Friday, 30 December 2011

New hunt @ Frick

Thats right, Frick has another of their dollarbie hunts going on right now. I always love Frick's hunts, cus for a handful of lindens you get a totally new cute look :) There are 14 purple and blue candy canes 'hidden' around the store, each costing L$1. Prizes include 10 skins and 4 outfits!!

Not only do I love Frick's hunts, I also love how Fricka Morgath themes her store to match her hunts, or does she theme the hunts to match her store? Either way the store is always a hella cute place to hang out and take photos at! Don't forget to check out her items that are on sale, they are very reasonably priced, but so cute!

Sugarplum fairy skin in Sugar:

Sugarplum fairy skin in Apricot:

Sugarplum fairy skin in ghost (incidentally, my fave!):

Don't you agree, these skins are so adorable?? And for L$1 a piece definately worth snapping up!! I had to take one more shot to show you the amazing boots I'm wearing, cus they were obscured by the grass, and they are too cute not to show you.

These boots are the current picks rewards gift at MV. Thats' right, MV now has pick rewards!! Go visit the store, add MV into your picks and come back later to click the vendor for these super cute boots!!Also shown here is the super-cute Sakura necklace from Virtual/Insanity. The pink version of this necklace was recently released for Grenade Free Wednesdays, but now the whole colour collection is available at the store, and there are also earrings to match too!!


All skins: Frick (L$1 each during the Holiday Hunt, unfortunately I'm not sure when this hunt ends!),
Snowflake PJs: Frick (again L$1 each during the Holiday Hunt. I would totally wear these as casual outdoor clothes, not just PJs, lol!),
Necklace: [Virtual/Insanity] ~ Sakura necklace (L$149 per colour),
Boots: :{MV}: ~ Cruxshadow Boots/ Cyan (Picks rewards gift),
Hair: Truth ~ Rayne.

Happy Hunting!!

Millie xox

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Happy Holidays!!

OK, so I know that it's a bit late, but I have been soooooo busy in RL cus of the holidays, this is the first time I've had chance to pop on here and wish you all Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate hope you had/ are having a lovely peaceful time with your loved ones :)


Reindeer suit: Love Soul (no longer available, sorry!),
Red nose: Miasnow ~ Roody nose (subscribo giftie!).


Millie xox

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Newbie Style Challenge 2

Its that time again for Juice's Newbie Style Challenge. The rules are simple. All you gotta do is makeover your av, spending less than L$500. Here's what I came up with:


Dress: Pinkmares House ~ Layla (Midnight Mania gift),
Shoes: Pinkmares House ~ Bloody Lushies (lucky board item),
Skin: [VoiD]  ~ Alice/ Pale (Group gift, free to join. False Imako of [VoiD] very generously gives out regular gifties to her group members, thank you False!!),
Eyes: Repulse ~ Bludgeoned (L$99 @ the main store),
Battered Face: Fallen Doll (L$100 @ Grunge Soul Project)
Hair: Dilly Dolls ~ Melany (L$200 @ main store. Bow is colour change!!),
Voodoo Mouthie: Epic (DIMH3 giftie),

Total cost: L$399

Hope you enjoy the newbie style challenge as much as I did!!!

Millie xx

(PS: I dont like how blogger has changed where you can't pick the actual font SIZE of your text, so you're stuck with either normal, which is smaller than what I used to use, or large - this one - which is larger than the size I used to use!!! argh!!!)