Monday, 29 April 2013

More from Horror Haute!

There's so much I want to show you form this month's Horror Haute, that I dunno if I'll get the time to do so, but here's another of my faves from this round; this beautifully textured two-piece outfit from {MV}.


Skin: Aeva ~ lumi ~ T0/ Natural/ Freckles (new release!),
Lashes: Aeva ~ long lashes,
Hair: the plastik ~ Naamah Hair/ Mermaid (free at the Fantasy faire),
dead apples ~ anime - muted (previous Arcade item),
{MV} Creepy Crawler (out for this month's Horror Haute),
{MV} Deco heels ~ Zombie,
Maxi Gossamer ~ sugar candy (available at April's round of Collabor88),
Mouthie: {Witches & Rats} Bloody Summer ~ popsicle mouthie (free instore) .

MiLLiE xx

Friday, 26 April 2013

Horror Haute: April

Oh wow, its that time of the month again when some of my favourite designers pu out their creepy, macabre goodies for Horror Haute. And this month's round is *full* of win!! I almsot didn't know where to start, but I had to start somewhere. So let's begin...

First off is this sexy lil cropped top from immateria - that comes attached to the creepy-cute face-mask you see I am also wearing. This top and mask ensemble is called 'Monster Within', which I think is perfectly apt for my avatar, as she is quite often the SL representation of the Monster Within my RL self.

For some reason, this look screamed cyber-goth to me, lol, so here I am wearing with it some of my favourite recent releases from Corvus and Sakide, as well as another item from this month's Horror Haute- the undies and suspenders from Draconic Kiss.


Skin: la petite morte ~ birgit - t2- M6 - family (available at this month's round of Genre),
Hair: red(Mint) (free mesh hair demo!),
Eye make-up: Beautiful Freak Cosmetics ~ Girl Posion - fuchsia,
Eyes: dead apples ~ Anime - Muted (past Arcade item),
Top & mask: immateria ~ Monster Within (available at this month's round of Horror Haute),
Skirt: Corvus ~ Black Army Skirt,
Undies & Suspenders: Draconic Kiss (available at this month's round of Horror Haute),
Boots: Sakide ~ Appeal Velvet Boots Ryu (exclusively available for L$100 at Fantasy Fair).

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Black Market: April

So another month, means another round of the Black Market. Here's a look I've made featuring some of this month's items, as well as other bots and pieces I have picked up from here and there- info in the credits!.


Skin: la petite morte ~ birgit ~ tone 2- m6 ~ family (currently available at this round of Genre),
Hair: (red)Mint ~ colour demo (wearable demo - fatpack of every colour free!),
Eyes: dead apples ~ Anime eyes "muted",
Eye make-up: Beautiful Freak Cosmetics ~ Girl Posion - black,
Throat wound: Repulse,

Dress: Sakide ~ Raider camo dress (L$90 at Perfect Wardrobe),
Boots: Sakide ~ Appeal Velvet Boots Ryu (currently exclusively available for L$100 at Fantasy Faire),

Lip-piercing: phoebes (available at April's round of The Black Market),
Tattoo: Utopiah ~ Old School,
Bandana: Zombie Suicide (available at April's round of The Black Market),
Nails: [Virtual/Insanity] Dark gradient.

Pose 1: bang! ~ available as part of the "Mini Classic" pose set,
Pose 2: ploom ~ alt hoar 2.

MiLLiE xx

Friday, 19 April 2013

Woefully Cute

Woeful Wednesdays had some really cute things on offer this week again, I do apologise that, as always, I did not manage to get this up on Wednesday but if you like what you see, make sure to head down to the WW HQ and slap the subscriber there to be notified of future WW offers.

The beautiful skin and lipstick I am wearing here are both new releases from Aeva. In case you haven't already heard, Aeva is at risk of closing indefinitely because the store owner, Amesha Jewells' computer has died, so she is paying her tier on her parent's computer, but is unable to work on new releases until she can replace/ fix her computer, so this skin release is likely to be the last for a while. That is, unless we can all help and support her by going down to the store and buying stuff! If you would like to help further, Tabitha Faith and Feather Fallen are going to be holding a fundraiser with the majority of the proceeds going to Amesha to help get her a new computer. This is going to be held from May 1st-May 14th. if you are a designer and wish to get involved to support this cause, contact Tabitha or Feather inworld for more info.


