Monday, 31 October 2011

Guess who's back?!

Frick is back, but only for Halloween! And in traditional Frick style they are having a dollarbie hunt. There are 7 witches hats to find, which are super-easy to find! There are 2 adorable Alice in Pumpkin dresses, this gorgeous lolita style skirt I'm wearing, and a long version. I absolutely love the texturing on this dress, its simply beautiful! The skin I'm wearing is also available in the hunt, and comes in 5 different tones. You would be sorry to miss this!!

Here is a close-up of this gorgeous skin! The only thing I have added to it is clear lip gloss from [VoiD].

Head on over to Frick before its' too late!!

Accessories worn:

[VoiD} ~ Mute/dilated/Gold ([VoiD]s gatcha item @ Spooky You store. Hurry ends November 3rd!!),
Pumpkin ring: Loulou&co Halloween gatcha item (L$50 a try),
Wearable Kitty: D-Lab (Project Themeory item).

Happy Halloween!!

Millie xx

Friday, 28 October 2011

Sexy or scary??

Have I told you I love Halloween yet?? If not then you must have figured it out by now, lol. Can't decide what costume to wear this year? Whether to go sexy or scary? Check out my outfits to decide!


Sakide ~ Empire Dots (L$100 for TOSL item week 69),
Boots: Sassy Kitty Designs ~ Witch pumpkin boots (im not sure if these are still available),
Pumpkin head: Death Row Designs (free gifty instore!!),
Tats: Reckless (Zombie Popcorn giftie, available til October 31st),
Bracelet: DV8 ~ Halloween 2011 charm bracelet (freeb/ cheapie @ the Spooky You event - hurry and explore this beautifully themed Halloween sim if you haven't already!!).

And here's my 'sexy' Halloween outfit:


Illusion ~ Paige - Bite me (L$88 @ collaber88),
Hair: Ploom ~ Free group gift - group enrollment is free for a limited time, so grab it while you can!!
Eyes: Repulse ~ Wretched Eyes (special limited Spooky You dollarbie!!!),
Candy Pale: Ana-mations (previous SBS).

Millie xox

The Flesh Game!

Halloween is almost upon us and there are sooo many amazing fun halloween-y things going on in SL right now, but one thing you do NOT want to miss is Sn@tchs' annual Halloween game/ hunt. For those of you who have never done Sn@tchs' halloween game, this is not a hunt per se, more a game to play with kindly donated prizes you can pick up along the way. Make sure you click on everything, as well as gifts along the way there are clues to be found which will help you solve the riddles along the way. Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart!


Snatch ~ Plaid & Corduroy (Gift found within The Flesh Game),
Boots: Sn@tch ~ Drusilla boots (Gift found within The Flesh Game),
Socks: Sn@tch ~ Satan Socks (Gift found within The Flesh Game),
Ring: Sn@tch: Raven Ring (Gift found within The Flesh Game),
Skin: Adam n Eve ~ Ariadne (Limited Halloween group gift, costs L$1 to join the group),
Eyes: Sn@tch ~ ilyria eyes (Gift found within The Flesh Game),
Tattoo: Sn@tch ~ Beaver Tattoo (Gift found within The Flesh Game),
Stitches: Beauty Killer ~ Forced smile (Gift found within The Flesh Game).

There are many more gifts to be found during the Flesh Game from designers such as: Gauze, retox, forsaken, somnia, crave clothing, aidoru, and more! The Flesh Game ends November 13th, so get to it while you can! Here's your taxi!

Milly xox

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Spooky You is hereeeeee!!!

For those of you who have not heard of this, Spooky You is a limited Halloween themed shopping event organised by False Imako, a dear friend of mine, and the brains behind [VoiD]. Considering this event was simply an IDEA little over a week ago, False has worked non-stop to build this beautifully dark event and has secured over 50 merchants from some of your favourite goth/ dark stores, including DV8, Nightshade, Blue Blood, [VoiD], ODB, Pinkmares House and many more, which is truely amazing. Each designer was asked to create/ have a 1-10L priced item for "Trick or Treaters" to come by and pick up, and many stores have gachas, which make ideal Halloween gifties! The event opens on the 15th October and runs til November 3rd!! Here's just a few sample shots of the sim.

