Thursday, 5 October 2017

No More I Tried...

So, a while ago I was wandering around SL and I found this cute sim, that I just HAD to take pictures in! The first picture pretty much represents how I feel about my ex, lol

Pics taken at Everwinter

body ~ maitreya ~ lara,
head ~ catwa ~ Candy,
skin ~ la petite morte ~ quinn,
hair ~ barbaryumyum ~ PO2,
tattoos ~ speakeasy ~ silent flight (group gift),
eyes ~ the little bat ~ dead and demonic eyes,

top ~ ison ~ bailey cowl wrap top,
shorts ~ Pure Posion ~ hayley,
boots ~ +Psycho Barbie+ ~ Kitten boots,

the little bat ~ Survivor Glasses,
mercier ~ unicorn horn,
sn@tch ~ spellcraft earrings,
senzafine ~ eternal heart choker,
ring ~ [Virtual/Insanity] ~ mustachio ring,
hair-slide ~ alterego ~ skele bones barret
baseball bat ~ izzy ~ Lucille,

MiLLiE xx

Friday, 28 July 2017

This isn't Halloween!

So I haven't blogged in a while, figured I'd do a Throwback post. This is basically a look I was going to blog, but then RL happened and I didn't have time to get back to it, lol.


~mesh body~
body ~ maitreya ~ lara,
head ~ catwa ~ Candy,
hands ~ slink ~ dynamic,
eyes ~ the little bat ~ dead & demonic eyes,
hair ~ [KoKoLoReS] Tess ~ past grp gift,
skin ~ la petite morte ~ quinn ~ past grp gift,

nails ~ koffin nails ~ shades of red,
lips ~ veechi ~ velvet creme lipstick,
eyes ~ alaskametro ~ "Sugar" eyeshadow,
tattoo ~ aurica store ~ huyasi tattoo,

top ~ zombie suicide ~ don't hex & drive (previous Car Wash exclusive),
skirt ~ pkd ~ witchy one  (previous Car Wash exclusive),
boots ~ Dilly Dolls ~ Shrew boots,

the little bat ~ star septum,
zombie suicide ~ Carrie piercing,
PR!TTY ~ walking in Manhattan bracelets and;
Verocity ~ leather cuff,

rebel gal ~ california sunglasses,
sakide ~ naughty witch hat.


Friday, 24 March 2017

Welcome to the Freak Show!!

This blog post started with a coupe of cute items from last week's Fifty Linden Friday- the super cute hair by Wasabi Pills and the pj top from caboodle. I loved the top soooo much, but I wanted to mix it up and wear it with something else instead. I went to sn@tch to check out their lucky boards, and while there I remembered to pick up my VIP group gift. After hanging out at the lucky boards for a while I decided to go back home and open my VIP gift - inside was this adorable texture change skirt! My outfit was now complete, aside from a couple of accessories and a location.

I discovered this fabulous sim quite by accident the other day and immediately knew it was the right spot for my blog!

mesh body ~ maitreya ~ lara,
head ~ catwa ~ candy,
eyes ~ arise ~ shila and; the little bat ~ dead eye,
hair ~ wasabi pills ~ viola ~ Last Fifty Linden Friday,
skin ~ la petite morte ~ quinn,
tattoo ~ aurica store ~ hyuasi tattoo,

top ~ caboodle ~ vera jammies ~ past Fifty Linden Friday,
skirt ~ sn@tch ~ cherry variety pencil skirt ~ VIP group gift, texture change,
shoes ~ the little bat ~ creepy pumps,

earrings [bubble] Goo Stinky Eye earrings and; 7seas ~ worm and hook earring,
bracelets ~ DV8 ~ deathrock candy bracelets - no longer available!,
ring ~ the little bat ~ creepy cabochon ring,
nose ring ~ the little bat ~ skele septum piercing,
tongue ~ acid & mala ~ greey tongue ~ no longer available!,
lollipop ~ ninety ~ my eye popsicle,
clutch ~ {yumyums} hard candy purse,

xx MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Twisted Infinity

     Life in 2217 is hard for synth-humans. They may have created us, but after the Cybernaught Wars the humans began to understand how much of a threat we could be to them. Since then we have been persecuted. Our very existence deemed a huge slur in human history. We are denied any right to life. We are outlawed and dismantled upon sight. There are but a handful of us left.

      Outwardly we appear much the same as them. It is only in our eyes that we are different. For they say the eyes are the window to the soul. But we have no soul.

(These amazing eyes are currently songbird's twisted hunt gift. Not only do they look amazing, but they are also animated and SCROLL. Unfortunately I haven't figured out vlogging yet, so I am unable to show you the animation :/ Twisted hunt runs til 31st March, get your hunting shoes on and grab these while you still can!)

     I never did understand the humans' love of bars, but here, in this bar, I can relax. For this is an underground bar, run by synth-humans, for synth-humans. There I lean against the bar, playing with my synth-wine, while the synth-barman practices his cocktail-making skills, musing on the future of my kind.

