Monday, 29 July 2013

Horror Haute July

Its that time of the month again when Horror Haute rolls round. For some reason this time it took me a while to create a look that I was happy with. First, I knew what accessories I was going to use, and even thought I knew what skin I wanted to use, but then I did not know what clothes I was going to wear with them... then I found an outfit that spoke to me and matched the accessories, but the skin wasn't quite what I was looking for, so I switched that out and was finally happy!

skin: la petite morte ~ madison - t1,
eyes: mons ~ naamah eyes - black,
hair: ploom ~ tart,
feet: Gos Boutique ~ Barefeet - Arched,

dress: evie's closet ~ amarie's bower,
wings: souzou eien ~ decay fae wings (available for L$100 during this round of Horror Haute),

necklace: cute poison ~ death stone necklace,
horns: dead apples ~ moths' love (available for L$100 during this round of Horror Haute)
veil: SKBW ~ crows veil (comes with Draped Back Crows Gown available for this round of Horror Haute)
claws: ni.ju.

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Total Anarchy Round 2

So,it's time for another round of Total Anarchy, here's a couple of my favourite items from this round. Everything is priced at L$66 for a limited time, so go and grab what you like before the round is over.

Skin: aeva ~ Amelia ~ Tone 2 ~ Oasis (new release),
Eyes: im capped ~ Soul Windows - Ika Rouge - Hippocampus (available now at Total Anarchy),
Hair: Adoness ~ myrina (new release for Hair Fair - ends today),
Hair base: Adoness ~ valasca (new release for Hair Fair - ends today),
Eye make-up (black): Pin Me Down ~ Raiita (avaiable now at Total Anarchy),
Eyes & Lip make-up (yellow): MOCK ~ Bright Sunshiney Day,
Stitched mouth: Hysteria ~ wicked smile (sorry, no longer available),
Bloody knees: Suicidal Unborn,
Chest Tattoo: Hysteria ~ mortal messages (sorry, no longer available),
Claws: Ni.ju.

Dress: pixystix ~ Skully strapless dress ~ death (avaiable now at Total Anarchy),
Boots: Gos ~ Triumph,

Piercing: cobrahive (no longer available).

Tainted kisses,

MiLLiE xxx

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Zombie Gamer

So, I've been catching up with a few hunts here and there, and put together this cute lil look which I had to show you. Also, I've been experimenting a bit with windlight and such, and I'm really pleased with how these pictures turned out :)

Skin: Aeva ~ Amelia ~ tone 2// Oasis (New skin released at The Outlet Sales Room event which starts on 15th July and runs for two weeks. L$100 per tone),
Eyes: Beautiful Freak ~ Blind Eyes,
Hair: Magika ~ Whimsical,
Shape: Anna Shapes ~ Lotus (L$100 at The Kollective),
Tattoo: FK! Designs ~ original pinup,
Make-up: Madrid Solo ~ Eyes & Lips - Sinister Green (2nd Make-up and Tattoo hunt gift, available til July 31st),

Top: Czarny Kanarek ~ Nerd Vest (Secret Nerd Hunt item - hunt now over, sorry),
Shorts: Snatch ~ Feline shorts (Dark Katz Hunt 4 gift, available til 31st July),
Boots: FK! Designs ~ Knee High Converse,
Tights: Izzie's,

Shades: Love Zombie (Dark Katz Hunt 4 gift, available til 31st July),
Piercing: hebenon vial ~ subtle dare (Endless Summer Hunt gift - hunt now over, sorry),
Necklace: Cute Poison ~ Gamer necklace (Endless Summer Hunt gift - hunt now over, sorry),
Horns: souzou eien ~ dark tales horns (Happily Ever After hunt gift, available til 30th July),
Nails: A:S:S ~ My stash (L$10, slink nail appliers worn with slink nail enhancement hud),
Tail: Sugar ~ Nom Nom tail (past Woeful Wednedays item),

Poses: All poses by Pretense Poses, will be available at the Love Donna Flora event which starts tomorrow. Please check out the blog for more info :)

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hunt stuff...

