Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Twisted Hunt: part 3??

Well I don't usually do so many posts on one event, but there's sooo many cute gifties in this hunt that I just want to show you them all! lol Here's two different looks, my sexy Arcane vamp, and my Arcane faun :) Both pictures taken in the Twisted Endgame. Good luck to all those who are still plodding on with this hunt, it ends in FOUR days!!!

The outfit worn here, is the super sexy gift from Dare Designs. There are many different parts to this outfit, so you can make lots of different looks with it.

Arcane Vamp:

Outfit: Dare Designs (Twisted Hunt gift),
Skin: The Attic, (Twisted Hunt gift),
Necklace & Nails: [Virtual/Insanity] (Twisted Hunt gift),

Arcane Faun: Will I ever find the end?

Outfit: Indigo Oddities ~ Arcane Cybermancer (Twisted Hunt gift),
Skin: Heartsick ~ Desire: Muse (Twisted Hunt gift),
Horns: DaBuVa (L$10 instore),
Hair: Bad Juju (L$10 instore),
Ears: Southpaw ~ Twisted (Twisted Hunt gift),
Faun Boots: DaBuVa (L$10 instore),
Ciggie: [Virtual/Insanity] (Twisted Hunt gift).

Good luck with the rest of the hunt!!!

MiLLiE xox

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