Monday, 27 February 2012

Horror Haute & stuff...

This month's Horror Haute has some really nice goodies on offer, here's a couple of my favourites!

The dress is a new release for Horror Haute from favole. The lovely Themis Enzo of favole has had a bit of a break from SL due to RL commitments recently, but now she is BACK and she has turned her hand to designing clothes, with awesome success! This dress is MESH, and is available in 5 sizes. Themis has also provided a demo with all the sizes avaialble to preview! The ONLY boots I could wear with this dress, HAD to be Themis' 'fuck-me' Wraith boots, these are not in Horror Haute, but they just look so DAMN GOOD with the dress!! lol

The other Horror Haute item I'm wearing, is the Cast No Shadow tattoo from Collisions. This tattoo covers the arms, chest and back, and as with all Collisions tattoo's it is highly detailed. I especially love the crows down the arms and across the back. Here's a  close-up:

Oh, and if you were wondering about the skin and the beat-up looking make-up, the skin is from Sugar and is available during the Jack or Jill hunt (which I think may be still running). While the make-up is from Miss Shippe's Studio, and is currently out for Project Themory this weekend. This set is called 'You Feeling lucky punk?' and includes a 'brows-be-gone', brows with a gash & scar and the safety pin, which I thought looked fun with this look :)

The gorgeous Alice locket was a Midnight Mania win from Futterwacken.


Skin: Sugar ~ Cry My Heart Out (Jack or Jill hunt),
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard ~ Midnight,
Tattoo: Collisions ~ Cast No Shadow (Horror Haute),
Dress: Favole ~ Edged (Out now for Horror Haute),
Boots: Favole ~ Wraith,
Locket: Futterwacken ~ Alice Locket.

Love and tainted kisses,

MiLLiE xox

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