Tuesday, 25 June 2013

For the love of Woe

Ghost Mannequin (aka: Putrid Gloom), one of my favourite ever designers is back in SL with her stores Show me on the Doll and Memento Mori!! Her designs are original, creative and creepily cute, which appeals directly to my rotten heart. Luckily for us dead dolls, both her stores are also participating in the weekly woeful discount event, Woeful Wednesday, so make sure to head down to these stores, or even the new Woeful Wednesday HQ here, and slap the subscribo's to be informed of upcoming offers and events, that are sure to delight any dead doll.

Here's just one example of the genius that is Ghost Mannequin. Last week, SMOTD was involved in WW, and this is what was on offer (apologies for the lateness of this post, I have had a multitude of zombies running through my thoughts this week and I have sadly been unable to focus on any one thing til now).


Skin: Sugar ~ Chloe - Mononoke : Blood w/ teeth (Previous Woeful Wednesday item),
Hair: Rotten Toe ~ Zombie,
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Sinistre ~ bloodlust,
Neck wound & blood: REPULSE,
Dress: SMOTD ~ Lady carnage gown (previous Woeful Wednesday item).

Pose 1: embody ~ From the Supermodel mega pack,
Pose 2: squeek! ~ From the 'By the Beach' pose pack.

Love and tainted kisses, dolls!

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 10 June 2013

Mermaids & Tentacles!!

Well, maybe not so much of the mermaids, but I thought it was cute, lol. Anyways, as you may already know THE SEA HOLE IS CLOSING AND HAVING A HUGE l$50 SALE!!!! Actually, it was meant to have been closed already, but I just happened to pop over there the other night, and it was still open, so I hurriedly scooped up everything I had missed and ran home with it! This fun dress I'm about to show you, I had already bought when it had been available at Collabor88, but I hadn't figured out a look I was happy enough with to show it to you yet. Until this weekend, when two amazing things happened. 1) I scooped this GORGEOUS ocean colour Wasabi Pills hair from the arcade gacha, and 2) Silent Sparrow was selling these amaze-balls tentacle socks for Fifty Linden Friday that MATCH THE DRESS PERFECTLY!!!And here we are:


SkIn: La Petite Morte ~ Madison ~ t1 (yes, I really am STILL wearing the same skin, I love it so much, I can't take it off!! lol),
HaIr: Wasabi Pills ~ Lory (Currently L$75 a pop at the Arcade Gatcha),
EyEs: Beautiful Freak ~ Chloral Eyes ~ Goblin Geen,
EyE-ShAdOw: Songbird ~ Gothique ~ Green Glitter,
DrEss & BaG: The Sea Hole (currently everything on sale for L$50!!),
SoCkS: Silent Sparrow ~ Tentacle Socks,
NeCkLaCe: The Little Bat ~ Cabochon necklace,
BrAcElEt: Maxi Gossamer ~ Sugar Candy.

MiLLiE xx

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Casual Friday...

So I got this cute, casual look together that I wanted to share with you, and as it's Friday, here's my look for Casual Friday, lol.

And the obligatory close-up:

Today I am 'dressing down' with a cute corset from The Little Bat, which looks adorable with these lizard leather pants from Snatch. The adorable skin is Madison by La Petite Morte, which has re-opened inworld and can be found here. I simply love the tone of this skin, and the lips! The grogeous eyes are from Rue, which I have accentuated with lashes from Pin Me Down. The gorgeous piercing is from HOD, and is available in a TON of different colours! Oh, and I am nomming on my favourite eye-ball swirl lolly- a previous hunt gift from Forsaken.


Skin: La Petite Morte ~ Madison ~ t1,
Eyes: .{Rue}. ~ Eyes/Pluto ~ Ozone,
Eyelashes: Pin Me Down ~ Thorns (available for the Summer Fashion Festival),
Hair: ploom ~ Jinx,
Corset: The Little Bat ~ Horror Corset,
Pants: Snatch ~ Lizard Leather pants,
Necklace: Blienssen & Maitai ~ Luna Silly Crow,
Tattoo: Vestigium ~ Masks,
Piercing: Haus of Darcy ~ Scorpio's Simplicity,
Nom: Forsaken ~ eyeball swirl lolly (previous hunt gift).

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 6 June 2013

More from Horror Haute May edition...

I know, I know, I suck this should have been out last weekend... I did have this planned, but I've been rushing to complete my college portfolio, which I finally submitted today!!! So anyway, here's some of the other things I liked from Mays' edition of Horror Haute. I apologise that these may no longer be on offer, but if you like something you see, go visit the store, hit the subscriber, and be notified the next time they are in HH!


Skin: Distorted Dreams ~ Evil Clown ~ Pale (L$100 during Mays' edition of Horror Haute),
Dress: Distorted Dreams ~ Carnie Loli (L$50 during Mays' edition of Horror Haute),
Shoes: Distorted Dreams ~ Snoodle boots (L$50 during Mays' edition of Horror Haute),
Necklace: Collisions ~ Phibe necklace (available during Mays' edition of Horror Haute),

Eyes: Dead Apples ~ Sinistre ~ Bloodlust,
Hair: Rotten Toe ~ Psychodelia,
Chest Wound: Hysteria ~ Heartless (L$50 closing sale, hurry!!!),
Wrists wounds: Repulse ~Slit wrists,
Leg wounds: Hysteria ~ Tell me where it hurts (L$50 closing sale, hurry!!!),
Tattoo: Hysteria ~ Venom (L$50 closing sale, hurry!!!),
Nails: Pretty Liar ~ Carnie nails.

Photos taken in Alice's Padded room available from Almost Wonderland.

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 3 June 2013

Always late to the party...

well due to my hectic RL I wasn't able to blog this months' Horror Haute right away, but I still wanted to show you the goodies, so here they are. Im seriously thinking I need some kind of PA, lol.

This month's Horror Haute theme was Classic Monsters, and the designers really outdid themselves this time!! I lovelovelove!! this amazing jumpsuit by Death Rock Betty Crocker <3 and omfg I nearly DIED when I saw these stunning amaze-balls shoes from immateria that perfectly complement Dizzys' jumpsuit!!! (Naenia Demina of immateria also put out an equally stunning matching bag to go with this shoes - not shown). Finally for a touch of nostalgia, I added The Little Bats' nosferatu necklace :).
In the background you can see my new playthings- the classic monster doll twins from Del's odd shop, and the sumptuous gothic Victorian armchair from De Baza.

Jumpsuit: DRBC ~ Devil Doll Romper (Mays' Horror Haute),
Shoes: immateria ~ Monster Mash (Mays' Horror Haute),
Necklace: The Little Bat ~ nosferatu (L$50 for Mays' Horror Haute),
Gothic arm-chair: De Baza ~ Victorian Black Leather Chair (Mays' Horror Haute),
Dolls:Del's Odd Shop ~ Franken Dolly and Nosferatu (L$50 for Mays' Horror Haute),

Skin: the Plastik ~ Astrali Skin ~ Rapture (previous World Goth Fair exclusive, should now be available in store),
Eyes: Beautiful Freak ~ Chloral ~ Curse Blue (previous World Goth Fair exclusive, should now be available in store),
Eye-shadow: the Plastik ~ soul ink reloaded: speckled,
Eye-Liner: Pin Me Down ~ The Liners 1 (previous World Goth Fair gatcha, might now be available in store),
Lashes: aeva,
Tears and cross tattoo: Hysteria (L$50 or less closing down sale!!! Ends imminently!!!)
Hair: Exile ~ Longest Night (NEW release),

MiLLiE 'works at her own pace' gLooM xx