Friday, 26 April 2013

Horror Haute: April

Oh wow, its that time of the month again when some of my favourite designers pu out their creepy, macabre goodies for Horror Haute. And this month's round is *full* of win!! I almsot didn't know where to start, but I had to start somewhere. So let's begin...

First off is this sexy lil cropped top from immateria - that comes attached to the creepy-cute face-mask you see I am also wearing. This top and mask ensemble is called 'Monster Within', which I think is perfectly apt for my avatar, as she is quite often the SL representation of the Monster Within my RL self.

For some reason, this look screamed cyber-goth to me, lol, so here I am wearing with it some of my favourite recent releases from Corvus and Sakide, as well as another item from this month's Horror Haute- the undies and suspenders from Draconic Kiss.


Skin: la petite morte ~ birgit - t2- M6 - family (available at this month's round of Genre),
Hair: red(Mint) (free mesh hair demo!),
Eye make-up: Beautiful Freak Cosmetics ~ Girl Posion - fuchsia,
Eyes: dead apples ~ Anime - Muted (past Arcade item),
Top & mask: immateria ~ Monster Within (available at this month's round of Horror Haute),
Skirt: Corvus ~ Black Army Skirt,
Undies & Suspenders: Draconic Kiss (available at this month's round of Horror Haute),
Boots: Sakide ~ Appeal Velvet Boots Ryu (exclusively available for L$100 at Fantasy Fair).

MiLLiE xx

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