Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Daily Gloom

"Coming to you live, as it happens, we've had reports of a nurse who seems to have suffered some kind of mental breakdown while working the night shift, and has gone mad, butchering everyone in sight! Here's a shot taken from the hospitals' own security camera. One witness, a nurse, who managed to flee the scene said she didn't know what had gotten into her colleague. One minute they were doing their usual nightly rounds,the next she started attacking people, both patients and staff alike! It is not known how many are dead, or indeed if there are any survivors, but efforts are being made to breach the hospital. Officers are being sent in now, in full riot gear with orders to shoot first and ask questions later!"

"Here are some more shots captured from within the hospital itself,"

"This last shot shows that Nurse Gloom has completely lost her grip on her sanity. We fear there may be no-one left to save. God have mercy on us all."


Skin: Filthy ~ Zombie skin (L$99 female Halloween 'gift' skin, comes with shape, not shown. There's also a male zombie skin & shape available for L$99),
Hair: Amacci ~ Nami (FREE female Halloween gift available to everyone, there is also a male Halloween gift hair available),
Eyes: Dead Apples ~ Sinstre Eyes/ Bloodlust,
Smile: Repulse,
Bloody Nurse outfit: Suicidal Unborn (freebie instore),
Shoes: deer (free group gift at the store, group is free to join. Shoes are colour change via a hud).

MiLLiE xx


  1. Hello, tell me what is this location, please

  2. it is Rackingham State Hospital, you should be able to find it in search :)