
Facepaint: O Harl ~ cLOWNED makeup (free on marketplace here),

Nails: Pretty Liar ~ Carny nails (texture change via hud),
Collar: insanya ~ Lotus,
Dress: Corvus ~ Crazy Clown half-dress,
Arm-warmers: Cheeky,
Tights: Izzie's.

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 4 March 2013

Horror Haute: Zombie

I had so much fun with this last shot, that I had to give it its' own page, lol.


Skin: Skindustrial Bodyworks ~ Horror Haute Zombie skin (L$100 for Horror Haute),
Hair: ploom ~ Rene/ indecisive,
Dress: House Of Knots ~ I'm Sorry (Horror Haute),
Shoes: Distorted Dreams ~ Splattered (L$50 for Horror Haute),
Crown: Dilly Dolls ~ Heart Crown (available at the free*style store),
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui (colour change, free @ the free*style store),

Happy shopping zombies!

MiLLiE xx

Horror Haute: Lingerie

Horror Haute is upon us again, and this time it seemed that a lot of the designers wanted us to get sexy by offering up lingerie sets!


Skin: Iren ~ Betty,
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Fay "Crystal Violet",
Undies: Death Rocker Betty Crocker ~ Horror dots (L$100 for Horror Haute),
Neck Tattoo: Corvus ~ Don't,
Eyes: Mayfly ~ Liquid Light eyes "Rising Spring",
Purple Eyeshadow: Adore & Abhor ~ Sparks purple (Lavender Hill hunt gift),



Skin: Al Vulo ~ Alyss ~ Wonderland (Grp giftie),
Eyes: Beautiful freak ~ Evening "Crimson",
Hair: ploom ~ Rene "Indecisive",
Crown: Dilly Dolls ~ Hearty Crown (free*style store),
Outfit:  {Witches & Rats} Skully lingerie (L$100 for Horror Haute),
Tears make-up: S and P ~ Death Princess,
Neck tattoo: Love Zombie ~ inverted cross,
Feet: Gos ~ arched feet.

MiLLiE xx