Wednesday, 22 December 2010


So FTLO has rolled around again and this time the theme is Ice. As with FTLO Fall, there are exclusive themed goodies available to buy and there is also a mini hunt on the sim, this time you are looking for snowflakes. Be careful though cus there are some snowflakes and parts of the sim that are available to buy, so check before you buy them that they are the hunt gifts and are L$0. There are some really nice things available in the hunt, and also alot of the stores are offering limited exclusive items that will only be sold at the fair.

One of said exclusives is a beautiful winter outfit from [pom.pom]. It comes with ear muffs and flats (not shown).

The boots I'm wearing here is the exclusive item available from epic. I absolutely love these boots, they look all snuggly and warm, and come with a cute snow-particle effect.

Next up is this amazing Ice Queen gown from *evie* (now known as PomPomPom), which matches perfectly with their hunt giftie of Ice Queen make-up and eyes.

Liqsums' hunt item is a set of cute seasonal panties. Worn here with Liqsum's exclusive FTLO Ice Fest tattoo.

Next is a cute combination which I'd like to show you. The gorgeous garland boots are the hunt giftie from Sassy Kitty Designs; worn with the hunt giftie of leggings and top from Grixdale (formerly Tyranny Designs); hair by Rezipsa Loc (includes colour-change hat); and finally cute antlers which are the hunt giftie from Relentless Couture.

Skin worn in all pics is from Kis Kis (I'm sorry I'm not sure if its the hunt item or an ice fest exclusive item).

There you have it, lots of cuteness to be had, go visit the FTLO Ice Fest and take a look around, the stars aren't too hard to find.

Demented Holidays!!

Milly xx

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

It's all getting a bit Christmassy

In Second Life right now, even the goths and the dollies are getting into the festive spirit ;p And why wouldn't you when there are such beautiful new releases out, like this new 'fate' dress from Blue Blood. It comes in the usual seven colours that Ghani is known for, and there are two different skirt options included; a lolita one (which I'm wearing) and theres a mini skirt option too, what more could a doll ask for??

There is also a special edition colour of this dress available in the group lucky board. You have to be a member of the Blue Blood inworld group to win on this board, but as it only costs 50L to join I say its well worth it!!

Shoes worn in the first picture are a new release from Dilly Dolls, which I think look sooo cute! These include alpha layers for those on viewer 2 viewers, however, I found that they didn't look right when worn without these layers.

Other items worn in first photo;

Hair - Waka & Yuki (current lucky board item),
Skin - Xmas Doll (vamp w/freckles) - Mango, Mango,
Doll joint tattoos by F'd Up (currently closed while they work on a NEW line),
Pose by Slash Me Poses.

Here's a close up of the absolutely adorable skin from Mango, Mango. I swear these skins just get cuter and cuter!! Which is currently STILL available for just 50L thank you Sileny!!

Happy Holidays dolls!!!

Milly xx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Time for tea?

Lol, heck I dunno where these titles come from sometimes. Ah well, my demented dollies Blue Blood has a gorgoues new dress out, called Kendra, which is absolutely stunning. It comes in a variety of different colours, as always, but here I'm showing the red one, cus red and black are my favourite colours!!

The gorgeous jewellery I'm wearing is from ODB. Its a totally brand new set, which isn't *quite* released yet, but I think it looks absolutely stunning and goes so perfectly with my dress, I had to show you it, lol!

With razorblade smiles and demented dreams,

Milly xx

Saturday, 13 November 2010

FTLO... Fall

Here's a break from your regular scheduled programme... Over the past couple of days I've been doing this awesome lil hunt, organised by Rhedd Rhode. Its not goth, or even doll in theme, its just plain cute and fun to do! And its not too big either, only 61 stores involved, so not too much of a time commitment involved. There are some really fun stores involved, and the gifts are awesome. Take a look at some of the gifts I grabbed:



Cute 'get stuffed' sweatshirt - LiQsum,
Tweed jeans - Tyranny,
Scarf - Atomic,
Ensnared boots - Malfean Visions,
Gloves - Adjunct.

On the body:

Skin - beautiful Fresh skin in pale - Miasnow, (also worn on the skin is a gorgeous lip make-up by dead carrott, also available in hunt),
Hair - Mina
Headpiece - Sars!

Here's a closer look:

The Hunt runs through til the 31st November, and starts at It's Cake. Happy Hunting!!

Milly xx

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Me, Myself and I

I dunno why I chose that title today, it just kinda popped into my head when I was writing this, lol. Ah well, heres' a look I created today while sorting my inventory *groan* lol.

