Saturday, 31 March 2012

Steampunk Dollie

So, I just finished Twisted the other day... and ran straight into the Steam hunt, lol. This is equally as big, and as well established as Twisted, 'cept its easier, and steampunk themed ;p As always, some really cute dollie type stuffs to pick up during this one. Although my fave gift from the whole of the hunt (yes, really) was this amazing Steampunk Cabaret dress, put out by Rag Dollz (there is also a male version included, not shown).

These amazing boots are not free, but they go so perfectly with this outfit I HAD to show them to you. They are a new MESH release from Lassitude & Ennui, and are available in a ton of other colours, for the relatively cheap price of L$280!


Outfit (including hat): Rag Dollz (Steam Hunt #82),
Monocle: Brain Circuit (Steam Hunt #37),
Boots: Selene, Lassitude & Ennui,
Skin: Heartsick ~ Juliet (however I'm also wearing [VoiD]s Golden Tan skin enhancement to get that golden glow ;) )

The Steam hunt starts here, there are lms and hints available in the very helpful Steam group. If you wanna do this hunt you need to hurry though as it finishes on the 31st March!! Gogogo!

Happy Hunting,

MiLLiE xox

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