Sunday, 5 February 2012

Flux is Mardi Gras!!

In case you aren't aware, there's this cute lil event in SL right now called Flux, and as Mardi Gras is only like a couple of weeks or so away the theme is Mardi Gras. Brought to you by Ghost Mannequin (AKA: Putrid Gloom formerly of Show Me On The Doll infamy!!!) and a host of special guests, who have been asked to create something new and EXCLUSIVE for the event, including Silent Sparrow, Katat0nik, