Monday, 27 February 2012

Horror Haute & stuff...

This month's Horror Haute has some really nice goodies on offer, here's a couple of my favourites!

The dress is a new release for Horror Haute from favole. The lovely Themis Enzo of favole has had a bit of a break from SL due to RL commitments recently, but now she is BACK and she has turned her hand to designing clothes, with awesome success! This dress is MESH, and is available in 5 sizes. Themis has also provided a demo with all the sizes avaialble to preview! The ONLY boots I could wear with this dress, HAD to be Themis' 'fuck-me' Wraith boots, these are not in Horror Haute, but they just look so DAMN GOOD with the dress!! lol

The other Horror Haute item I'm wearing, is the Cast No Shadow tattoo from Collisions. This tattoo covers the arms, chest and back, and as with all Collisions tattoo's it is highly detailed. I especially love the crows down the arms and across the back. Here's a  close-up:

Oh, and if you were wondering about the skin and the beat-up looking make-up, the skin is from Sugar and is available during the Jack or Jill hunt (which I think may be still running). While the make-up is from Miss Shippe's Studio, and is currently out for Project Themory this weekend. This set is called 'You Feeling lucky punk?' and includes a 'brows-be-gone', brows with a gash & scar and the safety pin, which I thought looked fun with this look :)

The gorgeous Alice locket was a Midnight Mania win from Futterwacken.


Skin: Sugar ~ Cry My Heart Out (Jack or Jill hunt),
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard ~ Midnight,
Tattoo: Collisions ~ Cast No Shadow (Horror Haute),
Dress: Favole ~ Edged (Out now for Horror Haute),
Boots: Favole ~ Wraith,
Locket: Futterwacken ~ Alice Locket.

Love and tainted kisses,

MiLLiE xox

Friday, 17 February 2012

Back 2 Black

For those of you who don't know, there's an event going on in SL right now which aims to increase awareness of mental health issues. Many talented creators have been asked to make something NEW and EXCLUSIVE to this event, many have also included notecards with their own stories and experiences with mental health issues. There's a wide range of beautiful, quality things on sale, incuding skins, clothes, poses, jewellery.

For this post I wanted to do a 1920s prohibition type shoot, but I found it very difficult to find the right place. That was until someone suggested Bogart's Jazz Club. I tp'd on over there, and sure enough they have beautifully and lovingly recretaed a 1920s era Jazz/ Ballroom club. The staff there are all so friendly and kindly gave me permission to take some shots there. These simply can NOT do the beauty of this build any justice, and I highly recommend visiting them, but please be aware of their dress code.

While there I couldn't resist having a lil dance.

And hanging out with Ms Monroe,

Oh, and what's a 1920's ish photo shoot without a piano? Seriously lacking, thats' what! So heres' mine, lol.

While at Back to Black I simply fell in love with this gorgoues dress by Rotten Defiance. I love the painstaking feathered detail that Rogue has put into the skirt. It even has cute lil wings included which are such an adorable feature. I paired this dress up with the gorgeous Ouroboros jewellery set from Adore & Abhor. This beautifully crafted jewellery features a serpent eating its own tail, as the name suggests. It is available in silver and gold, and there are wristlets available too.


Dress: Rotten Defiance ~ Flightless Dress (only available at Back to Black),
Jewellery: Adore & Abhor ~ Ouroboros  (Back to Black),
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Sofia,
Eyes: [VoiD] ~ Dilated Eyes/ Gold,
Hair: Shag ~ Love is a Battlefield,
Shoes: Forsaken (Seraphim Group Gift, available at Seraphim headquarters).

Head on over to Back to Black before it closes on February 29th, and pick up something new, while at the same time you might learn something!

Millie xox

Friday, 10 February 2012

Lingerie challenge... with a twist!

So there's this blogger's lingerie challenge on right now, which I figured I'd have a go at. I hardly ever do blogger challenges, but I had some fun with this one, and who can say no to lingerie shots?? Most everything worn here is from the Zombie Popcorn hunt, which runs til 15th February.

This sexy lingerie set is Sticky Fingers' zombie popcorn hunt prize, and is only available til the hunt ends on the 15th February, so get it while you can! Other items worn from the hunt are the ring, ears, eyes and the bloody heart. The skin is by Atomic and was a previous Dressing Room item.

