Sunday, 25 March 2012

Twisted Hunt Spring part 2

lol, so I have been going through my Twisted hunt gifties, and came across this super-FUN giftie from Weather! Or Not? that I just simply HAD to put in a photo... but where in SL would I find somewhere appropriate for it....

Worn here is the <i>amazing</i> Genie AO, which is the afore-mentioned Twisted hunt giftie from WORN? I LOVE this soooo much, it is SUCH fun to wear and hover along in SL, and the effects are absolutely gorgeous, and off course, totally bleen :) I really hope my photos have done it justice! And do make sure you pop by Further Mondays' store to track down the pesky lil cube with this in ;)


Skin: The Attic ~ Twisted Hunt giftie, grab it while you can - hunt ends March 31st,
Eyes: Moxie ~ Twisted Hunt giftie,
Posture Collar: Demotik ~ Twisted Hunt giftie,
Corset & gloves: Dare Designs ~  Twisted Hunt giftie.

Photo taken at Sacred Fantasy - one of the many fun stops on the Twisted hunt path :) Make sure you join the hunt group for hints, pack some snacks and prepare for a long journey :)

MiLLiE xox

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