Skin: Aeva ~ Swan/ Tone 0,
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Giselle (L$50 today only for Fifty Linden Friday)!!
Eyes: Dead Apples ~ Anime/ Muted (available during the March round of The Arcade Gacha),
Eyeshadow: Beautiful Freak Cosmetics ~ Girl Poison (Woeful Wednesday),
Lipstick: Aeva ~ Glossed Pout Lips,
Nails: {Virtual/Insanity} Dark Gradient (NEW location for {Virtual/Insanity}),
Tattoo: Utopiah ~ Old School,
Slit throat: REPULSE.


Top: Czarny Kanarek ~ Bunny B Mesh Jersey Off Shoulder Sweater (Woeful Wednesday),
Leggings: {Witches & Rats} Skully leggings - MESH (Woeful Wednesday),
Boots: (red)Mint ~  gG 01'13.

Necklace: Lasaki ~ Eternal Beauty necklace,
Piercing: iPoke ~ Widow.

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 8 April 2013

And finally...

haha, think I've finally come to the end of all my planned blog posts for this week!! This last post features two more items from Marchs' round of Horror Haute. Again, sorry this is late, but if you like what you see, head down to the store's and see if they are still reduced, and if not simply hit their subscribos' and wait to see what offers they will have for the next round of Horror Haute!!

Here I am wearing another item from Distorted Dreams, the Mended Heart dress- I love this dress as Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite films EVER! I am wearing them with, the Spirit Calling boots, also by Distorted Dreams, which seemed to match the tone of the dress perfectly. I love the unique design of these boots, they are so quirky and unique! Here's a closer look at them:


Skin: Snatch ~ Solstice Skin (undead - messy - old hunt gift),
Eyes: {dead apples} ~ Sinistre - Bloodlust,
Hair: Alice Project ~ Marie,
Dress: Distorted Dreams ~ Mended Heart Dress (Marchs' round of Horror Haute),
Shoes: Distorted Dreams ~ Spirit Calling Boots (Marchs' round of Horror Haute),
Blood layers: Repulse (as always <3).
Pose 1: still life ~ "Slurping Fishies" - part of the Easter Sunday Invasion  pose set,
Pose 2: evolve ~ "stoic 03" - part of the Stoic pose set (store closed for now, sorry).

MiLLiE xx

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bloody Easter....

yes, I know Easter is over, but here in our house we still have enough chocolate left to feed an army!! Anyway, anyone who knows me, knows that cute fluffy bunnies isn't my usual taste, so here's something more 'me', with thanks to Horror Haute and the Who Killed Humpty Dumpty? hunt.

Here's a closer shot of the face;


Skin: Atomic ~ "Grace" Buff - Spring,
Hair: [elikatira] changes,
R eye: {dead apples} Sinistre - Bloodlust,
L eye: Insufferable Dastard ~ soulful/ beachy (April group gift),
Scar: Zombie Suicide ~ face scar no.1 (March's round of Horror Haute),
Hoodie: Exiled inc ~ Bloody Bunny (Who Killed Humpty Dumpty? hunt gift),
Bloody legwarmers: Distorted Dreams (March's round of Horror Haute),
Bunny ears &  nose: Meat 'n' more (Who Killed Humpty Dumpty? hunt gift),
Blood layers: Repulse

Pose 1: (p4p) ~ "im a zombie" (store seems to be closed), 
Pose 2: Olive Juice ~ "Marian" - part of the True Blood pose set (store closed, sorry).

MiLLiE xx

The Zombie's back...

haha, bet you thought you'd seen the last of her when you saw those last few cute photos, didn't you? But the bloodlust is still there!!

Here I am wearing the adorable Lacey Slinky dress by DRBC, which was recently one of their hunt prizes for the Who Killed Humpty Dumpty hunt, I apologise again that I am only just now getting to post these pics. I am wearing with it, gorgeous new Saula pumps from Dilly Dolls, these come in a variety of colour packs, as always to fit your personal style. Here's a shot I took so you can see these.


