Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Once more with feeling...

On my latest trip to Cinema, I picked up some more goodies I wanted to show you. First off, I LOVE this 'catfight bodysuit' by Miseria. I love the slashed and bloodied effect across the front, which I thought complemented evolve's bloody jeans perfectly! Throw in the latest zombie skin from Belleza, and voila a perfect zombie photo op!

Close-up of the amazing skin:

Oh and the skybox featured in this photo is the Halloween group gift from Yasum! Group is free to join, get it while you still can!


Belleza ~ Betty Zombie skin (was L$50 at FLF, now L$250, sorry),
Hair: Shag ~ Love is a battlefield,
Slit wrists: Repulse,
Top: Miseria ~ catfight bodysuit (available at Cinema exclusively til October 31st),
Jeans: evolve ~ bloodied jeans (available at Cinema exclusively til October 31st),
Boots: SMOTD ~ Tippytoes Ponyboot/ Bloody (sorry no longer available),
Knife in back: Miseria (available at Cinema exclusively til October 31st).

Happy Halloween dolls!!

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 29 October 2012

Return to the Cinema

I've been having so much fun exploring the different themes over at CINEMA, I just had to show you this cute look I made today. Just an FYI, I'm a total sci-fi geek, and grew up on Star Trek... I have always loved that show, can't get enough of it, I like anything Star Trek and can't say I have any preference on which series it is, if its' Star Trek I just love it! So, when I saw these amaze-balls Star Trek inspired dresses from Eclectic Wingtips, I just HAD to get my hands on them! And make myself into a cute Andorian Starfleet officer...


Skin: Glam Affair ~ Roza/ The Arcade Gacha/01,
Hair: Shag ~ Love is a Battlefield,
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard ~ quicksilver,
Dress: e! Sci-fi dress (available at CINEMA til Oct 31st),
Andorian antlers (bought on SL marketplace here),
Tricorder (bought on SL Marketplace here).

Live long and prosper earthlings!

MiLLiE xx

Friday, 26 October 2012

Dollie goes to the Cinema

In case you didn't already know, there's this awesome limited sales event on right now called CINEMA. Cinema is a full sim, movie themed shopping event organised by RubyStarlight Writer, the mastermind behind other themed events such as Festival of Sin. The entire build is a huge mesh cinema based on the grandiose mega-plexes of the 80s, beautifully textured and styled, which is sure to bring back many good memories. Housed within the Cinema are a variety of themed theatres full of shops that have created equally themed items for sale. And as a major movie-fan, I couldn't resist having a visit myself (this won't be the first either, lol!) So, get your gladrags on and head down to Cinema today!


Skin: La Petite Morte ~ Camille (exclusively available at Cinema til October 31st),
Make-up: A&A ~ Capitol Couture make-up (exclusively available at Cinema til October 31st),
Hair: Alice Project ~ Saru II Infinity (exclusively available at Cinema til October 31st),
Dress: Dilly Dolls ~ This is Halloween-ish (exclusively available at Cinema til October 31st),
Boots: Dilly Dolls ~ Sonata (exclusively available at Cinema til October 31st),
Munchies: available for free in the lobby (exclusively available at Cinema til October 31st).

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Trick or treeeeat??

OK, so I'm a bit early, but I simply LOVE Halloween and just can't wait any longer!!! lol. Here's some gorgeous things I have found just perfect for the occassion. A dear friend of mine, False Imako, has made some absolutely gorgeous limited edition Halloween themed skins for the holiday which, for only L$99 each you NEED to check out! The one I'm wearing here was actually in the MM a couple of nights ago, so you gotta keep an eye on that too! In keeping with the theme, I am also wearing Adore & Abhor's CUTE eye-shadow which is one of their prizes in this years' Snatch Halloween game - The Resting Place, and I think it complements Falses' skin perfectly!


[VoiD] Annie ~ Spook/ Natural,
Eyeshadow: Adore & Abhor ~ Orange Feral Eyes (Resting Place hunt/game gift @ Snatch),
Hair: ploom ~ Mila (L$95 at The Decks' The Attic event on NOW!),
Earrings: [Virtual/Insanity] Mirror Mirror/ Ween,
Outfit inc leggings: NS ~ Pumpkin Outfit (gift instore),
Shoes: Adore & Abhor ~ Shimmer Platrfom Pumps/ Halloween,
Pumpkin: ANAmations ~ Trick or Treat pail,

Pumpkin kisses,

MiLLiE xox

Monday, 22 October 2012

Halloween gifties!!!

Autumn is my absolute favourite season I think. I love all the beautiful colours surrounding us in nature at this time of year. And I love just how these colours are reflected into SL too.

Here is the beautiful October group gift skin from Aeva/Heartsick "Autumn Kiss". Such an eloquent name for such a pretty skin. I love its soft features, and how the colours of autumn are complemented in the skin tone, and the make-up. This skin will perfectly complement all your essential autumn/ fall looks! And if you're lucky, the group is still free to join! (but this may change by the time you are reading this).

Also worn here is the gorgeous Halloween gift dress from G*field, gift hair from Magika, and gift shoes from Severed Garden.


Skin: Aeva/Heartsick ~ Jaci/ Autumn Kiss (October group giftie),
Hair: Magika ~ Halloween Group Gift ~ Faint/Candy corn (subscribo group gift),
Eyes: Mayfly ~ Deep Sky Eyes/ Rose Blush,
Dress & Tights: G*Field (group gift, free instore),
Shoes: Severed Garden (Halloween subscribo gift),
Nails: [Virtual/Insanity] Halloween plain pack.

