Saturday, 31 March 2012

Steampunk Dollie

So, I just finished Twisted the other day... and ran straight into the Steam hunt, lol. This is equally as big, and as well established as Twisted, 'cept its easier, and steampunk themed ;p As always, some really cute dollie type stuffs to pick up during this one. Although my fave gift from the whole of the hunt (yes, really) was this amazing Steampunk Cabaret dress, put out by Rag Dollz (there is also a male version included, not shown).

These amazing boots are not free, but they go so perfectly with this outfit I HAD to show them to you. They are a new MESH release from Lassitude & Ennui, and are available in a ton of other colours, for the relatively cheap price of L$280!


Outfit (including hat): Rag Dollz (Steam Hunt #82),
Monocle: Brain Circuit (Steam Hunt #37),
Boots: Selene, Lassitude & Ennui,
Skin: Heartsick ~ Juliet (however I'm also wearing [VoiD]s Golden Tan skin enhancement to get that golden glow ;) )

The Steam hunt starts here, there are lms and hints available in the very helpful Steam group. If you wanna do this hunt you need to hurry though as it finishes on the 31st March!! Gogogo!

Happy Hunting,

MiLLiE xox

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Twisted Hunt: part 3??

Well I don't usually do so many posts on one event, but there's sooo many cute gifties in this hunt that I just want to show you them all! lol Here's two different looks, my sexy Arcane vamp, and my Arcane faun :) Both pictures taken in the Twisted Endgame. Good luck to all those who are still plodding on with this hunt, it ends in FOUR days!!!

The outfit worn here, is the super sexy gift from Dare Designs. There are many different parts to this outfit, so you can make lots of different looks with it.

Arcane Vamp:

Outfit: Dare Designs (Twisted Hunt gift),
Skin: The Attic, (Twisted Hunt gift),
Necklace & Nails: [Virtual/Insanity] (Twisted Hunt gift),

Arcane Faun: Will I ever find the end?

Outfit: Indigo Oddities ~ Arcane Cybermancer (Twisted Hunt gift),
Skin: Heartsick ~ Desire: Muse (Twisted Hunt gift),
Horns: DaBuVa (L$10 instore),
Hair: Bad Juju (L$10 instore),
Ears: Southpaw ~ Twisted (Twisted Hunt gift),
Faun Boots: DaBuVa (L$10 instore),
Ciggie: [Virtual/Insanity] (Twisted Hunt gift).

Good luck with the rest of the hunt!!!

MiLLiE xox

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Twisted Hunt Spring part 2

lol, so I have been going through my Twisted hunt gifties, and came across this super-FUN giftie from Weather! Or Not? that I just simply HAD to put in a photo... but where in SL would I find somewhere appropriate for it....

Worn here is the <i>amazing</i> Genie AO, which is the afore-mentioned Twisted hunt giftie from WORN? I LOVE this soooo much, it is SUCH fun to wear and hover along in SL, and the effects are absolutely gorgeous, and off course, totally bleen :) I really hope my photos have done it justice! And do make sure you pop by Further Mondays' store to track down the pesky lil cube with this in ;)


Skin: The Attic ~ Twisted Hunt giftie, grab it while you can - hunt ends March 31st,
Eyes: Moxie ~ Twisted Hunt giftie,
Posture Collar: Demotik ~ Twisted Hunt giftie,
Corset & gloves: Dare Designs ~  Twisted Hunt giftie.

Photo taken at Sacred Fantasy - one of the many fun stops on the Twisted hunt path :) Make sure you join the hunt group for hints, pack some snacks and prepare for a long journey :)

MiLLiE xox

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Twisted Hunt Spring

So, unless you live under a rock in SL, you will know that running all this month has been the infamous Twisted Hunt. I love this hunt, and hate it in equal measures, lol. And yes it really has taken me all month the get it DONE! But, at last, I made it through the Endgame today!!!

As always, one of my most favourite gifts was the one from The Delectable Doll, Sherri always works hard to make an original, high quality, themed gift for the hunt. Unfortunately this time she could not have the usual amount of gatchas and other fun things, due to RL getting in the way, but she does have FOUR boxes hiding around the store for you to track down, including a male gift!

One of the other awesome things about Twisted is the sheer amount of themed gatcha gifts and cheap additional extras you can find at many of the stores on the hunt. The hair I'm wearing is one of these. You can pick it up from Bad Juju for the unbelievable price of L$10!!! The lip piercing I'm wearing is a gatcha giftie from Indigo Oddities; so even if you don't manage to track down all those elusive lil boxes, there's still PLENTY out there for you to snatch up!!! And HURRY cus the hunt ends on the 31st March!


Dress: The Delectable Doll ~ Twisted Hunt, main female gift,
Shoes: The Delectable Doll ~ Twisted Hunt, bonus gift,
Skin: Heartsick ~ Desire/ Muse ~ Twisted Hunt female gift,
Eyes: Moxie ~ Twisted hunt main gift,
Ears: Southpaw ~ Twisted Hunt gift, there are 2 other boxes at this location :)
Make-up: [Virtual Insanity] Twisted Hunt gift,
Piercing: Indigo Oddities ~ Twisted Gatcha, L$25 a go,
Tattoo: Vestigium (available here - not a hunt gift!).

