Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Horror Haute look 1

So its that time of the month when Horror Haute rolls round again, and as always, there are some really amazing items out which I totes adore!!! Remember designers are asked to place items out either for L$50, L$100 or L$200 so make sure to check the price before you buy.


FK! Designs ~ Siouxsie Skin (Horror Haute for January),
Hair: Truth ~ Sassy,
Eyes: adoness ~ Darian eyes/ pond (available at The Black Market for January),
Tattoo: Collisions ~ Amaranthine (Horror Haute for January),
Dress: Death Rocker Betty Crocker ~ Nevermore Slinky dress (Horror Haute for January),
Tights: Izzie's ~ Patterned tights,
Piercing: Kre-ations ~ Jestery piercing (Horror Haute for January),
Nails: [Virtual/Insanity] ~ Essential Black nails,
Necklace: [Virtual/Insanity] ~ Heavy Cross Choker,
Earrings: [Virtual/Insanity] ~ Mirror Mirror / Darkness,
Ring: favole ~ Certitude.

Happy Shopping dolls!

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

It's NOT The End of The World...

So I found these things in my inv from the End of the World Fair, that unfortunately due to RL I was unable to blog while the fair was still running. Anyway's, this stuff is cute, so I figured I owed it to the designers, and the fair organisers to still show this to you. If anything catches your eye, you could pop over to their stores and have a lil browse :)


Hair: Alice Project ~ Hyori (Christmas colours, Advent Calendar gift 2012),
Shape: Frosting ~ Angelica,
Top & skirt: Badazzle Designs ~ Upgrading,
Bracelets: Badazzle Designs (available as part of the Sleepless Nights outfit),
Tattoo: Bangarang ~ Nerd Life (store is marketplace only, find it here).
Gas-mask: Anatomy (colour-changeing! Store appears to be closed, sorry),
Necklace: Cute Poison ~ Deathstone Necklace,
Pose 1: Image essentials ~ Terror Tip-toe
Pose 2: HelaMiyo (Available as part of the Looking dollarbie pose pack in store),
Pose 3: Lauria (store now closed, sorry).

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Black Market Shopping

Another month, another round of The Black Market has started. Here's just a couple of things to whet your appetite.


Skin: [iren] Molly/ Valentine edition (available at The Black Market),
Eyes: adoness ~ darian eyes/ pond (available at The Black Market),
Make-up: Mango, Mango ~ Rock Liner (no longer available, sorry!),
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Joy2,
Dress: Corvus ~ Sugar minidress (new!),
Nails: [virtual/insanity] Like a Prayer,
Ring: favole ~ Certitude,
Piercing: zombie suicide ~ posion piercing,
Pose: Embody ~ Lean 3 (available as part of the Male Lean pose pack at The Black Market).

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 14 January 2013

Millies' 52 Weeks of Randomness.

Week 2:

She was on the wrong side of town, but that was just the way she liked it. Ever since they had beaten and mutilated her and left her for dead, this had become her nightly ritual. For the 6 who beat her did not know that something other than Death had found her that night, and turned her into this monster, not alive, but not dead, unable to walk in the sun, and with a thirst for blood.

This stunning dress I am wearing has been in my inv for a long time just waiting for an excuse for me to show it to you. It had sat there waiting for me to get some inspiration for a photo, and when I won this gorgeous headpiece form the lucky board at Violent Seduction yesterday, I just KNEW they would look perfect together!


Skin: Al Vulo ~ Julia/ Dating on the Dark (old group gift),
Make-up: Mango, Mango ~ Rock Liner (sorry no longer available, store closed/ rebranded),
Eyes: dead apples ~ sinstre/ bloodlust,
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Joy2,
Headpiece: Violent Seduction ~ Lolita/ Cantonier (available in the lucky boards),
Dress: Wretched Dollies ~ Isabelle,
Parasol: The Delectable Doll (sorry no longer available, store on hiatus right now),
Pose Co-Motion (currently available at The Black Market in their Perfectly Princess pack).

If you want to join in on my '52 Weeks of Inventory Randomness' Blogger Challenge, read more about it here),

MiLLiE xx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Woeful Sunday...

Here are some Woeful Wednesday bargains I snagged this week, and if you missed them, make sure to head down to the Woeful Wednesday HQ and slap their subscribo to receive notices regarding their future events :)

Thanks to Woeful Wednesday this week, I finally got to complete my Alice furniture collection from Snow Bound as I snagged up the Alice salon sofa and Alice coffee tables to match the Dirty Alice Bloody mirror and Alice salon chair that I already owned :D

The awesome full-of-win dress is something I would totally wear in RL and is available from The Little Bat in a variety of colours. I just had to team this dress up with my favourite old pair of boots from Violent Seduction, which has now changed location and can be located here. Iki has put two new things in her luckies, which I will show you in a later post :)

I am wearing an old skin from Snatch in this post, which I love, I have just accentuated it with the gorgeous 'Pay it Forward' lips from A&A that the super-awesome Sileny Noel sent to me. Here's a close-up:

Both poses I have used here were also discounted for WW, and are available from A Netherworld, as part of the Escape from A Scary Monster pack.


