Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Brave New World

So, Futurewave is now well and truely over, and I hadn't meant to do any more Futurewave posts, however, I had these pics sitting on my computer, and inspiration just took over and I decided I would post them anyway! The gorgeous dress I am wearing is a surprise (to me) new clothing item from ellabella, and it just screamed at my inner dollie to be worn and played with. I love the beautiful cosmic texture, and the whole flow and feel of this dress. It just made me want to dance with my lil alien friend :)

Many of these items are/ will most likely be released into the mainstores now or in the next few days or so, please check the main stores if you see anything you like!

skin: pink fuel ~ sora ~ previously available at Futurewave,
eyes: by snow ~ citadel ~ previously available at Futurewave,
hair: clawtooth ~ moonage daydream ~ daring pack exclusive to Collabor88,
nails (both feet & hands): by snow ~ circuit chrome ~ slink anil appliers worn with slink ail enhancement hud and slink mid feet ~ previously available at Futurewave,
lips: pink fuel ~ classic pout lipstick ~ teal ~ previously available at Futurewave,

dress: ellabella ~ beta four ~ previously available at Futurewave,

chaos, panic, disorder ~ neural net ~ previously available at Futurewave,
ellabella ~ beta level ~ previously available at Futurewave,
bracelet & ring ~ chaos, panic, disorder ~ ceti set ~ previously available at Futurewave,

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Them's the breaks

In the future, Security Operative's still need to eat and drink every now and again, and during my break, I like to go to this lil known automated diner on the edge of town, where its quiet. Even the cyborgs avoid this place. I enter cautiously, although the sign above the door says 'no weapons', you can never guarantee there won't be some lil punk hiding in there waiting to try their luck with you.

Once inside I head over to the automated screen ready with my order.

After placing my order, I'm just about to grab a coffee while I wait, as an urgent Security alert comes through on my visor... there's something going down not far from here! I abandon my order and head out the door to answer the call as fast as possible! It's probably just as well... the cleanliness of the Diner has really gone downhill since the Cleaning-Bot malfunctioned!

I can't believe Futurewave has only been on a week, I've had such fun going out of my 'comfort zone' with these posts, and could have blogged so much more! But it has, and it ends today!!! So be quick if you haven't had chance to go yet!

skin: pink fuel ~ sora ~ currently available at Futurewave,
eyes: by snow ~ citadel eyes ~ currently available at Futurewave,
hair: inspired designs ~ darknet hair ~ currently available at Futurewave,
tattoo: pin me down ~ currently available at Futurewave,

outfit: G464 ~ currently available at Futurewave,
boots: death row designs ~ post apocalyptic nerd stompers ~ currently available at Futurewave,

visor: paper moon ~ holovisor ~ tech ~ currently available at Futurewave,

MiLLiE xx

Saturday, 22 February 2014

They're here...

In the year 3014, Cyborgs are among us. They work alongside us, adding to a depleted workforce after the Year 3000 Great War. However, protests have arisen from an anxious public, who worry that these machines, who can work long hours without stopping for toilet breaks and nourishment, will arise and mutiny against the men who created them. In an effort to further raise awareness and tolerance, Gemini Cybernetics Inc released these promotional pictures showing FembotMG001 carrying out it's menial daily tasks, including being recharged and having routine maintenance.

skin: pink fuel ~ sora ~ currently available at Futurewave,
eyes: by snow ~ citadel eyes ~ currently available at Futurewave,
hair: a..e. meth ~ gynoid hair ~ currently available at Futurewave,

outfit: ponka designs ~ currently available at Futurewave,
boots: schadenfreude ~ Supernova Astro Antigrav Boots ~ currently available at Collabor88,
arm gear: G464 ~ Velocity ~ currently available at Futurewave,
facemask: DRD ~ cybermask ~ currently available at Futurewave,
cyborg cables: DRD ~ currently available at Futurewave,

poses by Nantra and rook ~ all available at Futurewave,

MiLLiE xx

Friday, 21 February 2014

The future is here...

and it comes in the form of the Futurewave event. This is a WEEK long event only, and we are already half way through! Brought to you by the same people behind such events as Gothmas by Gaslight and A Clockwork Spiral, this event features all your favourite goth and alternative designers, but with a focus on futuristic/ cyber-goth fashion. Sakide brings us this wonderful futuristic inspired dress, with this gorgeous digital texture available in various different colours. I love how this dress oozes futuristic post apocalyptic style. And for some reason, it reminds me of Lt. Uhura from The Original Star Trek... I have no idea why, maybe because of how short it is, lol! My skin, eyes and nails are also from Futurewave, but I have accessorised this look with some fun items from this months Collabor88, which coincidentally is also 'futuristic' themed!

And last but not least, a close-up of those nails:

skin: pink fuel ~ Sora ~ Alabaster ~ currently available at Futurewave,
eyes: by snow ~ citadel eyes ~ currently available at Futurewave,
hair: analog dog ~ gliese ~ currently available at C88,
nails: beautiful freak ~ galaxy nails ~ Slink nail appliers, currently available at Futurewave,

dress: sakide ~ virtuality dress ~ currently available at Futurewave,
boots: schadenfreude ~ Supernova Astro Antigrav Boots ~ currently available at C88,

jetpack: gallactic ~ currently available at Futurewave,
raygun: silent sparrow & schadenfreude ~ currently available at C88,
Neural net: chaos, panic, disorder ~ currently available at Futurewave,

lips: beautiful freak ~ heavy metal lipstick ~ jade ~ currently available at Futurewave,

poses: nantra ~ requiem pose pack & defying gravity pose pack ~ currently available at Futurewave.

