Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Home for the Holidays!

I love this time of year in Second Life, the generosity of designers always amazes me, and I love hunting down the gifts and bargains and making pretty little pictures with everything I find.

hair ~ [RA] ~ viola hair,
skin ~ drop dead gorgeous ~ vamp/ porcelain (Nowhere game gift),
eyes ~ banana banshee ~ cassiopeia (gift instore),
eye make-up ~ Izzie's ~ candy cane eye make-up (gift under the tree),
lips ~ alaskametro ~ sugar,

santa hat, jumper dress & boots ~ Rebel Hope ~ Kittycats advent calender gift,

fireplace ~ circa ~ northern forest fireplace set ~ Kittycats advent calender gift,
laptop ~ dutchie ~ Happy holidays subsrcibo gift,
poinsetta ~ Botanical ~ Kittycats advent calender gift,
chairs ~ cheeky pea ~ cheire lounge chair rainbow stag ~ Kittycats advent calender gift,
reindeer rug ~ pastiche ~ home for the holidays hunt gift,
wreath ~ ariskea ~ Christmas gift under the tree at the Arcade,
star lights ~ birdy ~ Christmas gift at the Arcade,
holiday centrepiece ~ pastiche ~ Christmas gift (under the tree instore),
framed picture ~ DRD ~ Christmas gift at the Arcade.

~pose prop~
juxtapose ~ Light me up! ~ 2nd level Event ~ not a freebie, but lots of gifts to be found here anyway).

Happy Holidays!

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Millie's Adventures in Nowhere!

So this week I have been having fun catching up and playing the Sn@tch Nowhere annual game. If you have never played any of the sn@tch games, i suggest you have a go at this one before it is gone! The game itself is hud based- which you can purchase for free here - you then have to follow the clues through the game to the end. There are plenty of hidden gifts and scares along the way! There are three outfits I want to show you in this post, one being from before I started the game, and the other 2 being prizes form within the game.

You start off having just crashed your car and having no memory of who you are, where you are or why you are there. You then have to follow the story along, to figure it all out, picking up prizes along the way!

This place gets freakier and freakier.... and still no damn signal!

But apparently, i still found time to have a change of clothes...

skin ~ la petite morte ~ wixson ~ pale fantasy,
hair ~ [RA] ~ viola hair,
blood ~ la petite morte,
face tattoo ~ letis tattoo ~ sugar face,
eyes ~ conviction ~ dismal,
nails ~ dark passions ~ (Nowhere game gift),

~worn~ (pic.1-3)
dress ~ sn@tch (Nowhere game gift),
boots ~ sn@tch ~ tragic boots,

~worn (pic.5&6)~
full outfit ~ the little bat ~ inner goth (bloody horror fair),
boots ~ sn@tch ~ tragic boots,

devil horns (pic.5&6) ~ dichotomy hair ~ rotten hairband,
choker necklace (pic.5) ~ tea ~ frosting choker (candy fair),
bracelets ~ DV8 ~ deathrock candy,
hand adornment ~ livid ~ day of the dead skeleton cuffs,
bag ~ hollyweird ~ horror villain bags,

~poses & props~
cell phone ~ adorkable (store closed),


Friday, 28 October 2016

Sickly Sweet

So, I don't ordinarily go in for 'cute' blog posts, but since this IS Halloween I figured I'd do something that I find truly scary... hahaha ;) All kidding aside though, Today I have had fun visiting the Cabdy Fair. If you haven't been there yet, hurry as it's only on til the end of today! There are loads of stores to visit with FREE gifts to grab, and a ton of gacha's to try your luck at!

Teleport to Candy Fair

skin ~ la petite morte ~ wixson pale fantasy,
hair ~ wasabi pills ~ dakota (FLF),
lips ~ alaska metro ~ tutti frutti lips ~ FREE from Candy Fair +
psycho.byts ~ mouth melting ~ pink ~ also FREE from Candy Fair,
eyes ~ adoness ~ darian eyes ~ candy,
nails ~ alaska metro ~ sweet things nail polish ~ bubblegum ~ gacha at Candy Fair,

hair-doughnuts ~ nani ~ Candy Fair,
earrings ~ cosmic dust ~ donut earrings ~ Candy Fair,
choker ~ tea. ~ frosting ~ Candy Fair,
face stickers ~ half deer ~ starry girl face stickers ~ Candy Fair,
tattoo ~ para designs ~ sweet tooth,
candy floss ~ ASO! ~ cotton candy devil ~ gacha at Candy Fair,
bag ~ tentacio ~ doughnut bag,

dress ~ whimy ~ sweet as candy ~ Candy Fair,
shoes ~ dilly dolls ~ reese pumps ~ Candy Fair.

