Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bride of Chucky

I was inworld the other day when I heard that MCP Designs are giving away awesome complete movie avatars in their lucky chairs, including Alf, ET, Mogwai (Gremlins), Billy (the doll from the Saw movies), Freddy Krueger, and my all time favourite, Tiffany the Bride of Chucky.

I totally LOVE the Childs' Play films, and laughed til my ribs damn near split in two at the Bride of Chucky, so I was sooooo excited when I won this avatar!! Check her out:

Avatar comes with everything shown; skin, shape, outfit, hair and bloodied nail file, muahahahaha. Get down there and stalk them chairs!!

Demented dreams and tormented tears,

Milly xx

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ebil Bunnehs!!!

So its the last week of the month, which means its time for the Dolly Dash Hunt again. In case you didn't know, this is a fun mini hunt organised by the Dolly Dash Group, which takes place the last week of each month and undertakes a different theme each time. This months' theme is bunnies, and the participating vendors have outdone themselves with original, high quality gifts. There are five stores participating this month.

I for one, am I LOVE with this amazing "Bunny Ritual" dress from Pinkmares House, also includes a huggable bunneh (not shown).

The detail in the skirt is absolutely stunning, heres a closer look:

I think you'll agree this is one not to miss out on! I'm also loving this ebil bunneh skin from Edge of Sanity, which is another gift in the hunt. Heres a closer look at the skin:

There are actually five bags cleverly hidden at EoS, containing the skin, ears, shape (not worn), bunny tail and a piercing!! Don't worry if you can't find any of them, there are clues available and if you whisper in Beautiful Engineers' ear I'm sure she'll be glad to help!

Other Stuff:

Hair - Posh
Eyes - Tacky Star
Boots - Favole - Refined (new release)!

Razorblade kisses and demented dreams,

Milly xx