Saturday, 28 May 2011

Zombie killerrrrrrrr

Haha, I grabbed some more creepy-cute stuff on the Zombie Killers Hunt, and also The Macabre Hunt which I've had fun dressing up with :D

This torn, bloodied outfit from Punkd gives off a very post-apocalytpic, grungy vibe, which I just had to team up with the very funny 'Team Zombie' hat from Rasetsukoku. Here's a closer look:


Hat: Rasetsukoku - Team Zombie Brainbeer hat (Zombie Killers Hunt, ends 28th May),
Outift: Punkd Out - Woe'd (The Macabre Hunt, ends 4th June),
Grenade belt: Love Zombie (Zombie Killers Hunt),
Bullets: Black Cat Bones - As part of the bullet girl outfit (Zombie Killers Hunt)
Tattoo: Spearsong - Macabre (The Macabre Hunt),
Skin: Favole - Scorned,
Hair: HoM - Edgy.

Happy hunting demented dollies,

Millie xx

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