Saturday, 31 May 2014

Crimson beauty

Here's one more look at World Goth Fair, before the event finishes tomorrow. This look is inspired by the awesome bloodtastic pants from Deadpool, and their amazing Grave Strider shoes. The skin I'm wearing is from nocturnal couture, and is also available at WGF.

skin: nocturnal couture ~ Sinderella skin ~ Casper ~ World Goth Fair,
eyes: nocturnal couture ~ Black Bliss ~ World Goth Fair ~ 50% donation to SOPHIE,
hair: Alice Project ~ Danyelle ~ Lovely red~ Summer Fun gift Day 2~ currently L$50,

top: cain ~ Ruffled bloody bolero,
undershirt: immateria ~ christine ~ red ~ World Goth Fair ~ 50% donation to SOPHIE,,
pants: deadpool ~  sacrifice blood ~ high slink pants ~ World Goth Fair exclusive, 100% donation to SOPHIE,
shoes: deadpool ~ grave strides ~ slink high heels ~ World Goth Fair,

necklace: lassitude & ennui ~ ravenskull necklace ~ World Goth Fair,
headband: dark water designs ~ gatcha @ World Goth Fair,
ring: chaos, panic & disorder ~ lucretia ring ~ gatcha @ World Goth Fair, L$25 a go,
bag: A&A ~ coffin purse, limited edition release, not sure how much longer this version will be available for,

pekka ~ blush & beauty mark,
souzou eien ~ wicked goth eyeliner ~ black ~ World Goth Fair,
beautiful freak ~ loveless makeover ~ blood red and; wonderland lipstick ~ black/ blood ~ World Goth Fair,

Learn more about the Sophie Lancaster Foundation here.

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 29 May 2014

It's Showtime!

For my next World Goth fair post, I decided to show you the absolutely gorgeous outfit from DRBC. This sexy ensemble brought to mind, for me anyway, of burlesque dancers, so here is Millie getting ready to go on stage :) And, because I LOVED this outfit soooo much, I have gone mad with the pics again, lol!!!

This outfit worn, is Death Rocker Betty Crockers exclusive World Goth Fair item. ALL proceeds made form the sale of this goes directly to the SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation.

skin: the little bat ~ brutal love skin,
eyes: dead apples ~ phantom,
hair: clawtooth ~ wildflower,
nails: bubble ~ baroque slink nail appliers,

top & panties: DRBC ~ anais ~ World Goth Fair exclusive,
shoes: bliensen & maitai ~ morticia ~ World Goth Fair,
stockings: suicide gurls ~ Elijah,

ring: chaos, panic & disorder ~ lucretia ring ~ gacha item @ World Goth Fair, L$25 a go,
earrings: bliensen & maitai ~ pipstrello ~ gacha item @ World Goth Fair,
bag: bliensen & maitai ~ pipstrello bag ~ World Goth Fair, 50% donation,
mouth-note: hysteria ~ the murder (store closed),
mask: LNS ~ secret identity mask ~ freebie at World Goth Fair, comes in four colours,

pekka ~ blush & beauty mark,

kirin ~ burlesque,
focus poses ~ burlesque cane 2,
RACK poses ~ burlesque set (with fans).

Friday, 23 May 2014

In her Zombie Best..

Here's another look from this years' World Goth Fair. This one is centered around the absolutely stunning cardigan and dress 'Osiron' by Sakide. This comes with a hud to change the texture of the dress, and it can be worn with and without the dress- there are panties included if you choose to not wear this part. And, as its World Goth Fair, 100% of the sales of this item go towards the SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation; which was set up in the wake of the brutal attack on Sophie and her partner Rob, who were attacked solely because of how they were dressed. The Foundation aims to promote tolerance and understanding towards individuals who are a part of the goth/ metal subculture, and to raise awareness of this type of hate- crime. They work with politicians and police forces to ensure individuals who are part of subcultures are protected by law.

The amazing Rusted Cross shoes I am wearing are also available at World Goth Fair. They are by Dark Passions, and can only be worn with Slink high feet.

skin: la petite morte ~ belle ~ t1,
eyes (r): dead apples ~ phantom; AND; dead apples ~ sinistre ~ bloodlust,
worms: repulse,
hair: damselfly ~ sindy ~ currently available at World Goth Fair,
nails: [virtual/insanity] ohmygoth ~ slink nail appliers,

dress/ cardigan: sakide ~ osiron cardigan ~ currently available at World Goth Fair, 100% of its' sales go to the SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation,
shoes: dark passions ~ rusted cross heels ~ worn with slink high feet, available at World Goth Fair,

choker: [virtual/insanity] heavy cross,
bracelets: snatch ~ leather bracelets,

nose piercing: pekka,
face piercing: hebanon vial ~ alice,
cross ring: cute poison ~ eden,
body tattoo: pelle ~ skull arm,

eye-liner: beautiful freak ~ demonia ~ currently available at World Goth Fair,
bloody hands & feet: songbird ~ there will be blood ~ worn with slink appliers.

World Goth Fair ends June 1st, so plenty of time to scoop up the goodies!!

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 18 May 2014

World Goth Fair 2014: Taxi!!!