MiLLiE xx

Trick or Treat!!

Pumpkin Town is open once again!! This is an annual halloween themed village, featuring witches, zombies, skeletons and monster's of all kinds... oh my!!

This village has returned for it's 7th consecutive year, with more DJ's, show's, live performances and even a movie theatre featuring classic horror movies. As well as all this going on, you'll be forgiven for forgetting that there's also a hunt AND lots of shopping to do, with donations going towards Feed a Smile, ensuring that starving children in Kenya receive nutritious, warm meals every day.

Hurry, Pumpkin Town is only open til October 31st!

skin ~ poison ivy ~ sugar,
hair ~ clawtooth ~ glamazon,
eyes ~ arise ~ kira ~ ocean,

eyes ~ mock ~ ethereal eyeshadow,
eyes/lips ~ mock ~ gingersnaps makeover
lips ~ glamorize ~ dolly kiss lips ~ orange/brown,
wound ~ mad' ~ bullet hole ~ available at Pumpkin Town,
nails ~ adored ~ sugar dip candy corn nails ~ FREE from Candy Fair,

dress ~ opopop ~ corcovado ~ dress available from Pumpkin Town,
shoes ~ sn@tch ~ posh tragic ankle boots ~ lucky board prize,

head ~ pumpkin patch crown ~ g0th1co,
mouth ~ bear'ly hanging on bear ~ dark passions ~ gacha prize at Pumpkin Town,
neck ~ reaper necklace ~ sYs design ~ available at Pumpkin Town,
arms ~ bracelets ~ MPP ~ FREE gift at Pumpkin Town.

Have fun!

MiLLiE xx

 Hurry, pumpkin Town is only open from Oct 1st til Oct 31st!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Good Witch Hunting!

Halloween season is by far my absolute favourite time of the year. I love everything form the colours, the decor, the atmosphere and the scares! What better way to enjoy Halloween than getting on your broom and heading over to Death Row Designs and Petite Mort to track down some fiendish goodies!

 All the furniture and decorative items (except for the broom and pumpkin) in this picture are available for FREE from Death Row Designs during their Black Dahlia hunt. This is a hud based hunt, so when you get there you need to take the FREE hunt hud and track down the 14 Black Dahlia's that are hidden inside the store, and in the grounds and buildings around the store. Once you find the dahlia's you need to click them so that they register on your hunt hud. When you have found all 14 Dahlia's, you can then head back to the front of the store and click the sign there to receive the final prize!

              The elegantly stunning outfit Millie is wearing is available from Petite Mort's mini Trick or Treat instore hunt, where you need to track down the 5 hidden candy corn's to get your prizes. Each candy con costs $10, so the whole outfit costs just $50. Just a quick note to add, this gorgeous hair from clawtooth is also FREE instore!I have no idea why, or how long it will be free for, so go and grab it now while you still can!


skin ~ Poison Ivy ~ Paperdoll Sugar,
hair ~ clawtooth ~ Glamazon (FREE instore!),
eyes ~ Arise ~ kira eyes ~ ocean,
chest tattoo ~ Little pricks ~ Little ribs that hold my heart,

beauty killer ~ bewitched shadow ~ dark,
acid & malablack eyeliner ~ excessive,
souzou eien ~ wicked goth eyeliner,

Petite Mort ~ all clothing and accessories (other than earrings), from the instore hunt, L$50 in total,

spellcraft earrings sn@tch ~ part of the current 7 seas fishing item,
nose piercing ~ dirty stories ~ heart piercing (group gift),
ring ~ Deadpool ~ deadly ring ~ Doll.


Back Stabbed!

Oh hi everybody! It's been waaaay too long since I last logged into SL, and there have been lots of changes with mesh bodies and all that. I am but a simple girl, with not a lot of time on her hands, so I have to admit I prefer the simplicity of the older system bodies, but I'm sure as I get used to them I will begin to love mesh bodies as much as anyone, lol. That being said, i *have* gone and got myself a fancy new mesh body, and I so desperately wanted to blog something showing it off. So here it is, with a few awesome items I bought when I last logged into SL lol. I had fun with these pictures, so hope you enjoy them too.