So, I've actually found a little time this week to catch up with some hunt stuff. The Happily Ever After hunt is running til the 31st July, and there are some really nice things that are worth hunting for! FYI each gift costs L$5, but they are definitely worth it. There are hints, store slurls and pictures of most of the gifts over on the hunt blog. Here's a few of my favourites:


Skin: the plastik ~ FLF/ Vi (previous Fifty Linden Friday skin),
Eyes: beautiful freak ~ evening/ ice,
Hair: Magika ~ Little,

Dress: stelloane ~ black fairy dress (Happily Ever After hunt gift),
Wings: souzou eien ~ dark tales fae wings (Happily Ever After hunt gift),

Earrings: souled out (Happily Ever After hunt gift),
Necklace: WCI (Happily Ever After hunt gift),
Crown: rotten defiance (Happily Ever After hunt gift),

Piercing: HOD ~ Scorpio's Simplicity,
Feet: Gos ~ Barefeet arched.

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pink Ladies at Flux

FLUX is still ongoing for a little longer yet and when Rudh and I saw these adorable Pink Ladies jackets available from Dead Dollz we knew we had to do something special with them! So we decided to get together and work on a collaborative post. I was hugely honoured and amazed that Rudh wanted to work with me, I have been a fan of her work for a while now, as we seem to share similar tastes for the dark and creepy!

Rudh and I were just cruising in our car, when we heard that something was stirring down at the Flux. There was only one thing we could do. We threw on our pink jackets, made sure our pout was just right and drove on down to the Pink Motel with one thing on our minds- trouble with a capital T.

So, when Rudh asked if I'd like to work with her on this post, I was both thrilled and nervous! I know I could never do a picture as well as she does, but heck I figured let's have a go! It was loads of fun to do, and I really enjoyed spending time with her on this post. I even got to ask her a few questions to gain a lil insight into her. Well, she asked me a ton of questions first, I figured it was only fair, lol! To read my answers, check out her blog Rudh's Random Ramblings.

How did you first hear about SL?
I was in Furcadia (the Furry Game Online) and my friends in there came to SL I was a follower and came along too LOL

What made you decide to blog?
I always said I would never have a blog... NEVER! I'd seen people using them for being a bitch and frankly thought NO! But then one day I was bored and realised that I could use it for whatever I wanted... Havent looked back since then!

What do you enjoy about blogging?
The freedom to express myself, the fact that I have learnt a new skill when it comes to taking photos and the way it helps you meet new people!

What is your favourite movie?
Hard question! Umm I love Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean lol but I dont know if I have a favourite! Maybe Alice in Wonderland?!

What is your favourite book?
Lord of the Rings or Gormenghast! I read them loads when I was younger! Might have to re-read them again soon!

How would you describe your style on SL? 
Like yours?! LOL Ummm kinda grunge meets hookerish meets zombie, meets rainbow cute?

Do you dress like your avvie in RL?
Heck no... I am strictly a jeans and hoodies type girl in RL but then I am a big girl, if I wore half the stuff Rudh wears people would put me in an institution or something LOL!

What's your favourite/ go-to item that you love to wear in SL?
My J's boots. I wear these all the time!

What do you do for fun in SL?
Besides blogging, I love to shop and have recently become the Secretary for a SL Biker MC... Not originally my idea of fun but the people are awesome!

I've noticed, you've done a few collaborative posts, what do you like about collaborative blogging?
I love to bounce ideas off other people, collab posts help with that because you can get different styles into one post.

Summer or Winter?
Winter, not good with hot I'm afraid!

How did you come up with your SL name?
Long story LOL, basically I wanted something original and when I started coming online it was in the time when I was LOTR obsessed! LOL I put things together that sounded kinda... sorta elvish!

Is there anything your avvie does in SL that you wouldnt do in RL?
OOOOH Loaded Question! There is a lot LOL I wouldn't be riding a motorbike in RL that's for sure! But if I told you too much I'd have to kill ya LOL!

Which of the Pink Ladies do you think you are most like? HMMM I think probably Jan. I know she was a bit of a weirdo and always eating but yea I think I would be most like her lol... Im not cool enough to be Riz! I don't flirt with all the guys like Marty, and well OK I have the sweet caring side to me like Frenchie but no Im gonna say Jan LOL!