World Goth Fair is going strong, so here is one of {MV}s exclusive items on sale at the fair, She. This sexy mesh leather dress is currently available at the Fair, and 50% of its proceeds will go to the SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation. The gloves worn with this dress are also included, and I particularly love these gloves as the fingers are in different positions, so it looks like your hands are posed when they are not :)
      After a night out with friend's, Millie gets seperated from the group of people she was walking home with and wanders into the wrong side of town. An area known for its crime and prostitution. As she rounds a corner, she sees something laying in the street, that she can barely make out in the dim-lighted street... Curious, she decides to go take a look and see what it is...

Stunned to find a young girl lying comatose in the street, still holding a needle in her hand, Millie freaks out and decides to hail a taxi to take her the rest of the way home.

'Wonder City' it is not, Millie thinks.

The hair I am wearing here, is from Damselfly and is also currently available at World Goth Fair, which ends on June 1st.

skin: the little bat ~ Brutal Love skin ~ past hunt gift,
hair: damselfly (includes hair-base) ~ sindy ~ currently available at World Goth Fair,
eyes: heavenslough ~ draesphier eyes ~ was a Fantasy Faire gift,
tattoos: insanya ~ love or die ~ past hunt gift,
eyeliner: beautiful freak ~ demonia ~ currently available here at World Goth Fair,

dress: {MV} ~ She Damask Lavender ~ currently available at World Goth Fair,
boots: {MV} ~ witchaven ~ skulled,
tights: snatch ~ fishnet tights,

earrings: scrub ~ 3 stupid earrings,
nose piercing: pekka,
piercimg 1: hebenon vial ~ alice,
piercing 2: cobrahive ~ monutm (no longer open),

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Deliciously dark

I admit, I have been slacking as of late with blogging, but RL work has been crazy, and the kids have been hogging the computer more, so its been tough. Anyway, here's what is likely to b the first of many World Goth Fair posts. The tank dress I am wearing is by Psychotic Neko and will be available at the World Goth Fair, which opens on the 15th - ALL monies raised by Psychotic neko during the fair will go to the SOPHIE charity <3. I have accessorised the dress with lots of random things from my inventory, such as the crossbone stockings by deadpool and the winged princess headband also by deadpool. I absolutely adore these headbands, and deadpool has lots of them in all sorts of different styles, definitely worth checking out!

Both photos taken at the new Trauma Shopping District- there are just a few spots left to rent if you are a store owner who is looking for somewhere deliciously dark to sell your wares, and there is currently a 50% starter deal - go check it out!

skin: glam affair ~ vera ~ horror edition,
hair: Alice Project ~ Aphrodite basics,
nails: [virtual/insanity] ohmygoth ~ Slink nail appliers,
blood: redrum,
heart tat: witches & rats,

dress: psychotic neko ~ rib cage tank dress ~ available at World Goth Fair from the 15th,
gloves: loulou&co ~ nevermore ~ past hunt gift,
socks: deadpool ~ crossbone stockings,
shoes: hollyweird ~ black angel,

headband: deadpool ~ Princess winged headband,
necklace: mias gems ~ nevermore necklace ~ past hunt gift,
lip piercing (1): cute poison ~ agelast,
lip piercing (2): demotik ~ pentagram,
bracelets: scrub ~ point of view,
additional bracelet (left hand): loulou&co ~ nevermore ~ past hunt gift,
bloody blind fold: J.I.N.X,
bag: witches & rats ~ This is Halloween,

Both poses by one of my favourite pose stores - elephante poses.

MiLLiE xXx

Fantasy Faire: My Last Look

So I hadn't meant to do another FF post since I have so many other things to be blogging right now, lol. But I loved this dress by sakide SOOOOO much that I just had to take more pictures of it. And yes, its the same dress as I was wearing in my last post, just in a different colour and accessorised differently, complete with my very own dragon!!

The skin I'm wearing is a quick sneak peek at Silken Moon Skins' World Goth Fair release. I will post more details about this later.

skin: silken moon skins ~ pewter witch ~ World Goth Fair 2014,
eyes: heavenslough ~ draesphier ~ Fantasy Faire 2014 free gift,
hair: diva ~ mana ~ type B,

dress: sakide ~ maestitia ~ Fantasy Faire 2014,
boots & armour: DRD ~ elf armour ~ Fantasy Faire 2014,

necklace: AZE designs ~ forest treasures necklace ~ RFL at Fantasy Faire 2014,
staff: dreamcatcher staff ~ RFL at Fantasy Faire 2014,
dragon shoulder pet: dwarfins ~ Fantasy Faire 2014,
horns: plastik ~ earth mother horns ~ recent Lazy Sundays,

eyes: mock ~ gallifrey green eyeshadow,
lips: pin me down ~ tyni 5 ~ Fantasy Faire 2014.

