Saturday, 3 March 2012

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late...

Sooo totally and utterly late with this post, that I said to myself I wasn't going to do it. Then decided I would afterall since this is my blog and I'll blog what I like, lol! Anyways, these are some of my fave things from the Tainted Heart/ Tainted Love hunt which just ended, so some of these, if not all, may no longer be available for free, however, if they aren't, and you still want them I'm sure you'll be able to buy them in the respective stores!

This gift is the complete gift from b[ELLE]issima (including the skin, outfit, horns, hooves and eyes!!). I love the originality and imagination that has gone into this gift, and that it can be worn completely, or mix and matched for different looks. I am also wearing with it one of the gifties from MOCK cosmetics; Zombie Love Makeover.

Here's a comparison of both looks with and without it.

With make-up:

Without make-up:

The next gift is a cute lil undies set from Blue Blood, worn with earrings from Sn@tch and necklace from Forsaken. Also worn with piercing from Revenant (not in the hunt). The skin is Tacky Star's Flux item for this month (more on this later), and the tattoo is Love Zombies' contribution to this hunt. Eyes are Repulse.

Next I am wearing the Sura dress by Gehenna and the 'I only have eyes for you' animated candy box from WorN?

Finally, one of my favourite gifties from this hunt was this Heartbreak Dress from The Delectable Doll. Also worn with the mask from bubble.

Photo 1:

Complete outfit: b[ELLE]issima ~ Your Heart Belongs to Me, (Tainted Love hunt).
Make-up: MOCK Cosmetics ~ Zombie makeover eye/lip, (Tainted Love hunt)..

Photo 4:

Skin: Tacky Star ~ Pure Taxidermia @ Flux (This month's theme is taxidermia, and runs til the end of this month),
Eyes: REPULSE ~ Callous eyes - red, (Tainted Love hunt).
Undies: Blue Blood ~ Amour, (Tainted Love hunt).
Tattoo: Love Zombie ~ Love Won't Save Me, (Tainted Love hunt).
Earrings: Sn@tch ~ Bleeding Heart earrings, (Tainted Love hunt).
Face piercing: Revenant ~ Broken Hearted Piercing (lucky board win!!),
Necklace: Forsaken ~ Not like I needed it anyway, (Tainted Love hunt).

Photo 6:

Outfit: Gehenna ~ Sur, (Tainted Love hunt).
Candybox: WorN? ~ I only have eyes for you, (Tainted Love hunt).

Photo 7:

Dress: The Delectable Doll ~ Heartbreak Dress, (Tainted Love hunt).
Mask: bubble, (Tainted Love hunt).

Tainted Kisses,

MiLLiE xox

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