And, onto the info:

On Rudh (left)

Hair: Magika ~ Blame,
Skin: Sugar ~ Cry My Heart Out Skin in tone 3,
Face Wounds: (Eyes & Lips) [mock] ~ Tainted Love Zombie Makeover , AND; Corvus ~ Scarred Face Tattoo,
Neck Tattoo: Delusions - Unforgiven,

Jacket: Dead Dollz ~ Pink Ladies (Available now at FLUX),
Top: Sassy Kitty Designs (Now SAKIDE) ~ Stretched Tank in Black,
Skirt: LOULOU&CO ~ Billy Skirt in Black/Pink (Past SL Fashion Week Item)
Garter: ~ Bitch Garter,
Boots: J's ~ Studded Long Boots in Black,

Glasses: ellemeno ~ Dirty Glasses in Black,
Face Piercing: Cute Poison ~ Zephyr Piercing (Current Group Gift),
Necklaces: (UPPER) KOSH ~ Sailor Necklace in V1 (Available now at The Mens Department) , AND (LOWER) Cute Poison ~ Bitch,

Pose: Poseology - Peggy 4 (Available now at FLUX ).

On MiLLiE (Right)

Skin: Sugar ~ summer lovin - tone 1 (current group gift),
Eyes: beautiful freak ~ Evening - ice,
Hair: Taketomi ~ Sachi (available at the Chapter Four event, previously blogged here),
Eye-liner: pin me down ~ The Liners,
Make-up: Snatch ~ 50s make-up (lips & eyeshadow),
Cuts & Bruises: zombie suicide (2nd Make-up and Tattoo hunt gift),
Neck tattoo: Delusions - Crazy Bitch,
Stomach carving: love zombie

Undies: Acid & Mala ~ Laced Bodysuit,
Leggings: sakide ~ shredded leggings,
Jacket: Dead Dollz (pink ladies jacket available now at FLUX),
Shoes: whatever ~ CG Spikes (SL Fashion week group gift),

Glasses: Kennedys ~ pink sunglasses,
Piercings: HOD ~ scorpio's simplicity,
Necklace: LpOca ~ Necklace Cross (SL marketplace only, here),
Rings: virtual insanity ~ heavy cross hand jewellery,
Nails: virtual insanity ~ Trinity (nail appliers for slink nail hud).

Pose: Poseology - Peggy 1 (Available now at FLUX ).

The car we are posing with has been lovingly crafted by Hell, and is available at Hogs and Cart Wheels.

MiLLiE xx

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Tentacle Twinnies!!

 In another episode of the ongoing tentacle saga Allegory Mallaprop released some amazing tentacle vests for Fifty Linden Friday this week, featuring the original tentacle artwork of Hyasinth Tiramisu of silent sparrow, which made me and my sweet friend Sephy squeal with delight- we HAD to have them!! So, buy them we did, and we dressed them up with octopus (octopi?) panties from schadenfreude and tentacle nail appliers from The Stringer Mauseleum. We then went to Sephys' home to hang out and play with her tentacles.


On Sephy (furry):

Avatar: Aventity Jex (with a modded tail),
Hair: ploom ~ Lola,
Tattoo: katat0nik ~ Eva Bunny Tattoo Sleeves,

Horns: .{Rue}. Horn'd/Intercessor: Smoke (ridged),

On MiLLiE:

Skin: the plastik ~ Astrali Skin// Rapture,
Hair: ploom ~ Lola,
Eyes: la petite morte ~ doll eyes// green (currently available at Genre),
Lips: zombie suicide ~ firework lip colour green,
Tattoo: collisions ~ scribe (current Make-up and Tattoo hunt gift),

Nose Piercing: pekka ~ nose swirl,
Face Piercing: hebenon vial ~ Alice,

Socks: silent sparrow ~ Tentacle Socks (previously released for Fifty Linden Friday),

On both:

Vest-top: schadenfreude ~ blue tentacle deep V vest (released for Fifty Linden Friday yesterday, *might* still be available at this price if you hurry!),
Panties: schadenfreude ~ green octopus electro-cute undies,
Ties: schadenfreude ~ slime miskatonic necktie,
Nails: the stringer mauseleum ~ WW L.E. Tentacle Nail Set (these are slink appliers and only compatible with the slink nail hud - previously released for Woeful Wednesday).

Pose prop: Tentacle Pool ~ The Elegant Goth.