And, just because I recently saw this band, who came on stage announcing 'welcome to the future', I thought this was the perfect song to go along with this post!

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

To colour or not?

So Death Rocker Betty Crocker recently released some gorgeous and fun dresses that I wanted to share with you. These are the boheme tunics, they are available in various different textures, but one of my favourites is the Hot Lips version. I love its bright, kitsch textures and it just screamed at me to blog it. But, I asked myself how and in what context should I blog it? So, struggling for ideas, I forgot about it for a while and decided to work on Berry's recent Monday meme of 'black & white portraits'. Now, ordinarily, a black and white photo reminds me of the classic 1920's era, and I really thought I was going to do something along those lines, when... bam! I decided why not use the dress that I had already shot? And here it is..

and just in case you were wondering, here's the original shots I took with this dress, in full gaudy colour :)

skin: glam affair ~ valentine skin gift,
eyes (L): cubic cherry kreations ~ tainted loving eyes ~ tainted love hunt gift; and (R): adoness ~ love monster eye ~ tainted love hunt gift,
hair: truth ~ tenille,
tattoo1: little pricks ~ little ribs that hold my heart ~ tainted love hunt gift,
tattoo2: czarny kanarek ~ heartless tattoo ~ tainted love hunt gift,

dress: death rocker betty crocker ~ boheme tunic ~ hot lips,
boots: beautiful dirty rich (prev hunt gift),

horns: cubic cherry kreations ~ vector horns,
lip piercing: cute poison ~ hush (prev Project Limited),
chest piercing: cute poison ~ fallen,

altar: paper moon ~ obsession love altar ~ tainted love hunt gift,
<3: !bang ~ less than three pose prop,

poses: estetica ~ vanity mirror & shes so vain pose pack (store closed, sorry).

Tainted Love Hunt runs til the end of this month, for more info, hints and slurls check out the blog here.

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

It's Witchcraft

So Blue Blood is back, in a new location (I think I gave you the new slurl last time, but I'll give it again this time), and with a gorgeous new release. 'Coven' is, as you can tell by the name, an outfit fit for any witch. This stunning outfit is all mesh, and is available in all Ghanis' usual colours, but I have chosen to show you the black version. I simply love the detailed texturing on this outfit, Ghani has outdone herself as always <3

skin: la petite morte ~ unseelie queen,
eyes: nocturnal couture,
hair: boudoir ~ Morana Hair,
nails: pin me down ~ oh my goth,

mock ~ Blackest Night Shadow,
dead apples ~ metallic underliners,

dress: blue blood ~ coven,
shoes: the little bat ~ SOPHIE pumps,

necklace & earrings: maxi gossamer ~ pekkala's moon pentagram,
face piercing: acid & mala ~ spider (store closed, sorry),
lip piercing: cute poison ~ hush (could well be my most favourite piercing ever!),
rosary (L hand): kosh ~ sanctuary,
bracelet (R hand): Acide ~ enlace moi (store closed, sorry),
circlet: ellabella ~ enchant,

cauldron ~ mien,
spell book & raven ~ uncertain smile

MiLLiE xx

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Can't get no scrubs...

So I suck at blog titles, I really do... anyway this one is inspired both by the location where I took this shot... Scrub, and the song 'No Scrubs' by TLC, which was going through my head at the time, LOL. This look started off with the gorgeously sumptuous skinny leggings from {MV} which were on sale for L$60 Weekends, then I started pulling things from outta my inventory and came up with this gorgeous causal Saturday kinda look!

skin: aeva ~ Una ~ Bare ~ Cream (recently out for Lazy Sunday),
eyes: nocturnal couture,
hair: Mina hair ~ Noor (prev TDRF),
nails: [virtual/insanity] ~ feline (Slink nail appliers worn with Slink nail applier HUD),
tattoo: [aRAWRa] ~ Life is Beautiful (think this store is closed),

top: sakide ~ chilly dress,
leggings: {MV} skinnys violet,
boots: sakide ~ invern boots,

collar: sakide ~ attitude collar,
earrings: phoebe's,
hair-bow: deadpool,
bracelets: blitzed,
ring: cute poison ~ spikey ring,
piercing: cute poison ~ hush,

poses: juxtapose ~ It's almost Over (previous holiday giftie),

MiLLiE xx

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Millie's Last Stand

So, I have finally finished nights, and I'm looking forward to getting back to a more normal blogging schedule! In celebration here's a lil 'end of the world' look I pulled together this morning.

skin: aeva ~ poppy ~ Bambi ~ T0,
eyes: dead apples ~ phantom ~ raven,
hair: tableau vivant ~ ophelia hair (currently available at Collabor88),
nails: [virtual/insanity] oh my goth,

top: [aux] ~ loose cardi & top (currently available at Collabor88),
pants: redrum ~ carnivale jeans,
boots: death row designs ~ lazy sock boots (worn without socks),

gasmask: sn@tch,
earrings: [virtual/insanity] ~ the union,
rings: [virtual/insanity] heavy cross,
stomach tat: repulse ~ contagion,

poses: focus poses - guns (gun included), flash friendly poses - T8UH gift (hunt finished, sorry).

MiLLiE xx