Thursday, 26 August 2010

Amaranth reworked!!

Well it seems I'm back again, hehe. This time I have a gorgeous new dress from Dilly Dolls to show to you. Well, not new NEW, but its a rework of her old Amaranth dress. Amaranth II is just as beautiful as Amaranth and comes in a multitude of colours, as always, except now it has cute lil bunnies featured on the body of the dress. Shown below is the red dress - my favorite colour (other than black, and maybe purple ;p lol).


This dress is on sale at Dilly Dolls now, but just incase you are a lil short on lindens... Oriana Kuhr is currently selling a fatpack of the original Amaranth dress in all colours for just 50L.

Also worn:
Skin - (Gother than thou hunt giftie)
Hair - Crimson & Clover - Vian (No Strings Attached hunt gifite)
Eyes - F'd Up - Blackout - Blood (newest eyes from F'd Up - don't think these are released just yet)

Oh, and if any of you want to contribute to Demented Dollie feel free to IM/ NC me inworld :)

Goodnight Dollies,

Mil xx

Sunday, 22 August 2010

rotten deliciousness!!

So here we go with my first 'proper' post (/me thinks this blog maybe just a glorified 'flikr', but we'll see, lolz). Anyway, unless you live under a rock, you will know the zombie popcorn hunt is going on. I totes recommend you do this hunt, its full of awesome stores and fab prizes, one of my faves is this offering from Rotten Toe:


Omg I just about *died* when I put this dress on, everything is sooo perfect, the shape/ style/ texuring of it!! The only thing missing is a pair of tie-up ballerina shoes to match ;) @ elsa LOL.

Also worn:

Skin - F'd Up - don't forget the SUPER INSANE sale is STILL on at F'd Up, L$50 for a single awesome skin, or L$500 for a fatpack with over 10 skins!!! Go NOW before she changes her mind!!! lol
Hair - Rotten Toe (CAHH2 giftie, no longer available)
Tattoo - Dead Carrott -
Boots - SMOTD

Laterz for now gothlings,

Mildread xx

Zomg!!! Haiiii!!!

Hai there readers... if there are any, lol!! I've been having sooo much gothly fun in SL lately, what with all the awesome gothly creations that are spreading across the grid that I've decided to create my own blog to showcase you all the awesome things I love!!! I'm not a PS whizz or anything, so my pics will be just simple snapshots, not photoshopped in any way, which is better anyway IMO, because you see them as they actually appear in SL! I dunno how often I will update here, but we'll see how things go :)

Mildread xx