Sunday, 7 December 2014

Horror Hauteeeee

This post is a lil late unfortunately, still having loads of RL issues, but trying to get them sorted. Will be a lot easier when I start mat leave in a couple of weeks!! Thats come round fast! Anyway, here's a look I made from the most recent HH which was Dia de Los Muertos themed :)

skin: la petite morte ~ india ~ t2,
eyes: soulglitter ~ toxic,
hair: adoness ~ freya ~ scarlet (thrift shop 7),
skelly tat: Livid ~ Lady Death Full body paint (Horror Haute, part of a complete outfit),

dress: immateria ~ dia de los muertos (Horror Haute),
thong: bubble ~ pussycat thong,

hair-bow: Laudanum Lollipops (Horror Haute),
lady death mask: Chaos, Panic & Disorder ~ Sugar Skull mask (old hunt gift),
ring: lolapop ~ Mortessa's Revenge ring,

~props & poses~
background: katink ~ tableau background pack,
table: spyralle ~ Ofrenda table,
chairs: Enchant3d ~ Day of the Dead cafe chair,
flamingoes: WoRn,
cactus: stone misery,
poses: bang ~ (Fifty Linden Friday),

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Spooky Snatch...

haha, I couldnt resist having that as the title! Anyways, I just recently got done with the Pulse/ Snatch annual horror game, and wanted to share a few pics from the event with you. This game is always a treat, it fully immerses you into whatever dark and creepy scenario the very talented people behind it can come up with! The game runs usually from mid October- mid November, now the official close date for the game this year was 17th November, but I just managed to get back in to complete it, so you may still have time! As always, there are a TON of hunt prizes to be found along the way, if you aren't too scared too look!!!

Look 1:

skin: la petite morte ~ india ~ t2,
shape: Anna Shapes ~ Nadja,
eyes: soulglitter ~ halloween edition ~ toxic (only available on marketplace here),
hair: truth ~ video games,

top: snatch ~ comfy skull sweater (Don't Panic prize),
leggings: the little bat ~ past halloween gift,
shoes: ingenue ~ claire heels (slink),

nails: dark passions ~ zombie night (slink nails),
ring: cute poison ~ cross ring,
cig: [virtual/insanity] Lucky Stroke cig,

lips: glamorize ~ dolly kiss lips,
eyes: mango, mango ~ smoky sparkle green (no longer available) and; essences ~ smokey eyes: pigment green.

Look 2:

skin: [.NS-Riel.] Baelle (past Horror Haute),
eyes: repulse ~ bloody pulp eyes,
hair: alice project ~ Holly: bloody red,

top: deadpool ~ keep calm (formerly available at the bloody horror fair),
pants: modanna ~ bloody jeans (formerly available at the bloody horror fair),
boots: body factory ~ Kombat boots (formerly available at the bloody horror fair),

shoulder rat & headset: snatch ~ Don't Panic Hud package,
bracelets: DRD ~ group gift bracelet and; loulou&co ~ zombie popcorn bracelets,
ring: cute poison ~ spiked ring,

Look 3:

skin: fierce ~ halloween skin (Don't Panic prize),
eyes: repulse ~ bloody pulp,
hair: alice project ~ holly,

dress: sakide ~ vylena dress (Don't Panic prize),
shoes: goth1c0 ~ Burtons Pumps,

necklace: somnia ~ lova necklace (Don't Panic prize),
knife (in head): cyrious ~ headache headband (Don't Panic prize),

poses: cyrious (Don't Panic prize).

(DISCLAIMER: This event may well be over at time of me publishing this blog piece, sorry about that!).

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 6 November 2014


October's Horror Haute theme was appropriately dedicated to those evocative, mysterious, fascinating creatures that capture the imagination- vampires! Here's a few of my favourite things from this round.

skin: [NS: Riel] ~ Baelle (Horror Haute October),
eyes: dead apples ~ sinistre ~ bloodlust,
hair: alice project ~ helga ~ bloody black,

dress: Insanity Inc ~ dark duet ladies dress & corset (Horror Haute October),
shoes: deadpool ~ Alyx (slink),

necklace: leonard ~ bird skull necklace (store closed),
ring: {MV} oopring ~ vitae,

eyes: the stringer mauseleum ~ night queen (Horror Haute October),
lips: songbird ~ messy eater  (Horror Haute October), and; utopiah ~ bloody lips,

crown: damned ~ princess crown.

