Monday, 14 January 2013

Millies' 52 Weeks of Randomness.

Week 2:

She was on the wrong side of town, but that was just the way she liked it. Ever since they had beaten and mutilated her and left her for dead, this had become her nightly ritual. For the 6 who beat her did not know that something other than Death had found her that night, and turned her into this monster, not alive, but not dead, unable to walk in the sun, and with a thirst for blood.

This stunning dress I am wearing has been in my inv for a long time just waiting for an excuse for me to show it to you. It had sat there waiting for me to get some inspiration for a photo, and when I won this gorgeous headpiece form the lucky board at Violent Seduction yesterday, I just KNEW they would look perfect together!


Skin: Al Vulo ~ Julia/ Dating on the Dark (old group gift),
Make-up: Mango, Mango ~ Rock Liner (sorry no longer available, store closed/ rebranded),
Eyes: dead apples ~ sinstre/ bloodlust,
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Joy2,
Headpiece: Violent Seduction ~ Lolita/ Cantonier (available in the lucky boards),
Dress: Wretched Dollies ~ Isabelle,
Parasol: The Delectable Doll (sorry no longer available, store on hiatus right now),
Pose Co-Motion (currently available at The Black Market in their Perfectly Princess pack).

If you want to join in on my '52 Weeks of Inventory Randomness' Blogger Challenge, read more about it here),

MiLLiE xx


  1. A gorgious picture... and an interesting Challenge! Do i have to do some more to join it? Or do i only start and try to catch up with you? :-D
    Yours, Jaqui :-)

    1. Hi Jaqui, nope you can join in where-ever you like. Jut remember to link back to here: and I have set a flikr group up too for photos, here: :)
      Thanks, MiLLiE xx

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