Tuesday, 11 February 2014

It's Witchcraft

So Blue Blood is back, in a new location (I think I gave you the new slurl last time, but I'll give it again this time), and with a gorgeous new release. 'Coven' is, as you can tell by the name, an outfit fit for any witch. This stunning outfit is all mesh, and is available in all Ghanis' usual colours, but I have chosen to show you the black version. I simply love the detailed texturing on this outfit, Ghani has outdone herself as always <3

skin: la petite morte ~ unseelie queen,
eyes: nocturnal couture,
hair: boudoir ~ Morana Hair,
nails: pin me down ~ oh my goth,

mock ~ Blackest Night Shadow,
dead apples ~ metallic underliners,

dress: blue blood ~ coven,
shoes: the little bat ~ SOPHIE pumps,

necklace & earrings: maxi gossamer ~ pekkala's moon pentagram,
face piercing: acid & mala ~ spider (store closed, sorry),
lip piercing: cute poison ~ hush (could well be my most favourite piercing ever!),
rosary (L hand): kosh ~ sanctuary,
bracelet (R hand): Acide ~ enlace moi (store closed, sorry),
circlet: ellabella ~ enchant,

cauldron ~ mien,
spell book & raven ~ uncertain smile

MiLLiE xx

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