The event is open NOW!!! So head on over there and check it out!!

Tainted kisses and demented dreams,

Milly x

Friday, 14 October 2011

Vampire Princess

So the wonderful Rhed Rhode of Saturday Night Fevah! and FTLO is BACK with an awesome Halloween event, FTLO Halloween Boo for 2. This is a both a hunt AND a shopping fair. Every store at the event has one hunt item and one EXCLUSIVE item for sale for just L$100. One of my favourite items from the event is the Spoiled Vampire Princess Doll av from Esuga. The female version is available for L$100 during the event, while the boi one is the hunt item. There are lots of really great things available at this event, don't forget to check it out. It runs til 31st October.


Vampire doll avatar:
Esuga (L$100 @ FTLO Halloween Boo for 2),
Dress: U.F.O ~ camelia dress (FTLO Halloween hunt giftie),
Tattoo: Para Designs (still the Fallen & Depraved hunt giftie!!).

Happy hunting!!


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fallen & Depraved

So, I'm trying to get as many hunts in as possible before they all end. The Fallen & Depraved hunt was a fun lil hunt to do, with some nice gifties. You only have til the 15th to grab these up, so hurry!! Hunt blog with hints here.


al vulo ~ Easy Merry Widow (new group gift!),
Eyes: soul glitter - soulglitter dark (Fallen & Depraved giftie),
Ears: bubble ~ Fallen and Depraved elf ears (Fallen & Depraved giftie),
Hair: Birth ~ Renju ke unisex (Fallen & Depraved giftie),
Top: Fear Yourself (Fallen & Depraved giftie),
Skirt: Vels Boutique (Fallen & Depraved giftie),
Stomach tattoo: Love Zombie (Fallen & Depraved giftie),
Arms tattoo: Para Designs (Fallen & Depraved giftie),

Happy Hunting!!


Monday, 10 October 2011


Well, Halloween is fast approaching, and as Halloween is like my FAVOURITE holiday, I couldn't help but share this with you.

*Ribbon* ~ Halloween dress (limited edition lucky board item),
Hair w/hat: Clawtooth ~ You're a Witchy Star (Fifty linden Friday item, was still L$50 as I posted this!!),
Skin: [VoiD] ~ Echo/Wicked/Natural (speical preview of [VoiD]s new skin line, currently free in notices),
Eyes: Repulse ~ Cyborg eyes (Fallen and Depraved hunt gift, available til October 15th),

Happy Halloween!!

Millie xox

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Macabre Hunt...

So I just got done with the macabre hunt. Like Twisted this is another favourite hunt of mine, always great stores involved who make amazing gifties for the event. Lots of male and/or unisex gifts too, so grab your bf's/ husbands/ slaves/ malts and get hunting those apples! This time the theme is the 'Cirque du Diabolique'.

Picture 1:

Dress, dollkey & Boots: Pinkmares House ~ The Wisecracker (TMH, ends 15th October),
Pirate Hat: AZE Jewellery (TMH),
Skin: MV ~ Diabolique Pierrot Skins (TMH),
Face piercings: Collisions ~ I started a Joke (TMH),
Necklace: Real Glamour ~ Clown Necklace (TMH),

Picture 2:

Full Outfit: The Delectable Doll ~ Ringmaster (TMH, mlae version included),
Skin: Petrichor ~ Killer clown (TMH, male and female versions included)
Eyes: Plastik (TMH).

Picture 3:

Outfit: Cracked ~ Harlequin Clown (TMH)
Skin & eyes: Plastik (TMH)

Picture 4:

Outfit: Rotten Defiance ~ Tight rope walker
Skin: Eat Paste ~ Messy Clown skin

Picture 5:

Dress: Blue Blood ~ (TMH)
Animated juggling skulls: Jeaniesings Things (TMH).

The Macabre Hunt starts at Rasetsukoku, and runs til the 15th October so you still have a few days left! The blog for hints and slurls is here.

Happy hunting!!

Millie xox