Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tuesday's Child

OK so I've been having a lot of fun running around SL doing hunts and waiting for lucky boards lately, so here's some things I've grabbed along the way.

This beautiful dress I'm wearing is a free group giftie from Lycee Feelings Shop, group is free to join and the matching hat is another freebie instore :D


- black feather dress - Lycee feelings shop (grp gift),
Skin - Laces and Tears - Nightshade (NSA2 Hunt, available til Apr 30th),
Bracelets - enlace moi - Acide (FAH, available til April 14th, ty Whisper),
Face piercing - iPoke (previous hunt gift),
Hair - truth (not free).

Close up of skin:

razorblade smiles & tormented dreams,

Milly xx

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