Friday, 7 October 2011

The Macabre Hunt...

So I just got done with the macabre hunt. Like Twisted this is another favourite hunt of mine, always great stores involved who make amazing gifties for the event. Lots of male and/or unisex gifts too, so grab your bf's/ husbands/ slaves/ malts and get hunting those apples! This time the theme is the 'Cirque du Diabolique'.

Picture 1:

Dress, dollkey & Boots: Pinkmares House ~ The Wisecracker (TMH, ends 15th October),
Pirate Hat: AZE Jewellery (TMH),
Skin: MV ~ Diabolique Pierrot Skins (TMH),
Face piercings: Collisions ~ I started a Joke (TMH),
Necklace: Real Glamour ~ Clown Necklace (TMH),

Picture 2:

Full Outfit: The Delectable Doll ~ Ringmaster (TMH, mlae version included),
Skin: Petrichor ~ Killer clown (TMH, male and female versions included)
Eyes: Plastik (TMH).

Picture 3:

Outfit: Cracked ~ Harlequin Clown (TMH)
Skin & eyes: Plastik (TMH)

Picture 4:

Outfit: Rotten Defiance ~ Tight rope walker
Skin: Eat Paste ~ Messy Clown skin

Picture 5:

Dress: Blue Blood ~ (TMH)
Animated juggling skulls: Jeaniesings Things (TMH).

The Macabre Hunt starts at Rasetsukoku, and runs til the 15th October so you still have a few days left! The blog for hints and slurls is here.

Happy hunting!!

Millie xox

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