MiLLiE xx

Friday, 12 July 2013

Total Anarchy

Total Anarchy is a new monthly sales event in town, featuring goth, punk, cyber-punk, vampire, alternative, metal, biker, comic, rockstar and Tank Girl styled fashion, shoes, accessories, hair, skin and shapes, and even furniture and guy stuff too, nothing is priced over L$66! The event runs for 12 days each month, and here is my first look:


Skin: edge of sanity ~ Echo// Fauna (no longer available, sorry),
Hair: taketomi ~ kurumi (previously blogged here),
Eyes: im capped ~ Soul Windows// Darkness (currently available at Total Anarchy),
Face-tattoo: PixyStix ~ Voodoo Skull (currently available at Total Anarchy),
Tattoo: Hysteria ~ Time is Precious (sorry, no longer available),

Top: the little bat ~ Bite me (currently available at Total Anarchy),
Pants: the little bat (currently available at Total Anarchy),
Boots: death row designs ~ worn combats bloody (a recent midnight mania gift!),

Necklace: the little bat ~ Anarchy necklace (currently available at Total Anarchy),
Horns: loulou&co ~ Dulce Muerte,
Nails: utopiah ~ infected hands,
Bloody Tongue: utopiah (currently available for L$90 at Perfect Wardrobe),

Photo 1&2: Demise of Flight ~ available in the Luck be a Lady pose pack,
Photo 3: Pretense Poses ~ availabe as part of the Escape pose pack.

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Memento Mori at Woeful Wednesday

Hi dolls, this is just a quickie post since I am having to borrow my brother-in-laws computer this morning before work :/ Anyway, Memento Mori have an amazing new range of shoes out for Woeful Wednesday today, which I absolutely adore!! These boots are available in six different textures; and in clean and bloody versions- perfect for the dead doll in me!  I am wearing the 'I once had dreams' boot in bloody (off course!). And for today only, they are just L$50 each!! (usual price is L$99), so get down there and grab em while you can!

The hair I'm wearing is from a new-to-me store, taketomi, and is currently available at the Chapter Four event, which is also new to me. Chapter Four is a monthly sales event that opens on the 4th of every month and runs for 14 days. It has 4 rooms/sections with each different theme of the sale: Gacha, Buy 1 for 2, under 100 Ls and a half price room!


Skin: Sugar ~  Chloe [1] Mononoke : Blood (previous Woeful Wednesday item),
Hair: taketomi ~ Kurumi (available now at The Chapter Four event),
Eyes: Beautiful Freak ~ Evening ~ Ice,

Dress: Sugar ~ Dip Dyed Drip Dress// Bloody (previous Woeful Wednesday item),
Boots: Memento Mori ~ I once had dreams (L$50 for Woeful Wednesday today!),

Piercing: hebanon vial ~ Alice,
Ring: Sugar ~ Lovely Bow Ring// Dark Alice (previous Woeful Wednesday item),
Nails: Sugar ~ Dark Alice Nail Set (previous Woeful Wednesday item),

Poseology: ~ available as part of the Peggy pose-pack at Flux.

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy Independance Day at Flux!!

Thats right, Flux is finally OPEN! And with the current theme being Americana, there's loads of awesomly themed goodies to help you celebrate today. But, I'm sure you'll agree, they are also versatile enough to be worn all year long! If anything, you need to check out the fabulously designed parcel. I had a lot of fun trying on things from this event and shooting pictures on the sim, though there's only so many I could use here :(


More photos here.


Skin: :Sugar: ~ Chloe [1] // Summer Lovin' (group gift),
Hair: Magika ~ Whimsical (50% off sale!),
Eyes: Beautiful Freak cosmetics ~ Evening// Ice,
Blue Eyeshadow: Pin Me Down ~ Tonight in Blue (now available at Flux),
Streaky Eyeshadow: Envious ~ Independance make-ups (gift on marketplace here),
Lips: {ataxia} ~ Glossy Lips (now available at Perfect Wardrobe),

Top: Sakide ~ Route 66 (now available at Flux),
Capris: Sakide ~ Denim Stars Capris (now available at Flux),
Boots: [Memento Mori] Easy Rider boots (now available at Flux),

Headband: Rotten Defiance (subscribo- gift and group gift),
Nails: Pin Me Down ~ Americana nails (worn with slink enhancement appliers, now available at Flux),
Ring: Rotten Defiance (subscribo- gift and group gift),
Headphones: 22769 (now available at Flux),

Photo 2 pose: embody, from the "Lean" pose pack,
Photo 3 pose: Pretense  Poses, from the "Signal" pose pack now available at Flux.