Special thanks go out to Putrid Gloom/ Ghost Mannequin for recreating Putrid's old bedroom in SMOTD for this shoot!!


Lingerie & Ring: Sticky Fingers (Zombie Popcorn 6 hunt, available til Feb 15th),
Ears: Nox (My Rotten Valentine Hunt, available til Mar 4th),
Eyes: Repulse  (Zombie Popcorn 6 hunt, available til Feb 15th),
Bloody heart: Indigo Oddities  (Zombie Popcorn 6 hunt, available til Feb 15th),
Stomach Tattoo: Love Zombie.

Pose picture 1: evolve (Thank you bellastarr Fhang!!),
Pose picture 2&3: p4p (no longer available, sorry).

Tainted Kisses,

MiLLie xx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Flux is Mardi Gras!!

In case you aren't aware, there's this cute lil event in SL right now called Flux, and as Mardi Gras is only like a couple of weeks or so away the theme is Mardi Gras. Brought to you by Ghost Mannequin (AKA: Putrid Gloom formerly of Show Me On The Doll infamy!!!) and a host of special guests, who have been asked to create something new and EXCLUSIVE for the event, including Silent Sparrow, Katat0nik, Adore & Abhore, Some Ghost, Sn@tch, Banana Banshee, Somnia and many, many more. This event hopes to offer you all your Mardi Gras themed must-haves from some of your favourite designers, so hurry up and get shopping before this event goes bye-bye!!

All furniture shown is also available at Flux, and is by Little House of Curios. Everything I'm wearing (except the hair) is exclusive to Flux. Here's the obligatory close-up:

And the obligatory close-up:

While strutting my stuff at the Jazz Club, I ran into Miss Lillian Shippe. She'd had a drink or two and did not like that I looked hotter in those Sn@tch leggings than she did. We exchanged words. Then things turned nasty when she broke her beer bottle over the bar and lunged at me.

I was not gonna stand for that! I managed to wriggle my way out of her grip and turned the tables on her.

InFo (Picture 1&2):

Skin: Adore & Abhor~ Mardi Gras/ Golden tone,
Face make-up: Collisions ~ Carnival,
Tattoo: Vestigium ~ Masks,
Eyes: Banana Banshee ~ Beads/ Carnival,
Bra top: Somina,
Leggings: Sn@tch ~ Parade Latex Pants,
Beads: Netherworld,
Mardi Gras mask (in left hand) & Pose: Frooti.

Picture 3&4:

Dress & headdress: Some Ghost ~ Iko Iko dress with Big Chief headdress,
Facial make-up: Schadenfreude ~ Mardi Gras Eiraku lip/eyes,
Pose: .evolve. (available at main store only).

All furniture included in photo 3 is brought to you exclusively to this event by fucifino. Hurry down to Flux now, here's your taxi!

Hope ya'll have a happy and safe Mardi Gras!!

Millie xox

Friday, 3 February 2012

Cafe Cup

Once upon a time there was this cute lil hunt called the Cafe Hunt, with lots of cute Japanese/ doll prizes to be snagged! Unfortunately that hunt ended on the 31st Jan, but I sitll want to show my look I created using some of the hunt gifties. (/me whispers: I had a lil walk around this morning and some gifties where still available!).

This dress is one of the many  hunt gifts that I loved from this hunt, but I don't have time to show you them all today. The amazing dolly skin I'm wearing is from Nomine, and is the fortune teller prize there!! 'Simply' find you match to win!! I spent most of two days til I finally found a match, but it was well worth it! These simple, but cute poses are from .evolve. (thank you Bellastarr Fhang!! <3)

Obligatory skin close-up:


Dress: YOMESHOUJO (The Cafe Hunt giftie),
Clock: +NK+ ~ Alice of The Waitress clock (The Cafe Hunt giftie),
Shoes: Dilly Dolls ~ Buckled Dolly Pumps (not free, colour-changeable, a must have for any dolly-wardrobe!!),

Skin: Nomine ~ dollskin/ Sand (fortune teller gift instore!),
Hair: Exile ~ Rayanne,
Eyes: Fashism (rebranding/closing group gift, might still be in archives!). 
Poses: .evolve.


MiLLie xox