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Happy Halloween!!

So its been a manic few days here in RL, I'm back working nights and in between work, sleep and trying to get organised for Halloween, I haven't had a minute!!! I am currently writing this in-between feeding the cat, eating my tea, shortly before picking my daughter up from her cheer session, dropping her off at her friends' party, and heading off to work again!!! Anyway, this blog was inspired by one of the new releases from Blue Blood, the Sacred dress. It is available in a multitude of various colours, but as it is Halloween, I have chosen to show you the Halloween version, which I think is absolutely gorgeous!! Note: This version is ONLY available at the Creepy Cute Carnival, and will not be available after the event is over!

 I also want to draw your attention to the hair I'm wearing - its from Alice Project, who are currently having their annual Halloween massacre sale/ reward event. Everyday, the lovely Alice Demonia places out a new gift hair for VIP group members, and an additional gift hair for everyone. And don't worry if you miss it- the group gifts will always be available for free, while the other gifts will remain the low price of L$50!

All pictures taken at Pumpkin Town, where there is an amazing Halloween fair on, with plenty of bargains/ gifties to be had!

skin: frick ~ treat skin ~ t2 (Halloween dollarbie hunt),
eyes: frick ~ weird eyes,
hair: alice project ~ kimberly ~ bloody red (halloween massacre gift),

dress: blue blood ~ sacred ~ hollows eve edition,
hat: redrum ~ 40s widow hat (Horror Haute ~ Death Becomes Her, previously blogged here),

mask: chimeric fashions ~ Halloween magic mask,
necklace: distorted dreams ~ beetle necklace.

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 23 October 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

Halloween!!! I'm getting -so- excited now in RL its crazy, I'm like a kid at Christmas when it comes to Halloween! The dec's are up already, although I think my new neighbours think I'm a bit weird for that, but hey :) And the kids are off school next week, so cue tons of happy Halloween baking with them, I cant wait! Anyway, Halloween is also a busy time of year in SL, and {frick} is back with their annual Halloween dollarbie hunt. There's 2 skins available, in a variety of tones, and two different outfits to find. Here they are :)

This first outfit comprises of mix and match top's, with leggings, in either pumpkin or grape. A capri's version is also available, but not shown.

This second outfit is a cute lil mini dress, again in either grape or pumpkin (not shown).

Look 1:

skin: frick ~ treat skin/ tone 2 (Halloween dollarbie hunt gift),
hair: wasabi pills ~ melissa,
eyes: frick ~ weird eyes ~ death,

eyes: frick ~ halloween hunt gift,
lips: elephante poses ~ teenage dream (old group gift),

top: frick ~ dark belfry top/ pumpkin (Halloween dollarbie hunt gift),
leggings: frick ~ belfry leggings (Halloween dollarbie hunt gift),

bat ears & wings: favole (store closed, no longer available),
ring: {poptart} ~ glitter bat ring,

Look 2:

skin: frick ~ trick skin/ tone 1 (Halloween dollarbie hunt gift),
hair: wasabi pills ~ melissa,
eyes: frick ~ weird eyes ~ death,
chest tat: love zombie,

dress: frick ~ dark belfry dress/ grape (Halloween dollarbie hunt gift),
shoes: Mstyle ~ lou pumps ~ batgirl,

MiLLiE xx

Friday, 17 October 2014

Death Becomes Her!!

