Saturday, 6 October 2012

Unlikely Hero

In a post-apocalyptic world thats' gone to hell in a hand-basket there could only be one hero. A girl, born of this world, with a desire to fight stronger than her desire to live. She may have just walked out of yet another bare-knuckle fist-fight, but who says our unlikely hero can't also be fashionable?

Requisite close-up:


Skin: Aeva ~ Jaci/ Bare (new release),
Eyes: {Dead.Apples} Sinistre Eyes - Horror Edition Pack (Horror Haute September),
Facial wounds: Souzou Eien ~ Broken (Horror Haute September),
Tattoo: Little Pricks ~ Death Ride (Twisted Hunt gift),
Hair: [e] Changes,
Shirt: Squeek! ~ Blood stained shirt (MESH: Horror Haute for September),
Jeans: Auxiliary ~ Luna Jeans (MESH: group gift, no longer in notices, sorry, but join the group now while its still free!),
Belt: alterego (as part of another outfit for Perfect Wardrobe).
Pose by Pickle Poses.

Be sure to stock up ready for Halloween!!

MiLLiE xx

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