Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pink Ladies at Flux

FLUX is still ongoing for a little longer yet and when Rudh and I saw these adorable Pink Ladies jackets available from Dead Dollz we knew we had to do something special with them! So we decided to get together and work on a collaborative post. I was hugely honoured and amazed that Rudh wanted to work with me, I have been a fan of her work for a while now, as we seem to share similar tastes for the dark and creepy!

Rudh and I were just cruising in our car, when we heard that something was stirring down at the Flux. There was only one thing we could do. We threw on our pink jackets, made sure our pout was just right and drove on down to the Pink Motel with one thing on our minds- trouble with a capital T.

So, when Rudh asked if I'd like to work with her on this post, I was both thrilled and nervous! I know I could never do a picture as well as she does, but heck I figured let's have a go! It was loads of fun to do, and I really enjoyed spending time with her on this post. I even got to ask her a few questions to gain a lil insight into her. Well, she asked me a ton of questions first, I figured it was only fair, lol! To read my answers, check out her blog Rudh's Random Ramblings.

How did you first hear about SL?
I was in Furcadia (the Furry Game Online) and my friends in there came to SL I was a follower and came along too LOL

What made you decide to blog?
I always said I would never have a blog... NEVER! I'd seen people using them for being a bitch and frankly thought NO! But then one day I was bored and realised that I could use it for whatever I wanted... Havent looked back since then!

What do you enjoy about blogging?
The freedom to express myself, the fact that I have learnt a new skill when it comes to taking photos and the way it helps you meet new people!

What is your favourite movie?
Hard question! Umm I love Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean lol but I dont know if I have a favourite! Maybe Alice in Wonderland?!

What is your favourite book?
Lord of the Rings or Gormenghast! I read them loads when I was younger! Might have to re-read them again soon!

How would you describe your style on SL? 
Like yours?! LOL Ummm kinda grunge meets hookerish meets zombie, meets rainbow cute?

Do you dress like your avvie in RL?
Heck no... I am strictly a jeans and hoodies type girl in RL but then I am a big girl, if I wore half the stuff Rudh wears people would put me in an institution or something LOL!

What's your favourite/ go-to item that you love to wear in SL?
My J's boots. I wear these all the time!

What do you do for fun in SL?
Besides blogging, I love to shop and have recently become the Secretary for a SL Biker MC... Not originally my idea of fun but the people are awesome!

I've noticed, you've done a few collaborative posts, what do you like about collaborative blogging?
I love to bounce ideas off other people, collab posts help with that because you can get different styles into one post.

Summer or Winter?
Winter, not good with hot I'm afraid!

How did you come up with your SL name?
Long story LOL, basically I wanted something original and when I started coming online it was in the time when I was LOTR obsessed! LOL I put things together that sounded kinda... sorta elvish!

Is there anything your avvie does in SL that you wouldnt do in RL?
OOOOH Loaded Question! There is a lot LOL I wouldn't be riding a motorbike in RL that's for sure! But if I told you too much I'd have to kill ya LOL!

Which of the Pink Ladies do you think you are most like? HMMM I think probably Jan. I know she was a bit of a weirdo and always eating but yea I think I would be most like her lol... Im not cool enough to be Riz! I don't flirt with all the guys like Marty, and well OK I have the sweet caring side to me like Frenchie but no Im gonna say Jan LOL!

And, onto the info:

On Rudh (left)

Hair: Magika ~ Blame,
Skin: Sugar ~ Cry My Heart Out Skin in tone 3,
Face Wounds: (Eyes & Lips) [mock] ~ Tainted Love Zombie Makeover , AND; Corvus ~ Scarred Face Tattoo,
Neck Tattoo: Delusions - Unforgiven,

Jacket: Dead Dollz ~ Pink Ladies (Available now at FLUX),
Top: Sassy Kitty Designs (Now SAKIDE) ~ Stretched Tank in Black,
Skirt: LOULOU&CO ~ Billy Skirt in Black/Pink (Past SL Fashion Week Item)
Garter: ~ Bitch Garter,
Boots: J's ~ Studded Long Boots in Black,

Glasses: ellemeno ~ Dirty Glasses in Black,
Face Piercing: Cute Poison ~ Zephyr Piercing (Current Group Gift),
Necklaces: (UPPER) KOSH ~ Sailor Necklace in V1 (Available now at The Mens Department) , AND (LOWER) Cute Poison ~ Bitch,

Pose: Poseology - Peggy 4 (Available now at FLUX ).

On MiLLiE (Right)

Skin: Sugar ~ summer lovin - tone 1 (current group gift),
Eyes: beautiful freak ~ Evening - ice,
Hair: Taketomi ~ Sachi (available at the Chapter Four event, previously blogged here),
Eye-liner: pin me down ~ The Liners,
Make-up: Snatch ~ 50s make-up (lips & eyeshadow),
Cuts & Bruises: zombie suicide (2nd Make-up and Tattoo hunt gift),
Neck tattoo: Delusions - Crazy Bitch,
Stomach carving: love zombie

Undies: Acid & Mala ~ Laced Bodysuit,
Leggings: sakide ~ shredded leggings,
Jacket: Dead Dollz (pink ladies jacket available now at FLUX),
Shoes: whatever ~ CG Spikes (SL Fashion week group gift),

Glasses: Kennedys ~ pink sunglasses,
Piercings: HOD ~ scorpio's simplicity,
Necklace: LpOca ~ Necklace Cross (SL marketplace only, here),
Rings: virtual insanity ~ heavy cross hand jewellery,
Nails: virtual insanity ~ Trinity (nail appliers for slink nail hud).

Pose: Poseology - Peggy 1 (Available now at FLUX ).

The car we are posing with has been lovingly crafted by Hell, and is available at Hogs and Cart Wheels.

MiLLiE xx


  1. *bursts into song* GOOOOOOOO Grease Lightning you're burning up the quarter mile! LOL was great to be able to collab with you Millie we need to do it again in future LOL!

  2. yeah, totally! I had great fun working with you on this! x