Monday, 30 May 2011

Creepy Cute

Oriana Kuhr of Dilly Dolls has released this gorgeous spring dollie dress, which I just had to show you because I have absolutely love it!!

This dress is available in eight colours, and is only L$75 right now at Oriana's outlet at The Circle Project.

The skin I'm wearing is an Edge of Sanity limited edition, which was only out for Beautiful Engineers' RL birthday and is no longer available I'm sorry. The awesome jaw-bone tattoo is one of Rasetsukoku's gifts in the Macabre Hunt, hurry up and find it!!

Here's a close-up:


EoS - Remorse - Marta3 (Limited Edition, no longer available),
Hair: Lamb - Teased Up - Ink (freebie @ lamb),
Eyes: Tacky Star - Pandora eyes (The Macabre Hunt, ends June 4th),
Tattoo: Spearsong - Macabre (The Macabre Hunt),
Dress: Dilly Dolls - Bennie - Brown,
Shoes: Dilly Dolls - May Dollies Chunks.

Twisted dreams and razorblade kisses,

Milly xx

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Zombie killerrrrrrrr

Haha, I grabbed some more creepy-cute stuff on the Zombie Killers Hunt, and also The Macabre Hunt which I've had fun dressing up with :D

This torn, bloodied outfit from Punkd gives off a very post-apocalytpic, grungy vibe, which I just had to team up with the very funny 'Team Zombie' hat from Rasetsukoku. Here's a closer look:


Hat: Rasetsukoku - Team Zombie Brainbeer hat (Zombie Killers Hunt, ends 28th May),
Outift: Punkd Out - Woe'd (The Macabre Hunt, ends 4th June),
Grenade belt: Love Zombie (Zombie Killers Hunt),
Bullets: Black Cat Bones - As part of the bullet girl outfit (Zombie Killers Hunt)
Tattoo: Spearsong - Macabre (The Macabre Hunt),
Skin: Favole - Scorned,
Hair: HoM - Edgy.

Happy hunting demented dollies,

Millie xx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Victorian Raven

OK, so you guys should know I'm addicted to SL hunts, doesn't matter what 'theme' it is either, if I can find one thing from a hunt that will work for me, I'm happy, lol. So anyways, heres' a look I pulled together outta random hunt stuff.

I absolutely love this sculpted raven mask from favole, its just so creepy and cool, right up my street, lol! To go with the mask, I simply had to dig out these awesome raven-feet from sangre-noir. And how about some cute Victorian-era threads? This outfit was a suprise gem by Adoness in the Summer Nights Hunt, and to be honest I was expecting hair, but this outfit is so awesome I had to show it to you, and I think it works so well with my raven accessories, lol.

Heres' a close-up of that mask, cus its just so awesome you have gotta take a closer look at it, lol:


Raven mask:
Favole - Freak (The Dark Future Hunt, ends June 15th),
Outfit: Adoness (Summer Nights Hunt, ends June 3rd),
Raven feet: Sangre Noir - these were a hunt gift in the last Twisted hunt nd are no longer available for free, sorry.

Demented dreams and razorblade kisses,

Millie xx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Guild of Gloom Presents Carnival Sinster!!

Its that time of year again when the Guild of Gloom rolls their carnival into town in support of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Many of your favourite dark 'n' twisted designers, such as beauty killer, dilly dolls, violet voltaire, pinkmares house, razorblade jacket, immateria, have lent their support to this worthwhile cause by creating new and, sometimes, exclusive items for sale at the carnival. Each designer has made at least one item specifically as a donation item for the cause. There's only a few days left til the Carnival leaves town again, so today I went shopping at Carnival Sinster, and here is what I came away with:

And heres' the obligatory close-up:

Sophie Lancaster, off course, was the young UK goth girl who was attacked, along with her boyfriend Rob Maltby, for being dressed as a goth. Sophie bravely shielded Rob to protect him from the brutal attack. Rob survived the attack, but Sophie lost her fight for life in the hospital. The Sophie Lancaster Foundation aims to create more awareness of these kinds of hate-crime and to stamp out intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures, and to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from “alternative subcultures” or “Lifestyle and Dress".


Skin: Dilly Dolls - (currently on the lucky boards),
Eyes: Repulse (Carnival Sinister),
Dress: Beauty Killer (Carnival Sinister),
Umbrella: Beauty Killer (Carnival Sinister),
Saw-blade: Razorblade Jacket (Carnival Sinister),
Necklace: Violet Voltaire (Carnival Sinister),
Boots: Favole (Lament, Zombie Killers Hunt, available til 30th May).

Happy shopping freaks!

Millie xx

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Spring Blossom

OK so I've been busy with RL work this week (hateeee doing nights, uggg) but still had time to check out some hunts that are going on right now, and I apologise that some of the items I'm about to show may not still be available for free. I simply LOVE this dress I got from Blue Blood during the Dolly Dash Hunt at the weekend (the Dolly Dash group hosts its own mini hunt the last weekend of every month).

And, here it is again shown in a different pose so that you can see the doll key I have to go with it. This beautiful key goes perfectly with the dress, and is from Sakura's Originals.

And, the inevitable close-up:


Pinkmares - Starved Green Hair (Zombie Killers Hunt, ends 30th May 2011),
Skin: Furore - Skin Lisa Killer Cat (Zombie Killers Hunt),
Dress: Blue Blood - Blossom (Dolly Dash Hunt, ended 1st May 2011),
Chest wound & bruises:Hysteria - Rock Me Deeper (Wicked Hunt, ended 1st May),
Boots: Favole: - Forget Me Nots (not free),
Bracelets: Virtual/Insanity - Like a Prayer (not free),
Doll Key: Sakura's Originals - Sakura Blossom (MM gift),
First Pose: Still Life,
Second Pose: Glitterati.

Happy Hunting!!

Millie xx