The outfit is an old hunt gift from Dilly Dolls, which I love, so it was nice finding this tucked away in my inv!! The hair is something I picked up from Kitsune Coutures' closing sale, unfortunately no longer avaialble, but still cuteness, lol. Shoes, prim nails and the jewellery I'm wearing all come from Virtual Insanity. Dolls, I love this store. Its full of such cute, original jewellery, piercings and tattoos, and often participates in project themory, stumblebum and hunts, so you are bound to find bargains here! Finally the skin I am wearing is another gorgeous new release from Mango, Mango. Its' called shadowed and comes with and without freckles and in the usual tones. I swear, Sileny is a wizz with skins- they always look soooo purty!!! This is a store to watch also, make sure you join her subscribo cus she often participates in Humpday Happiness on a Wednesday and also Silent Lion Troupe, as well as hunts, so plenty of options for scoring discounted skins here (though her full prices are totally affordable anyways tbh).

Heres: the pic, oh and say 'hi' to pussikins - I got her from the addicted to halloween hunt, which ends on the 15th November and she is just sooo cute, hehe):


Outfit - Dilly Dolls,

Skin - Mango, Mango,

Shoes, jewellery, nails - [Virtual Insanity].

Razorblade smiles and demented dreams dolls,

Milly xx

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Horrorfest 2010

Hi dollies, well Horrorfest is well and truelly underway, and if you have been living under a rock and have no idea what it is about, then I shall explain. It is a horror themed charity event taking place until October 31st with all proceeds going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Sophie Lancaster was a young goth girl from Bacup, UK, who in 2007 was tragically beaten to death simply for being a goth! This girl lived approx 30 miles away from me, so the news broke big over here, and as I am goth in RL this charity is very close to my heart, as I'm sure you'll all appreciate. There are some amazing goth designers invcolved in this event, such as Show Me on The Doll, Virtual Insanity, Violet Voltaire, Sn@tch, Wretched Dollies, Adore and Abhor, Dilly Dolls, Mango, Mango. I wish I could show you everything I have picked up, but I really don't have the time, so do make sure you go and have a look around and support this worthwhile charity.

Heres a lil something I picked up:

Items worn:

Outfit - La Catrina - Adore and Abhor

Hair - Dilly Dolls (not from the fair)

Face paint - La Catrina - Adore and Abhor

Here's a close-up of the awesome face-paint:

I really do recommend you going and having a look round, I'm sure you will find something that you will love and won't wanna miss!!

Razorblade smiles and demented dreams,

Mil xx

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Well as ya'll know we're nose-diving into Halloween this week, which is fast becoming my favourite holiday, both in SL and RL! Its just sooo much candy-filled FUN how could you NOT love it?? hehe

Anyways, for all you who wanna dress up this Halloween, here's a cute lil dress I scored on the lucky boards over at Kue. To go with it, I grabbed these awesome pumpkin ballet boots over at the Halloween from O!Bleek. To finish off the witchy look I'm wearing hair from Rezlpsa Loc, uggg I always have trouble spelling that, lol!

Items worn:

Dress - Kue - Fabled dream orange - (Lucky board),
Hair with hat - Rezlpsa Loc - FTLO hunt item,
Shoes - O!Bleek - Pumpkin ballet boots - Halloween Spooktacular
Skin - Nightshade - Eternal Dreams - midnight mania giftie!

Have fun, and if I don't seeya before, hope ya'll have a spooktacular Halloween!!

Poisonous kisses and demented dreams,

Mil xx

Monday, 18 October 2010

Zombie Cheerlearder!

OK guys I know its been a while, but I am soooo busy with RL right now it isn't even funny :( Heres a look I put together, probably about a week or so ago, if not more :/

(click on the picture to see it bigger)

Items worn:

Hair - Nikita fride (hair fair gift, no longer available for free),
Skin - Miasnow - Zombina Brain licker skin (hunt of the living dead gift, available til 31st October),
Outfit - Rag Dollz - Rah Rah Zombies!
Rosary - Zombie Popcorn group giftie.

Go get your zombie cheerleader look ONNN hehe.

Razorblade smiles and demented dreams,

Mil xxx

Sunday, 26 September 2010


Wtf you might be thinking with that title, and I wouldn't blame you, lol. There is reason in my madness though, lol. There is a lil hunt on right now called the Kawaii Hunt which has lots of really cute things to find, most of which I wouldn't consider goth and therefore wouldn't actually use, however, the gift from Grim Brothers is most definately goth and something I would wear, but its also kawaii (which I'm told means cute in Japanese), hence the title.