head ~ lelutka ~ simone,
body ~ maitreya ~ lara,
skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Katra ~ polar,
hair ~ oleander ~ catallena,
eyes ~ dead apples ~ sorrow eyes,
nails ~ dark passions ~ pulse

eyeliner ~ souzou eien ~ wicked goth eyeliner,

dress ~ adoness ~ abital abina,
shoes ~ violetility ~ chloe heels,

hairbow ~ dirty stories ~ goth headbow,
nose piercing ~ dirty stories ~ heart piercing (group gift),
nom ~ [acide!] pearls eater (store closed),
choker ~ the little bat ~ pearl choker,
ring ~ Boutique 187 ~ Shark Fin ring,
back scissors ~ chemical princess ~ back stabbed,

                                                              xx MiLLiE xx

Monday, 4 July 2016

Prayers for Pulse

In the early hours of June 12th 2016, 49 innocent clubbers were killed and another 53 injured by a single gunman in the deadliest mass shooting in American history. This atrosity is also the largest act of violence against Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans-gender people in history.

In true SL style, we remember the fallen, and support the families affected by this horrific tragedy by shopping our hearts out at the Pulse fundraiser, where every purchase donates 50- 100% of your money to the Pulse Victims Fund set up by Equality Florida.

head ~ lelutka ~ simone,
body ~ maitreya ~ lara,
hair ~ oleander ~ Oz v2 (Pulse),
eyes ~ [LUoLI] ~ shine eyes ~ fiolet (no longer available),
nails ~ dark passions ~ pulse (Pulse),

top ~ bonne chance ~ Bittersweet ~ Tropical (Pulse),
shorts ~ Addams ~ Electra denim shorts ~ ocean (Pulse),
shoes ~ Reign ~ bow wedge flip flops (Pulse),

bracelet ~ izzie's ~ pride bracelet (Pulse),

tapestry ~ uK ~ pride (Pulse),
sign ~ liliths den ~ love is love (Pulse),

photo 1 ~ elephante poses ~ evie,
photo 2 ~ elephante poses ~ love (Pulse).

xxMiLLiE xx

Hope for Hunter

head: lelutka ~ simone,
body: maitreya ~ lara,
skin: glam affair ~ mokatana ~ Europa 02,
eyes: insufferable dastard ~ Quicksilver,
hair: poison ivy ~ Adamora (For Hunter),
lipstick: izzie's ~ lelutka noble lipstick applier,

dress:  dead dollz ~ beagle ~ lily,
shoes: deadpool ~ Hunta owl sandals (For Hunter),

ring: fujiwara's world ~ cutie skull ring,
nose piercing: dirty stories ~ heart nose piercing.

xx MiLLiE xx

Monday, 18 April 2016

Say Hello to Lucille...

As a massive fan of The Walking Dead, you can imagine my delight when I saw Izzy Heart's latest release over at Builders Bargain's- the Lucille bat! I simply had to snag that bat for myself! Along with the bat, another of this week's 'must-haves' for me, was this cute lil Batman top from dirty stories, which is currently available at suicide dollz, along with these adorable cutie bow pumps, also from dirty stories at suicide dollz.

~the info~

skin: glam affair ~ katra ~ polar,
eyes: evermore ~ my dearest eyes (former group gift),
hair: besom ~ bellinia ~ group gift,
tattoos: {datum} tangled and; v tattoo ~ for her,

eyes: pin me down ~ crying,
lips: mock ~ opal lipcolour dark kiss,
bruise: snatch ~ underworld make-up,

top: dirty secrets ~ batman top (available at suicide dollz),
shorts: bubble ~ queen shorts,
tights: cannibelle ~ tattered tights,
shoes: dirty secrets ~ cutie bow pumps (available at suicide dollz),

nose- ring: dirty secrets (group gift),
bracelets: pr!tty ~ walking in manhatten,
bat: izzy <3 mesh ~ Lucille Bat (available at Builder's Bargain's).

poses: elephante poses ~ beautiful hangover.

MiLLiE xxx

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Long time, no see!

Hi loyal readers, sorry for my long absence. I'm so busy in RL with my young baby, I'm back at work now too, so I don't have a lot of time for SL right now, but I *do* miss SL, and you my friends. So I logged in today, and decided I would blog whatever I was wearing, lol. Luckily it was something cute :)

*the info*

skin: glam affair ~ Katra ~ Polar,
eyes: evermore ~ My dearest eyes,
hair: Besom ~ Angel,
tattoo: {DATUM} Tangled,

outfit: Goth1c0 ~ normal is boring skirt & top,
tights: cannibelle ~ tattered tights,
boots: ~ samantha booties,

dirty stories,
nose ring: pekka,
ring: zombie suicide ~ crow ring.