Friday, 28 October 2016

Sickly Sweet

So, I don't ordinarily go in for 'cute' blog posts, but since this IS Halloween I figured I'd do something that I find truly scary... hahaha ;) All kidding aside though, Today I have had fun visiting the Cabdy Fair. If you haven't been there yet, hurry as it's only on til the end of today! There are loads of stores to visit with FREE gifts to grab, and a ton of gacha's to try your luck at!

Teleport to Candy Fair

skin ~ la petite morte ~ wixson pale fantasy,
hair ~ wasabi pills ~ dakota (FLF),
lips ~ alaska metro ~ tutti frutti lips ~ FREE from Candy Fair +
psycho.byts ~ mouth melting ~ pink ~ also FREE from Candy Fair,
eyes ~ adoness ~ darian eyes ~ candy,
nails ~ alaska metro ~ sweet things nail polish ~ bubblegum ~ gacha at Candy Fair,

hair-doughnuts ~ nani ~ Candy Fair,
earrings ~ cosmic dust ~ donut earrings ~ Candy Fair,
choker ~ tea. ~ frosting ~ Candy Fair,
face stickers ~ half deer ~ starry girl face stickers ~ Candy Fair,
tattoo ~ para designs ~ sweet tooth,
candy floss ~ ASO! ~ cotton candy devil ~ gacha at Candy Fair,
bag ~ tentacio ~ doughnut bag,

dress ~ whimy ~ sweet as candy ~ Candy Fair,
shoes ~ dilly dolls ~ reese pumps ~ Candy Fair.

MiLLiE xx

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