Snatch ~ Feeder skin,
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Joy2,
Eyes: Mayfly ~ Deep Sky Eyes/ Rose Blush,
Lips: Adore & Abhor ~ 13 Lips Pay it Forward preview (thank you Sileny!!),
Collar: Adore & Abhor ~ Presented Posture Collar,
Tattoo: Utopiah ~ Old School tattoo,
Dress: The Little Bat ~ Monster Mash,
Boots: Violent Seduction ~ Esther.
Pose: A Netherworld ~ Escape from the Scary Monster,
All furniture: Snow Bound.

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Call me...

Penelope. Yet another gorgeous new release from Blue Blood. This adorable dress is a MUST for any self-respecting doll/ lolita's wardrobes, and it certainly would not be out of place worn along the halls of Harry Potter RPers' schools. It comes in all the usual colours and is available to buy over at the main store.


Skin: Glam Affair ~ Hybrid (Christmas gift, may still be available),
Hair: Truth ~ Lucia,
Eyes: Mayfly ~ Deep sky eyes/ rose blush,
Glasses: Acid & Mala ~ Reader glasses/ red leaopard,
Collar: Adore & Abhor ~ Presented posture collar,
Dress: Blue Blood ~ Penelope,
Shoes: Dilly Dolls ~ Buckled Dollie Pumps,
Cell phone & pose: Adorkable.

MiLLiE xx

Friday, 4 January 2013

52 Weeks of Random-ness...

OK, so I was inv sorting today and realised that I have a TON of cute stuff that has never graced the pages of Demented Dollie, so I figured I would set my own '52 weeks' challenge for the new year, and that is to bring you 1 random look, created solely from things already in my inventory, each week. And if any of you would like to join in on this challenge with me, feel free to reply to this post/ each weekly post, in the comments with links to your own looks. I would love to see what you come up with :)

Week 1:

The clothes in this look are all from Nomine, which I had totally forgotten I had and were just sitting in my inv, unboxed even :O So I decided to start my challenge with these. Nomine is an an awesome goth/ alternative store, full of pretty much everything you could ever need, from seperates, to skins, to full avatars (usually these are extremley limited though). There are even unisex and... MALE skins and clothing here! The store owner, Munchflower Zaius has been creating things in SL a long time, and was one of the first alternative stores I ventured into, however she rarely seems to get blogged, so here we are :)


Skin: Glam Affair ~ Hybrid (Christmas group gift),
Hair: Truth ~ Lucia,
Make-up: Dead Carrot ~ Make-up blush: Pinch 'em (now Marketplace only here),
Sweater: Nomine ~ Metro/ Tanner,
Jeans: Nomine ~ Deconstructed Jeans/ Black,
Shoes: Dilly Dolls ~ Buckled Dolly Pumps,
Nails: [Virtual/Insanity] ~ Mesh Square Nails,
Ring: [Virtual/Insanity] ~ Polka Vintage Ring,
Pose: Co*Motion ~ Perfectly Princess (Currently available at The Black Market).

MiLLiE xx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Full of Woe...

Now that the holiday season is over, I can finally get back to shopping and, hopefully, blogging as usual as my time is a lil less stretched at the moment. Anyway, there were some amazing cute items in this weeks Woeful Wednesday and I wanted to show you a couple of my favourites.


Skin: The Little Bat ~ Molly/ Gloomy (current Midnight Mania gift, limited to 25 slaps, so get in on it early!),
Make-up: The Little Bat ~ Skellington Face Tattoo (L$10 instore!!),
Hair: Clawtooth ~ Wallflower,
Dress: The Little Bat ~ Tartan Dress (L$50 for Woeful Wednesday),
Boots: Schadenfreude ~ Pitch Leith Boots (Currently available for L$188 per colour at Collabor88),
Necklace: Snatch ~ Borderline Pearls (Lucky board item, may or may not still be on the lucky boards!),
Vanity Table: Snow Bound ~ Blackest Vanity Set (L$50 for Woeful Wednesday),
Pose: Rozena ~ Please Me.

MiLLiE xx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Horror Haute part2

And there's more from Horror Haute. Thus time I want to show you this gorgeous 'Jesters' are coming' outfit from Kre-ations, and the beautiful complementary make-up, which is avaialble free instore alongside where you can buy the outfit.

Here's a close-up of the make-up:


Skin: Amacci ~ Oleana (POE5 Hunt gift),
Make-up: Kre-ations ~ Clowns essence (free gift instore),
Hair: Magika ~ Minisan,
Clavicle Piercing: Little Pricks,
Outfit: Kre-ations ~ The Jesters' are Coming (avaialble for Horror Haute).

MiLLiE xx