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Monster Beach Party

The genius's (geniusii?) behind the gone but not forgotten Starlust sims are having a Monster Beach Party that is not to be missed! Head on down for all your monster-shopping needs! Just watch out for the wildlife! Obviously I had wayyyy too much fun at the beach as I took loads of photos!!

Look 1:

Skin: Adore & Abhor ~ Jessica Skin/ Pale (L$50 for FLF this week),
Hair: Alice Project ~ Willow (currently exclusive to Cinema),
Swimsuit: A&A (available at the party!),

Look 2:

Skin: amused ~ Ice Fae/ bluebird,
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Chloe,
Horns: lassitude & ennui ~ Slightly Monstrous Mesh Horns (available at the party),
Tattoo: Tenjin ~ Automatic Flowers tat (currently exclusive to The Black Market),
Swimsuit: Schadenfreude ~ Blue Eye See You Bikini (available at the party),
Hooves: Dilly Dolls Hoovies(last Twisted Hunt gift),

There are TONS of other really great things available, so come on down and have a look around before it all ends on the 31st October!!

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Daily Gloom

"Coming to you live, as it happens, we've had reports of a nurse who seems to have suffered some kind of mental breakdown while working the night shift, and has gone mad, butchering everyone in sight! Here's a shot taken from the hospitals' own security camera. One witness, a nurse, who managed to flee the scene said she didn't know what had gotten into her colleague. One minute they were doing their usual nightly rounds,the next she started attacking people, both patients and staff alike! It is not known how many are dead, or indeed if there are any survivors, but efforts are being made to breach the hospital. Officers are being sent in now, in full riot gear with orders to shoot first and ask questions later!"

"Here are some more shots captured from within the hospital itself,"

"This last shot shows that Nurse Gloom has completely lost her grip on her sanity. We fear there may be no-one left to save. God have mercy on us all."


Skin: Filthy ~ Zombie skin (L$99 female Halloween 'gift' skin, comes with shape, not shown. There's also a male zombie skin & shape available for L$99),
Hair: Amacci ~ Nami (FREE female Halloween gift available to everyone, there is also a male Halloween gift hair available),
Eyes: Dead Apples ~ Sinstre Eyes/ Bloodlust,
Smile: Repulse,
Bloody Nurse outfit: Suicidal Unborn (freebie instore),
Shoes: deer (free group gift at the store, group is free to join. Shoes are colour change via a hud).

MiLLiE xx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

OK I suck....

OK, its official I suck at getting posts up on time. I started to prepare this post, and my previous one, last week during Septembers' Horror Haute, but unfortunately I've been working nights this month, so I have either been working, sleeping or too damn tired to get these finished, and for that I'm sorry. Everything should still be available at the respective shops though.


Skin: Pink Fuel ~ oopsies (currently available at the discounted rate of L$25(!!!) at Atomic's Knitting Circle Rummage Sale, available at this price til 7th October only!),
Piercing: Cobrahive (store closed, sorry),
Nails: {MV} Widow Nails (Horror Haute for September),
Eyes: Dead Apples ~ Sinstre Eyes (Horror Haute for September),
Shirt: Iren ~ loose panda shirt,
Fishnets: alterego ~ (available as part of their outfit for this weeks' Perfect Wardrobe),
Gloves: Hysteria ~ Cross meets spikes (Horror Haute for September),
Boots: Gos ~ Triumph boots/ Worn.

MiLLiE xx

Unlikely Hero

In a post-apocalyptic world thats' gone to hell in a hand-basket there could only be one hero. A girl, born of this world, with a desire to fight stronger than her desire to live. She may have just walked out of yet another bare-knuckle fist-fight, but who says our unlikely hero can't also be fashionable?

Requisite close-up:


Skin: Aeva ~ Jaci/ Bare (new release),
Eyes: {Dead.Apples} Sinistre Eyes - Horror Edition Pack (Horror Haute September),
Facial wounds: Souzou Eien ~ Broken (Horror Haute September),
Tattoo: Little Pricks ~ Death Ride (Twisted Hunt gift),
Hair: [e] Changes,
Shirt: Squeek! ~ Blood stained shirt (MESH: Horror Haute for September),
Jeans: Auxiliary ~ Luna Jeans (MESH: group gift, no longer in notices, sorry, but join the group now while its still free!),
Belt: alterego (as part of another outfit for Perfect Wardrobe).
Pose by Pickle Poses.

Be sure to stock up ready for Halloween!!

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Twisted Dollie

So I just about got done with the Twisted Hunt and wanted to show you my favourite gifties from it, unfortunately I have been stupid-busy in RL and haven't had time to write this piece til now (the hunt finished 30th September), but if you like what you see then maybe make a mental note to try the next Twisted hunt :)


Skin: [VoiD] ~ Annie/ Twisted/ Ivory (Twisted hunt gift),
Shape: Savoir Faire Shapes ~ Cordelia Doll Shape (Twisted Hunt gift),
Eyes: Mayfly ~ Deep Sky Eyes (Fab Free Hunt),
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Dedrick/ Sapphire,
Outfit (inc hat & Parasol): LooLoo's (Twisted Hunt Gift),
Boots: {MV} ~ Survivor Series Darkness (available from Twisted riotvend instore, price goes down to L$50 if you have enough people)!

MiLLiE xx