Poses by HelaMiyo and evolve.

Good luck!!

MiLLiE xox

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Its another month, and another round of Flux is here. This time the theme is taxidermia; momento mori, macabre Victoriana and taxidermy, so lots of fun stuff to be had!

Here's a photo without the mask, just so you can see the beautiful detail of A&A's Taxidermy skin. The skin comes with a variety of different brows, cleavage options and eyes (not worn here). To complete the look, i'm wearing the darkness eyes from banana banshee :)


Gasmask: [Memento Mori],
Corset, gloves & pants: 22769, Taxidermie Outfit (available at Flux only during March),
Skin: A&A ~ Taxidermy, (available at Flux only during March),
Eyes: Banana Banshee ~ Darkness, (available at Flux only during March),
Tattoo: Vestigium ~ Deer Skull (available at Flux only during March),
Jewellery: Schadenfreude ~ preserved widow (Each piece is fully customisable by HUD- included. Available at Flux only during March),
Hair: Tameless hair ~ Tatiana (Recently available as part of Stuff in Stock, now available instore at full price).

Furniture in the background of the second photo is by {Little. House. Of. Curisoities}.

Tainted kisses,

MiLLiE xox

Monday, 5 March 2012

Better late than never?

Oh I have been a baaaad blogger this past month. I have been so busy in RL I haven't been able to get things blogged on time, so I apologise for that. Anyways, I hope you all managed to get to the Festival of Sin before it officially closed last night (however, as of time of writing I could still get in! lol, gotta be quick though as the designers will be clearing out their stores today), there were some really amazing and creative goodies there, along the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins. One of my faves was this sexy little number from A&A (Adore & Abhor). Airedine Poe's theme was Vanity.


Dress, Belt & Tights: A&A ~ Gloria (Exclusively made for Festival of Sin, but should be available in store soon!),
Skin: Amacci: Liane Skin - Puder, (Festival of Sin exclusive skin preview, should be available in store soon!),
Hair: Tameless Hair ~ Tatiana,
Shoes: Sweet Antidote.

Happy Sinning!!

MiLLiE xox

Saturday, 3 March 2012

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late...

Sooo totally and utterly late with this post, that I said to myself I wasn't going to do it. Then decided I would afterall since this is my blog and I'll blog what I like, lol! Anyways, these are some of my fave things from the Tainted Heart/ Tainted Love hunt which just ended, so some of these, if not all, may no longer be available for free, however, if they aren't, and you still want them I'm sure you'll be able to buy them in the respective stores!

This gift is the complete gift from b[ELLE]issima (including the skin, outfit, horns, hooves and eyes!!). I love the originality and imagination that has gone into this gift, and that it can be worn completely, or mix and matched for different looks. I am also wearing with it one of the gifties from MOCK cosmetics; Zombie Love Makeover.

Here's a comparison of both looks with and without it.

With make-up:

Without make-up:

The next gift is a cute lil undies set from Blue Blood, worn with earrings from Sn@tch and necklace from Forsaken. Also worn with piercing from Revenant (not in the hunt). The skin is Tacky Star's Flux item for this month (more on this later), and the tattoo is Love Zombies' contribution to this hunt. Eyes are Repulse.

Next I am wearing the Sura dress by Gehenna and the 'I only have eyes for you' animated candy box from WorN?

Finally, one of my favourite gifties from this hunt was this Heartbreak Dress from The Delectable Doll. Also worn with the mask from bubble.

Photo 1:

Complete outfit: b[ELLE]issima ~ Your Heart Belongs to Me, (Tainted Love hunt).
Make-up: MOCK Cosmetics ~ Zombie makeover eye/lip, (Tainted Love hunt)..

Photo 4:

Skin: Tacky Star ~ Pure Taxidermia @ Flux (This month's theme is taxidermia, and runs til the end of this month),
Eyes: REPULSE ~ Callous eyes - red, (Tainted Love hunt).
Undies: Blue Blood ~ Amour, (Tainted Love hunt).
Tattoo: Love Zombie ~ Love Won't Save Me, (Tainted Love hunt).
Earrings: Sn@tch ~ Bleeding Heart earrings, (Tainted Love hunt).
Face piercing: Revenant ~ Broken Hearted Piercing (lucky board win!!),
Necklace: Forsaken ~ Not like I needed it anyway, (Tainted Love hunt).

Photo 6:

Outfit: Gehenna ~ Sur, (Tainted Love hunt).
Candybox: WorN? ~ I only have eyes for you, (Tainted Love hunt).

Photo 7:

Dress: The Delectable Doll ~ Heartbreak Dress, (Tainted Love hunt).
Mask: bubble, (Tainted Love hunt).

Tainted Kisses,

MiLLiE xox