See what I mean? You CAN be both goth AND kawaii, hehe.

Also worn:

Hair - House of Munster (which is currently closed again due to the sim her store was on being sold, sad times :< )
Skin - F'd Up - Felicity (this gorgeous skin is from the new line of skins that Beautiful Engineer of F''d Up is working on and is currently not released!!)
Boots - Dilly Dolls.

Thats all for now, razorblade smiles and demented dreams,

Mil xx

Friday, 10 September 2010

Zombie Princess!!

Now theres a title I'm happy with, lol. I put this look together the other week and wanted to show it you, but I've been sooo busy in RL I hadn't gotten around to posting it til now.


Skin - ello poppet (freak you hunt giftie),
Hair - new release by the ever awesome Truth Hawks,

Outfit - Into the Hollow
Tatoo - Dead Carrott
Shoes - Weird Designs

razorblade smiles and demented dreams,

Mil xxx

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Weird Wednesday

OK, I admit it, I suck at thinking up titles!!! Ah well, you're not here for my titles, are you? Hehe, onto the goodies :D


Dress and shoes - Weird Designs Moonlight in aubergine and pumps in aubergine (these are both a part of a limited edition release this week, only 26 or so of these were released, go grab yourself something that not many others will have before they are all gone o.o)

Hair - Crimson & Clover (available in the TTG hunt, grab it while you can, this is STILL my fave hair for now ;p)

Skin - Mango, Mango - Valentine (I LOVE this store for cheap but really well done skins! This skin, like all their skins, comes in three tones, I'm wearing the vamp tone here which is perfect for us gothlings. Right now this skin is on sale for 69 Lindens ONLY for humpday happiness, the ever-awesome Sileny Noel tends to keep them out for a coule of days afterwards, go grab it before she re-prices it!)

Pose - Mindshift Animations.

Thats' it for now, have fun dollies <3

Mil xx

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Amaranth reworked!!

Well it seems I'm back again, hehe. This time I have a gorgeous new dress from Dilly Dolls to show to you. Well, not new NEW, but its a rework of her old Amaranth dress. Amaranth II is just as beautiful as Amaranth and comes in a multitude of colours, as always, except now it has cute lil bunnies featured on the body of the dress. Shown below is the red dress - my favorite colour (other than black, and maybe purple ;p lol).


This dress is on sale at Dilly Dolls now, but just incase you are a lil short on lindens... Oriana Kuhr is currently selling a fatpack of the original Amaranth dress in all colours for just 50L.

Also worn:
Skin - (Gother than thou hunt giftie)
Hair - Crimson & Clover - Vian (No Strings Attached hunt gifite)
Eyes - F'd Up - Blackout - Blood (newest eyes from F'd Up - don't think these are released just yet)

Oh, and if any of you want to contribute to Demented Dollie feel free to IM/ NC me inworld :)

Goodnight Dollies,

Mil xx

Sunday, 22 August 2010

rotten deliciousness!!

So here we go with my first 'proper' post (/me thinks this blog maybe just a glorified 'flikr', but we'll see, lolz). Anyway, unless you live under a rock, you will know the zombie popcorn hunt is going on. I totes recommend you do this hunt, its full of awesome stores and fab prizes, one of my faves is this offering from Rotten Toe:


Omg I just about *died* when I put this dress on, everything is sooo perfect, the shape/ style/ texuring of it!! The only thing missing is a pair of tie-up ballerina shoes to match ;) @ elsa LOL.

Also worn:

Skin - F'd Up - don't forget the SUPER INSANE sale is STILL on at F'd Up, L$50 for a single awesome skin, or L$500 for a fatpack with over 10 skins!!! Go NOW before she changes her mind!!! lol
Hair - Rotten Toe (CAHH2 giftie, no longer available)
Tattoo - Dead Carrott -
Boots - SMOTD

Laterz for now gothlings,

Mildread xx

Zomg!!! Haiiii!!!

Hai there readers... if there are any, lol!! I've been having sooo much gothly fun in SL lately, what with all the awesome gothly creations that are spreading across the grid that I've decided to create my own blog to showcase you all the awesome things I love!!! I'm not a PS whizz or anything, so my pics will be just simple snapshots, not photoshopped in any way, which is better anyway IMO, because you see them as they actually appear in SL! I dunno how often I will update here, but we'll see how things go :)

Mildread xx