Skin: Essences ~ Indy/ pale,
Make-up: Essences ~ Twiggy eyelashes w/eyeliner,
Lipstick: Essences ~ VF lips 10,
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Sinistre ~ bloodlust,
Hair: Vanity Hair ~ cohimbra,
Face Scar: Zombie Suicide ~ face scar no.1 (featured in March's round of Horror Haute),
Piercing: iPoke ~ Widow,
Dress: Death Rocker Betty Crocker ~ Slinky Lace dress (Who Killed Humpty Dumpty? hunt gift),
Shoes: Dilly Dolls ~ Saula (new release, thank you Ori! :X),
Web collar: Scrub,
Blood Layers: Repulse <3,
Pose 1: Bent ~ Fifties fun (store closed, sorry),
Pose 2: D.Luxx ~ The Vintage pose pack - "Sugar Smacks".

MiLLiE xx

Friday, 5 April 2013

Who Killed Humpty Dumpty??

Well it certainly wasn't this adorable Easter Bunny...

This adorable Easter Bunny outfit was a Who Killed Humpty Dumpty easter hunt gift from Redrum over on the Death Row Designs sim. The hunt ran until the 3rd April, so I'm sorry this has just ended, however there *may* be some eggs still out if you are lucky!


Skin: Atomic ~ Grace skin/ buff/ spring (store rebranded, no longer available, sorry),
Hair: ploom ~ Cynthia (Knitting Circle Easter Hunt gift),
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard ~ Soulful v2/ beachy (april group gift),
Bunny outfit & Ears: Redrum ~ Bunny mini glitter (Who Killed Humpty Dumpty hunt gift),
Tattoo: para designs ~ sweet tooth,
Nails: adoness ~ love fairy nails/ envy,
Skates: The Secret Store ~ Vintage Roller Skates/ mint (the Arcade gacha event),
Pose 1: estetica ~ "my new bag 2",
Pose 2: evolve ~ "adorbs" (sorry, store closed).

MiLLiE xx

Hybrid doll

 Here's some more pretty pictures taken with Alice in RMK hunt gifts for you to look at. This was such a cute hunt, I'd definately reccomend checking out any future hunts they might have :)  Thi skin I'm wearing in these photos is the adorable hybrid avatar from Snow Rabbit, that was recently previewed at Skin Fair. This amazing avatar comes with a mesh head, which is fully customisable, via a HUD. You can change the skin tone (to match to the corresponding Snow Rabbit skin), eye-colour and shape (if you use the avatars eyes), you can fully customise the make-up, including lip colour, eye-shadow, blush. You can even customise your avatars' eye-lashes and give yourself a beauty mark/ two if you wish. AND you can choose to have expressions, or not!!


Avatar: Snow Rabbit: Hybrid Avatar ~ Nea/ Milky White,
Hair: ploom ~ Rene/ Pastels (currently available for L$175 at the A&A 5 year anniversary event here),
Eyes: insufferable dastard ~ Soulful v2/ beachy (April group gift),
Undies: Room Of Amo ~ Eat me lingerie (Alice in RMK hunt),
Sheepie: Adore & Abhor ~ Aries sheepie (L$50 per try on the gacha at Zodiac),
Wrist cuff: Air ~ Fleur Alice cuff (Alice in RMK hunt),
Pose 1: Social Angst ~ part of the "Afternoon Pose" set (store appears to be closed, sorry),
Pose 2: estetica ~ Part of the "My new bag" pose set.

MiLLiE xx

Alice in Wonderland...

OK, so I apologise beforehand at the lateness of these posts. I had meant to get them up before the hunt ended, but unfortunately my internet has been playing up, so its delayed everything :/ But hey, look at the pretty pictures :D


Skin: Amacci ~ Rayna ~ Pearl/ Night,
Hair: DeLa ~ Moelleux ~ Blacks,
Eyes: insufferable dastard ~ Beachy (subscribo & group gift for April),
Outfit: Sakide ~ Queen outfit (RMK hunt gift, sorry this hunt is now over),
Boots: Violent Seduction ~ Esther,
Crown: Dilly Dolls ~ Hearty Crown (available for free at the free*style store),
Lip-piercing: hebenon vial ~ Jewel/ Ink (NEW mesh piercing),
Nails & Rings: [Virtual/Insanity]  Nails ~ Essential Blacks, Rings ~ Heavy Cross,
Tattoo: Little Pricks ~  Live or Die,
Pose: evolve ~ plastics (sorry, store closed).

MiLLiE xx