Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Once more with feeling...

On my latest trip to Cinema, I picked up some more goodies I wanted to show you. First off, I LOVE this 'catfight bodysuit' by Miseria. I love the slashed and bloodied effect across the front, which I thought complemented evolve's bloody jeans perfectly! Throw in the latest zombie skin from Belleza, and voila a perfect zombie photo op!

Close-up of the amazing skin:

Oh and the skybox featured in this photo is the Halloween group gift from Yasum! Group is free to join, get it while you still can!


Belleza ~ Betty Zombie skin (was L$50 at FLF, now L$250, sorry),
Hair: Shag ~ Love is a battlefield,
Slit wrists: Repulse,
Top: Miseria ~ catfight bodysuit (available at Cinema exclusively til October 31st),
Jeans: evolve ~ bloodied jeans (available at Cinema exclusively til October 31st),
Boots: SMOTD ~ Tippytoes Ponyboot/ Bloody (sorry no longer available),
Knife in back: Miseria (available at Cinema exclusively til October 31st).

Happy Halloween dolls!!

MiLLiE xx

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