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 12 May 2014

My New Shiny

I don't often 'do' Fantasy, although it is a genre I enjoy I don't feel its a genre I'm particularly good at portraying, however I always like a challenge and to try new things, so when Fantasy Faire rolled around this time and announced their blogger challenges, i knew that i wanted to do at least one of them if I could. So here, is 'My New Shiny'. The challenge was simply to find something you like for a store previously unknown to yourself and blog it. For this challenge, I chose to buy the gorgeous and beautifully crafted Sumiana crown by a i s l i n g. a i s l i n g is a store that I have never come across in my SL travels before, however when it came to finding something dramatic and in theme with my overall look for this blog post, the Sumiana crown was perfect. I was almost tempted to cover myself in bruises and blood, but decided to opt for a 'clean' look this time!

Worn with this gorgeous crown is the equally stunning Maestitia gown by sakide, which is one of their RFL donation items at the event, make-up from pin me down and the necklace from LNS. 

skin: [void] etain ~ victim ~ frigid,
eyes: beautiful freak ~ world goth fair 2013 eyes,
hair: wasabi pills ~ sarah,
ears: illusions ~ mystic ears,
piercings: cute poison ~ agelast AND legion,
nails: bubble ~ baroque ~ slink nail appliers worn with slink nail enhancement hud,

dress: sakide ~ maestitia ~ RFL donation item,
boots: violent seduction ~ esther,

necklace: LNS ~ new sun necklace ~ Fantasy Faire 2014,
crown: a i s l i n g ~ Sumiana - Ice ~ RFL donation item, comes complete with colour changeable hud,

eyes (1): mock ~ luna purple mizu makeover, and; (2): dead apples ~ smudged metallic underliner ~ magenta,
lips: pin me down ~ Tyni 2,

The Fantasy Faire officially ended on the 11th, however it's magical gates will be open until sometime on Tuesday (13th) when LL close the sim, so hurry if there's still things you've been meaning to get! Don't forget to check out their official blog for designer info and maps of all the sims!

MiLLiE xXx

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Killy Queeeeeen

As you can tell, I'm absolutely loving this hair from Adoness, so much so that I decided to wear it again. I am loving the colour so much that I'm seriously considering becoming a red-head, lol! This time I am wearing it with a sexy lil number from Blue Blood, which she recently released at the Witching Hour event. This is a new 50L monthly Gacha event, held on the 13th of every month, starting at midnight for one night only!

Millie was sat at home on Earth Colony 316, playing with her laptop, getting more and more bored, when she decided to head out and get sushi. It was after curfew, but she knew of one sushi bar in a dodgy area of town, that would still serve humans after curfew and not inform the Colony Authorities. Still she had to be careful that there were no Colony Authority drones hanging about.

After enjoying her sushi, Millie decided to head back home. But just as she was closing in on her home, she thought she heard the familiar whirring of Colony Authority drones. She hung back, drawing her gun as a precaution. She didn't think she would actually shoot down an Authority drone, but if it came to that or spending the night in a cell, she knew what she would choose.

Finally, happy that she had been mistaken, she headed back home.

skin: riel ~ aurora - rockabilly,
eyes: dead apples ~ phantom,
hair: adoness ~ myrina,
hair-base: kmadd,
ear plugs: nox ~ splattered heart,
nails: [virtual/insanity] ~ glam - Slink nail appliers worn with Slink nail enhancement hud,
tattoo: reckless ~ guts and glory,
hand tattoo: love zombie ~ skelly hands,

dress: blue blood ~ killy,
tights: pinkmares house ~ silent echo fishnets (sorry store closed),
boots: violent seduction ~ esther boots,

piercings: cute poison ~ agelast and legion,
ring: nox ~ quit playing games with my heart,
bracelets: DV8 ~ cyber bangles,

drd ~ dark makeupstitch,
repulse ~ clawed eye and forced smile.

MiLLiE xXx

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Zombie Burlesque

You remember I told you there were soooo many awesome things in this round of Horror Haute, well heres my second post featuring the amazing zombie burlesque dress from bad juju, which I absolutely LOVE! I have accessorised this look with a few simple pieces that I love... the hair-pin from bubble, ear plugs by nox and my favourite nommy by forsaken. I am also wearing tattoos from reckless and love zombie, the latter of which was also out for Horror Haute; and shoes from venomous rage designs which were availlabe for L$50 at this week's Woeful Wednesday- if you love dark, horror or even zombie, goth fashion at a reduced price you must check out Woeful Wednesday, if you haven't already!

skin: riel ~ Aaralyn ~ Tainted Love ~ past hunt gift,
eyes: dead apples ~ phantom,
hair: adoness ~ miyani,
tattoo: reckless ~ guts & glory,
hand tattoo: love zombie ~ skelly hands ~ Horror Haute April,

dress: bad juju ~ zombie burlesque ~ Horror Haute April,
shoes: venomous rage designs ~ zzzzzombie wedges,

ear plugs: nox ~ splattered heart,
hair-clip: bubble ~ skully flower hairpin,
necklace: a&a ~ drippy necklace ~ spooky ~ gacha,
lolly: forsaken ~ nommy brainssss,

photo 1: pin me up poses ~ beach poses,
photo 2: glitterburps ~ resting my feet,
photo 3: tuty's ~ pin up pose set,

All photo's taken on the new horror RP sim - Silent Eden, make sure you check it out!

MiLLiE xxx