Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Millie's Adventures in Nowhere!

So this week I have been having fun catching up and playing the Sn@tch Nowhere annual game. If you have never played any of the sn@tch games, i suggest you have a go at this one before it is gone! The game itself is hud based- which you can purchase for free here - you then have to follow the clues through the game to the end. There are plenty of hidden gifts and scares along the way! There are three outfits I want to show you in this post, one being from before I started the game, and the other 2 being prizes form within the game.

You start off having just crashed your car and having no memory of who you are, where you are or why you are there. You then have to follow the story along, to figure it all out, picking up prizes along the way!

This place gets freakier and freakier.... and still no damn signal!

But apparently, i still found time to have a change of clothes...

skin ~ la petite morte ~ wixson ~ pale fantasy,
hair ~ [RA] ~ viola hair,
blood ~ la petite morte,
face tattoo ~ letis tattoo ~ sugar face,
eyes ~ conviction ~ dismal,
nails ~ dark passions ~ (Nowhere game gift),

~worn~ (pic.1-3)
dress ~ sn@tch (Nowhere game gift),
boots ~ sn@tch ~ tragic boots,

~worn (pic.5&6)~
full outfit ~ the little bat ~ inner goth (bloody horror fair),
boots ~ sn@tch ~ tragic boots,

devil horns (pic.5&6) ~ dichotomy hair ~ rotten hairband,
choker necklace (pic.5) ~ tea ~ frosting choker (candy fair),
bracelets ~ DV8 ~ deathrock candy,
hand adornment ~ livid ~ day of the dead skeleton cuffs,
bag ~ hollyweird ~ horror villain bags,

~poses & props~
cell phone ~ adorkable (store closed),


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