Saturday, 24 March 2012

Twisted Hunt Spring

So, unless you live under a rock in SL, you will know that running all this month has been the infamous Twisted Hunt. I love this hunt, and hate it in equal measures, lol. And yes it really has taken me all month the get it DONE! But, at last, I made it through the Endgame today!!!

As always, one of my most favourite gifts was the one from The Delectable Doll, Sherri always works hard to make an original, high quality, themed gift for the hunt. Unfortunately this time she could not have the usual amount of gatchas and other fun things, due to RL getting in the way, but she does have FOUR boxes hiding around the store for you to track down, including a male gift!

One of the other awesome things about Twisted is the sheer amount of themed gatcha gifts and cheap additional extras you can find at many of the stores on the hunt. The hair I'm wearing is one of these. You can pick it up from Bad Juju for the unbelievable price of L$10!!! The lip piercing I'm wearing is a gatcha giftie from Indigo Oddities; so even if you don't manage to track down all those elusive lil boxes, there's still PLENTY out there for you to snatch up!!! And HURRY cus the hunt ends on the 31st March!


Dress: The Delectable Doll ~ Twisted Hunt, main female gift,
Shoes: The Delectable Doll ~ Twisted Hunt, bonus gift,
Skin: Heartsick ~ Desire/ Muse ~ Twisted Hunt female gift,
Eyes: Moxie ~ Twisted hunt main gift,
Ears: Southpaw ~ Twisted Hunt gift, there are 2 other boxes at this location :)
Make-up: [Virtual Insanity] Twisted Hunt gift,
Piercing: Indigo Oddities ~ Twisted Gatcha, L$25 a go,
Tattoo: Vestigium (available here - not a hunt gift!).

Poses by HelaMiyo and evolve.

Good luck!!

MiLLiE xox

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