Tainted Kisses,

MiLLiE xx

The Black Market

There's still a few days to catch the amazing low bargains over at the Black Market, make sure you check them out! Also, Flux is starting today, and before I start on showing you the amazing stuff that's available there, here's a couple of the cute poses that are available :)


Skin, hair, horns, earrings and eyes blogged here.

Lips: Panda Punx ~ Body Shop broken Lips// Greed (L$40 for fatpack at the Black Market June, available til July 8th),
Piercing: Phoebe ~ Razorblade (L$40 at the Black Market June),
Tattoo: Tenjin ~ My Vintage Heart (L$50 at the Black Market June),
Dress: Adoness ~ Noxy (L$100 at the Black Market June),
Ring: immateria ~ Radu Bloodstone (available during June's round of Horror Haute)

Pose (picture 1): Poseology ~ part of the 'Peggy' pose pack now available at Flux,
Pose (picture 2): Pretense poses ~ part of the 'Signal' pose pack now available at Flux,
Pose (picture 3): estetica ~ part of the 'Bejewelled' pose pack.

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Horror Haute Part 2...

This is my second post for June's Horror Haute, inspired by this 'steampunk dress' from Cain, hunt items from the 2nd Annual Make-up and Tattoo hunt which just started (click here for more info), and also elephante poses' "King of Anything" pose set, from The Black Market..


Skin: :Sugar: ~ Chloe [1] - Summer Lovin' (Group gift, L$100 join fee),
Eyes: Beautiful Freak ~ Evening// Crimson,
Hair: Magika ~ Whimsical (50% SALE!!!),,
Eyeshadow: Corvus ~ Damned Eyeshadow (2nd Annual Make-up and Tattoo hunt gift, on til 31st July),
Lips: Adore & Abhor ~ Lost Soul (2nd Annual Make-up and Tattoo hunt gift),
Forehead tattoo: Songbird ~ Marked (2nd Annual Make-up and Tattoo hunt gift),
Chest tattoo: Collisions ~ Scribe (2nd Annual Make-up and Tattoo hunt gift),

Dress: Cain ~ Steampunk *Brillia* dress (inc: pasties and gloves - not shown, Horror Haute),
Collar & Earrings: Inspired Designs ~ Got my eye on you (Horror Haute),
Horns: the plastik ~ prinzei horns (recent Lazy Sudays item),

Poses & Skull: elephante poses ~ King of Everything (L$40 at The Black Market).

Some of these offers are very limited, so hurry if you want to take advantage of them!

Tainted Kisses,

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 1 July 2013

Horror Haute meets Flux

oh man, I have had such a major case of bloggers' block this week, I think its because in RL I am working nights right now, which has zapped all my mojo. :(

The outfit I am wearing was largely inspired by the amazing Memento Mori boots, which will be available at the upcoming Flux event opening on 4th July- tap the subscribo over at Memento Mori to be informed of such events. I very nearly did a naked "boots-only" post, until I saw these gorgeous blood-spattered shorts that were available during this month's Horror Haute event. I already had the top and skin from a previous week's Woeful Wednesday, which had been sitting in my inventory waiting for me to come up with a look that would really showcase them. And so the look came together, and an idea formed on how I wanted to shoot it. However, I simply could NOT find a location that would fit the idea that I had in my head. Until today, as I was chatting to my blogger friend Rudhmellowen, and all of a sudden I had a burst of inspiration and remembered the Tableau Vivant sim, which was perfect!!


Skin: :Sugar: ~ [1]  Chloe - Mononoke : Blood,
Hair: Exile ~ Longest Night - Black,
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Sinistre - Bloodlust,
Bloody hands: REPULSE,

T-Shirt: :Sugar: ~ Hello Titty - Innocent tee (previous Woeful Wednesdays' item),
Shorts: Love Zombie ~ Printed Shorts ~ Blood (L$50 for Horror Haute),
Boots: [Memento Mori] Easy Rider Boots (preview for the upcoming Flux event opening on 4th July),

Bag: .Olive. ~ the Mocchiilla Bag - Oh bloody Mary (RARE gatcha item, thank you Shayariel),
Brain ear-muffs: [bubble],
Piercing: HOD ~ Simplicity.

Poses used available from squeek!, embody, glitterati (no longer available) and Izzie's.

Rotten Hugs and Tainted Kisses,

MiLLiE xx