Saturday, 3 December 2011

Newbie Style Challenge 2

Its that time again for Juice's Newbie Style Challenge. The rules are simple. All you gotta do is makeover your av, spending less than L$500. Here's what I came up with:


Dress: Pinkmares House ~ Layla (Midnight Mania gift),
Shoes: Pinkmares House ~ Bloody Lushies (lucky board item),
Skin: [VoiD]  ~ Alice/ Pale (Group gift, free to join. False Imako of [VoiD] very generously gives out regular gifties to her group members, thank you False!!),
Eyes: Repulse ~ Bludgeoned (L$99 @ the main store),
Battered Face: Fallen Doll (L$100 @ Grunge Soul Project)
Hair: Dilly Dolls ~ Melany (L$200 @ main store. Bow is colour change!!),
Voodoo Mouthie: Epic (DIMH3 giftie),

Total cost: L$399

Hope you enjoy the newbie style challenge as much as I did!!!

Millie xx

(PS: I dont like how blogger has changed where you can't pick the actual font SIZE of your text, so you're stuck with either normal, which is smaller than what I used to use, or large - this one - which is larger than the size I used to use!!! argh!!!)

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