'Death becomes Her' is a unique shopping + prize event brought to you by Horror Haute, themed around the inimitable classic movie of the same name, and is right up my ally! How it works is, basically, when you buy something from this months round of Horror Haute, you also receive a prize token with it, which can then be redeemed here for a unique gift from the same designer! There were so many things I wanted to show you! But in the end, I chose this amazing dress from the untitled. For more pics of the regular items, and prize items available this month, check out the Horror Haute blog.

skin: riel - Aayalyn - Tainted Love (past hunt gift),
hair: wasabi pills ~ Melissa ,
eyes: insufferable dastard ~ valentine eyes (past hunt gift),
tat: g0th1co ~ sick love tat (past hunt gift),

dress: the untitled ~ death becomes her (Horror Haute October/ Death Becomes Her),
shoes: the little bat ~ creepy pumps/ monsters,

necklace: lantian ~ smashed healing heart (past hunt gift),
ring: axix ~ sweeties ring,
sunglasses: papermoon ~ coco sunglasses,
skully hands (hair): truth

table & chairs: noctis.

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Final Spiral!

So, I started this just before A Clockwork Spiral had wound down for another year, but due to work and general RL I have only just managed to get this up now. I do apologise for this, but still wanted to share it with you :) I absolutely adored the complete Anna avatar that Fallen Gods released for A Clockwork Spiral, but off course, I had to add my own unique twist to it :) And, as always, I went mad with pics... ugh, my indecision is my biggest flaw, lol.

skin: Fallen Gods ~ Materica ~ Rust Elegance (as part of a complete avatar released for A Clockwork Spiral, should now be available in-store),
eyes: razorblade jacket ~ gouged out eyes,
hair: Fallen Gods ~ ANNA ~ Rust (as part of a complete avatar released for A Clockwork Spiral, should now be available in-store),

full outfit: Fallen Gods ~ ANNA (as part of a complete avatar released for A Clockwork Spiral, should now be available in-store),

eye: yellow jester ~ cybernectic eyepiece,
necklace: lantian flox ~ smashed healing heart,
ring: unrepentant ~ the deep gold (released for A Clockwork Spiral, should now be available in-store),

bloody tears: repulse,
mouth: repulse ~ cheshire smile.

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Keeping Watch

This next A Clockwork Spiral post was inspired by the Steam Outlaw outfit from The Little Bat. I accessorized the look with the smoke stacks adornment from Songbird, currently available at ACS, and decided to wear this adorable new skin from la petite mortes' fantasy range. I don't often wear fantasy type skins, but when I saw this one by la petite morte, I couldn't resist it. All together, the final look made me think of rebels during a historic battle, not part of any official army, but focussed on their own mission directives, perhaps on an alien planet not disimilair to Earth.

skin: la petite morte ~ suellen ~ f1, (released for We <3 RP 9/4),
eyes: pin me down ~ koh 1, (current Pin Me down group gift, there are other colour packs available at A Clockwork Spiral with 50% of the proceeds going to the National Kidney Foundation),
hair: truth ~ posy,
streaky make-up: yayo ~ warpaint, (store closed, no longer available, sorry),
nails: lolapop ~ cog nails, (dollarbie, currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),

outfit: the little bat ~ steam outlaw, (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),

smoke stacks adornment ~ songbird, (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),
steampunk gasmask ~ DRD,
knife armband ~ [virtual/insanity],
goolds necklace ~ lolapop, (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),
bracelet ~ old steam hunt gift.

MiLLiE xxx

Monday, 22 September 2014

A Clockwork Spiral returns!

So, the time has come again for my favourite 'steam' event of the year, A Clockwork Spiral, brought to you by those same folks behind other successful events such as; World Goth Fair, Gothmas by Gaslight, Futurewave, and many others.. This year, the event is raising funds towards the National Kidney Foundation, and with heaps of your favourite designers, once again involved, there is bound to be something for everyone. As always, I was spoilt for choice when it came to picking something to show you from this amazing event, but I decided on this gorgeous 'Airship Princess' outfit from DG Designs. I accessorised this with simple but elegant jewellery from Blienssen & Maitai and AZE designs, as well as this amazing hat from HOR.

