Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Bloody Easter!!

Hi, hope ya'll are having a Happy Easter. Here's something I wanted to show you, it's the new dress you can fish for at Sn@tch and I love it!

This dress comes with bloody and not bloody versions, but off course I prefer the bloody version. It also comes with a pick-axe, and straw hat (not shown) and is FREE to fish for, you just have to buy a fishing rod first if yo don't already ahve one. Ever awesome Ivey Deschanel has set her fishing pond so that you don't even need to buy bait to be able to fish for her gifts!!

Also worn:

- Loq Hairs(previous dressing room item),
Easter basket - Ana-mations (60L$ today only as part of Super Bargain Saturday!),
Chest wound - Hysteria (Wicked Hunt, available til May 1st),
Pose - still life.

Happy Bloody Easter!!!

Millie xx

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tuesday's Child

OK so I've been having a lot of fun running around SL doing hunts and waiting for lucky boards lately, so here's some things I've grabbed along the way.

This beautiful dress I'm wearing is a free group giftie from Lycee Feelings Shop, group is free to join and the matching hat is another freebie instore :D


- black feather dress - Lycee feelings shop (grp gift),
Skin - Laces and Tears - Nightshade (NSA2 Hunt, available til Apr 30th),
Bracelets - enlace moi - Acide (FAH, available til April 14th, ty Whisper),
Face piercing - iPoke (previous hunt gift),
Hair - truth (not free).

Close up of skin:

razorblade smiles & tormented dreams,

Milly xx

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Colour Purple

I simply LOVE the colour purple, so here's a few things I've grabbed over the last week or so that I've put together in a purple theme.

And heres a close-up:


Skin - Dilly Dolls - Lillie - Salone (lucky board),

Lips - Glamorize - Dolly Kiss Lips - Sweetplum (midnight mania),

Eyes - Sn@tch - soulful eyes (lucky chair)

Crown - Violet Voltaire (NSA2 hunt),

Dress - katat0nik - (purple) Jem Dress (previous 50l friday),

Boots - Dilly Dolls - Freddi's Raven Limited Edition Boots (Twisted Hunt, now over sorry),

Neck Tattoo - Yayo - sparrows (Tatted Hunt, now over)

Demented dreams and razorblade kisses,

Milly xx