Sunday, 8 January 2012

Millenium Millie

So I was inv sorting this afternoon and came across the FTLO Millenium hunt gifties that I hadn't looked at yet, so I threw a couple of things together and this is what it ended up as.

OK, I know Christmas is over, but this tree was so cute I had to take a photo of it at least once, and heck it's still colddddd where I am anways.

The outfit I'm wearing is  mostly made up of items from the FTLO Millenium Hunt that is going on right now. Like the last FTLO hunt(s), you are not hunting a particular hunt object. And there are no clues. Unless you join the FTLO group. Instead, you are looking for one of each stores' items that is marked down for L$1. When you find the right one, you buy that and you get, not only the marked down item, but an extra hunt item and the LM to the next store. Two prizes for the price of 1!! And sooo much cute stuff!!!

To finish off this sassy winter outfit, I'm wearing these gorgeous boots from [MV]. These are not from the Millenium Hunt, however, they are [MV]'s holiday boots and were only L$10 when I bought them a couple of days ago. I'm not sure if they are still available to be honest, though.


Sweater: [Shush] Millenium Top (FTLO Millenium hunt),
Jeans: [SAKIDE] Vintage Shiny Jeans (FTLO Millenium hunt),
Boots: [MV] Jingle this Holiday Boots (L$10 @ [MV], not sure if they are still available at this price though),
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Amelie/ Contessa (Previously at  The Dressing Room, worn with Hot Pink lip gloss from Insufferable Dastard),
Necklace: !Chaos, Panic, Disorder ~ Post Apocalyptic Necklace (Apocalyptic New Year Hunt item, available til Jan 31st),
Hair (photo 1): [Explicit] The Siren - auburn (This was a past FTLO hunt item. I don't usually 'do' short hair styles, but I loved this hair for its edgy cut! Store now closed, sorry),
Hair (photo 2): Exile: (L$60  @ The Dressing Room) .

Happy Hunting!!

Millie xox

Gothmas by Gaslight 2

This is a nice lil hunt that I have enoyed at times, but also found frustrating at times too! There are NO hints for this hunt whatsoever, and sometimes there are decoys and the hunt object is renamed, so o.O
Anyways, I managed to finish it and grabbed some nice things along the way.


Dress: Be Happy! (#2 Gothmas by Gaslight 2 hunt, available til 15th January),
Skin: [VoiD] Lawn (L$10 in-store LEAVING SL SALE!!!, get it while you can!!),
Shoes: Rasetsukoku (#75 Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt),
Batty Tree: Moxie (#70 Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt).

Close up:


Complete outfit: Bad Juju ~ Gothmas Elf (#14 Gothmas by Gaslight 2),
Skin: Bad Juju ~ Holiday Dolly (on sale for L$10 in store!).


Dress: A&R Designs (#11 Gothmas by Gaslight2),
Collar: Black Arts (#18 Gothmas by Gaslight2),
Skin: [VoiD] ~ Songbird/ Loved/ Ivory (L$25 LEAVING SL SALE!!! Get it while you can!!),
Eyes: =catmonster= Saaga Eyes/ Frozen (#22 Gothmas by Gaslight2).

There are tons more prizes to grab, including many medieval/ RP style gowns and even some male items, and you still have a week to grab them!
Happy Hunting!!

Millie xox

Friday, 6 January 2012

LAST day of [VoiD]s CLOSING SALE!!! :'(

The day I wish would never have arrived is here. [VoiD] will be shortly closing its' SL doors for good. False Imako has decided to leave SL to focus on her RL, and her family, which is awesome! But, we will miss her presence in SL. Anyways, HURRY down to [VoiD] for some AWESOME last-minute deals. Skins in various tones, from as little as L$10!! All her Twisted Krissmus items are marked down to L$25!! She has shapes on sale, eyes, eye-lashes, make-up and even some clothes!! Be there or be square!

These are just a couple of my favourite skins that are on sale.

[VoiD] Toy ~ Lawn:

[VoiD] Songbird ~ Electric:

Here's your taxi.

Goodbye and goodluck False, you will be missed *cries*

Millie xox