Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Spring Blossom

OK so I've been busy with RL work this week (hateeee doing nights, uggg) but still had time to check out some hunts that are going on right now, and I apologise that some of the items I'm about to show may not still be available for free. I simply LOVE this dress I got from Blue Blood during the Dolly Dash Hunt at the weekend (the Dolly Dash group hosts its own mini hunt the last weekend of every month).

And, here it is again shown in a different pose so that you can see the doll key I have to go with it. This beautiful key goes perfectly with the dress, and is from Sakura's Originals.

And, the inevitable close-up:


Pinkmares - Starved Green Hair (Zombie Killers Hunt, ends 30th May 2011),
Skin: Furore - Skin Lisa Killer Cat (Zombie Killers Hunt),
Dress: Blue Blood - Blossom (Dolly Dash Hunt, ended 1st May 2011),
Chest wound & bruises:Hysteria - Rock Me Deeper (Wicked Hunt, ended 1st May),
Boots: Favole: - Forget Me Nots (not free),
Bracelets: Virtual/Insanity - Like a Prayer (not free),
Doll Key: Sakura's Originals - Sakura Blossom (MM gift),
First Pose: Still Life,
Second Pose: Glitterati.

Happy Hunting!!

Millie xx

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