skin: la petite morte ~ india ~ t1 ~ the raven (currently available at The Secret Affair), with;
lipstick (last pic): mock ~ lip effect kabuki linea (burgundy),
eyes: adoness ~ swirls in my eyes ~ ice,
hair: truth ~ posy,
nails: bubble ~ baroque nails,

outfit: DG Designs ~ Airship Princess (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),
boots: Pale Empress ~ Airship ~ Brocade,
hat: House of Rain ~ Stand and Deliver Hat (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),

earrings: AZE designs ~ Veszprem Baroque Ruby earrings (Jewellery Fair 2014, which runs from Sept 13- 28th),
ring: Blienssen & Maitai ~ Aeroplastic Ladybug (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),
pocketwatch: HOR ~ Bonedance watch,

~furniture & pose props~
MNM Victorian airship captains desk ~ montagne noir,
Steampunk fainting chaise ~ Wicked Needs,
Around the world in one day rug ~ 22769 [bauwerk] (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),
A Clockwork Side Table ~ 22769 [bauwerk] (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),
Spine Light ~ 22769 [bauwerk] (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),
Trunk Table ~ 22769 [bauwerk] (currently available at A Clockwork Spiral),
Principles of Navigation map ~ montagne noir,
Spyglass ~ montagne noir,
Steam Sphere ~ Dragon Magick Wares.

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Show Must Go On!

So, sometimes I go mad taking blog photos, because I love an outfit so much, and just have so much FUN playing around with poses that I snap and snap and snap, and then I realise that I have a TON of photos to go through and chose, what I think, show the outfit off the best. This is what happened today when I tried on a recent release by adoness, which was out for District 5 and should now be available in store. This amazing dress, brought to my mind images of performers (obviously), and I wanted somewhere my doll could perform. In the end, I found this cute lil area within AZ Doll Creations shop, that worked perfectly. Instead of performing, she was getting ready to go on stage... checking her hair and outfit in the mirror, making sure everything was perfect.

Satisifed, she did a lil twirl in front of the mirror, but her knees caught in the brutal wiring of her skirt, causing them to bleed!

However, she realised, the show must go on no matter what! So, she quickly practised a few pieces of her routine while she still had time.

She didn't have time for nerves, because before she knew it... it was time to head out onto the stage! She adjusted her skirts and lifted her head up high, determined to put on a show that would never be forgt, despite her clumsiness! there was NO way she was gonna let her under-study take this night from her. Her knees were cut, that was all, she could still dance!

And, for your benefit, here is a close-up image of her nails, and other accessories.

skin: la petite morte ~ india ~ t1 ~ the raven (currently available at The Secret Affair),
eyes: pmd ~ vibrant eyes ~ red,
hair: truth ~ clover,
crown: kaos ~ rainbow crown,
nails: dark passions ~ koffin nails ~ The Red Queen (current hunt gift instore!),

dress: adoness ~ marguerite,
shoes: drd ~ whore heels,

ring: the stringer mauseleum ~ deaths devotion ring.

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Goodies at The Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop is back in town until 1st October, and, as usual, there are tons of bargains to be had! I just had to show you this absolutely gorgeous Day of the Dead themed dress from Deadpool. This dress is available in a variety of styles, perfect for any taste, and at only $L50 each what are you waiting for??!

Off course, I had to team it up with some of my favourite Day of the Dead themed items that were just gathering dust in my inv.

skin: la petite morte ~ india ~ t1~ the raven (available at The Secret Affair 9/15),
eyes: pmd ~ vibrant eyes ~ red,
hair: truth ~ clover,
mask: chaos, panic & disorder ~ sugar skull mask,
nails: dark passions ~ rockabilly birdy,
tat (chest): yayo ~ anatomy (store closed),
tat (arms): pelle ~ skull,
tat (leg): tattoo mania ~ dragon,

dress: deadpool ~ D.O.D dress (available at The Thrift Shop),
hat: enchant3d ~ sombrero of the dead,
shoes: enfante terrible ~ wrapped heels ~ skull,

ring: the stringer mauseleum ~ death's devotion ring,
bracelets: drd ~ group gift,
necklace: pepper ~ dia de los muertos necklace,

table & chair ~ enchant3d,
tea-set: noctis,
cactus in bowler hat ~ stone misery,
background: katink ~ tableau 4.

MiLLiE xx