Friday, 3 March 2017

90's throwback!

So once in a while an event comes round that sparks of my interest and Rewind is one of them, as a 90's chick I thoroughly enjoyed shopping this event, it brought back so many fond memories of sneaking out behind my mum's back to go see my BFF back then and just hang out. It was probably the last great carefree era, before technology and social media took over all our lives! Back when you if you wanted to see your friends, you actually had to go round to their house to see if they were in, god forbid you used the house phone as it was too expensive to be calling your friend who lived just across the street! A time when neighbours were neighbourly and actually looked out for one another. When summer seemed to last forever, and the winters were postcard perfect.

mesh body ~ maitreya ~ lara,
head ~ catwa ~ candy,
hair ~ besom! ~ Bratty baby ~ Rewind,
eyes ~ SU & Conviction ~ dismal eyes,

~make-up~ (pic 1&2)
eyeshadow ~ veechi ~ Umbra dust shadow ~ Rewind (catwa),
lips ~ veechi ~ Velvet creme lipstick (catwa),
nails ~ plastik ~ retro AF ~ Rewind,

~worn~ (pic 1&2)
top ~ cynful ~ Chilli Jersey ~ Rewind,
skirt ~ David Heather ~ Kudo ~ Rewind,
shoes ~ Reign ~ L.I.E Wedges ~ Rewind,

~accessories~ (pic 1&2)
choker ~ izzie's ~ mood stone velvet choker ~ Rewind,
clutch ~ Reign ~ brick phone clutch ~ Rewind,

~worn~(pic 3)
jacket ~ milk motion ~ sleeveless jacket with texture change top ~ Rewind,
skirt ~ mignon ~ 90's gal! ~ Rewind gacha,
boots ~ mignon ~ 90's gal! ~ Rewind gacha,

sunglasses ~ rebel gal ~ california sunglasses ~ Rewind,
earrings ~ lagyo ~ plastic hearts ~ Rewind,
necklace ~ plastik ~ holo string peace ~ Rewind gacha,
ring ~ free bird ~ Rewind,

lips chair ~ Ariskea [As if] ~ Rewind,
neon palms ~ nomad ~ Rewind,
smiley face pillow ~ Ariskea [As if] ~ Rewind,
cassettes ~ [free bird] ~ Rewind ~ gacha,
lava lamp ~ little llama ~ Rewind,
glitter rollies ~ plastik ~ Rewind gacha,
troll pencil topper ~ disorderly ~ Rewind ~ gacha,
lips wall decal ~ The Horror! ~ xoxo hunt,

xx MiLLiE xx

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