     There will be a rebellion. The few of us that remain WILL rise up and fight for our right to live alongside the humans. But for now, we must attempt to blend in amongst them. We dress like they dress and we mimic their lifestyles. We infiltrate their organisations, their security teams and their political leaders. We make plans, and we wait.

mesh body ~ maitreya ~ lara,
head ~ catwa ~ candy,
hair ~ exile ~ seethe,
skin ~ la petite morte ~ quinn,
eyes ~ songbird ~ the truth ~ Twisted hunt gift!,

lips ~ songbird ~ tripp lips ~ now available at the Skin Fair,
mole ~ izzie's ~ beauty mole,

glasses ~ songbird ~ infinty glasses ~ Twisted gacha,
nose ring ~ the little bat ~ skele septum ring,
necklace ~ death row designs ~ skeleton hands necklace,
cuff ~ verocity ~ available now at suicide dollz,
cyber parts ~ chaos, panic and disorder ~ neural net,

dress ~ sweet things ~ melanie dress ~ available at Rewind,
shoes ~ reign ~ peep toe pumps,

xx MiLLiE xx

Friday, 3 March 2017

90's throwback!

So once in a while an event comes round that sparks of my interest and Rewind is one of them, as a 90's chick I thoroughly enjoyed shopping this event, it brought back so many fond memories of sneaking out behind my mum's back to go see my BFF back then and just hang out. It was probably the last great carefree era, before technology and social media took over all our lives! Back when you if you wanted to see your friends, you actually had to go round to their house to see if they were in, god forbid you used the house phone as it was too expensive to be calling your friend who lived just across the street! A time when neighbours were neighbourly and actually looked out for one another. When summer seemed to last forever, and the winters were postcard perfect.

mesh body ~ maitreya ~ lara,
head ~ catwa ~ candy,
hair ~ besom! ~ Bratty baby ~ Rewind,
eyes ~ SU & Conviction ~ dismal eyes,

~make-up~ (pic 1&2)
eyeshadow ~ veechi ~ Umbra dust shadow ~ Rewind (catwa),
lips ~ veechi ~ Velvet creme lipstick (catwa),
nails ~ plastik ~ retro AF ~ Rewind,

~worn~ (pic 1&2)
top ~ cynful ~ Chilli Jersey ~ Rewind,
skirt ~ David Heather ~ Kudo ~ Rewind,
shoes ~ Reign ~ L.I.E Wedges ~ Rewind,

~accessories~ (pic 1&2)
choker ~ izzie's ~ mood stone velvet choker ~ Rewind,
clutch ~ Reign ~ brick phone clutch ~ Rewind,

~worn~(pic 3)
jacket ~ milk motion ~ sleeveless jacket with texture change top ~ Rewind,
skirt ~ mignon ~ 90's gal! ~ Rewind gacha,
boots ~ mignon ~ 90's gal! ~ Rewind gacha,

sunglasses ~ rebel gal ~ california sunglasses ~ Rewind,
earrings ~ lagyo ~ plastic hearts ~ Rewind,
necklace ~ plastik ~ holo string peace ~ Rewind gacha,
ring ~ free bird ~ Rewind,

lips chair ~ Ariskea [As if] ~ Rewind,
neon palms ~ nomad ~ Rewind,
smiley face pillow ~ Ariskea [As if] ~ Rewind,
cassettes ~ [free bird] ~ Rewind ~ gacha,
lava lamp ~ little llama ~ Rewind,
glitter rollies ~ plastik ~ Rewind gacha,
troll pencil topper ~ disorderly ~ Rewind ~ gacha,
lips wall decal ~ The Horror! ~ xoxo hunt,

xx MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Its still new year, right?

So I prepared this post ages ago, but never got around to posting it. However I thought the pics of me frolicking with some reindeer were too cute and I still wanted to share them with you all, so here they are!

hair ~ adoness ~ wintertide ~ thank you Cruella Penelli!
eyes ~ conviction ~ dismal eyes,
body ~ maitreya ~ lara,
head ~ catwa ~ candy,
skin ~ la petite morte ~ quinn winter ~ past group gift (worn with omega relay),

dress ~ sakide ~ snow fairy dress ~ thank you Kinu Mayako!
shoes ~ reign ~ holiday peep toe wedges ~ New Year's gift (no longer free),

party hat ~ cosmic dust ~ free New Year's gift (no longer available),
ear-rings ~ bubble ~ Goo stinky eye earrings,
piercing ~ acide ~ rose (store closed),

xx MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Merry New Year!

I know this is late, but I hadn't actually planned on doing a 'Merry Christmas' post, but I logged in today and thought Millie looked too cute and festive and I just wanted to share, lol. Besides, cute, snuggly pj's are not just for Christmas, right?

mesh body ~ maitreya ~ lara,
mesh head ~ catwa ~ candy,
eyes ~ conviction ~ dismal eyes ~ previous gift,
hair ~ [RA] ~ Viola hair,
skin ~ Drop Dead Gorgeous ~ vamp/ porcelain ~ previous gift,
eye make-up ~ izzie's ~ candy cane make-up ~ Christmas gift,

antlers ~ lost junction ~ festive antlers ~ free gift at the Arcade,
necklace ~ chichica ~ garland necklace ~ free gift at the Arcade,
earrings ~ bubble ~ goo stinky eye earrings,

pj's ~ MM prize at TRS designs,

All the best for the New Year!

MiLLiE x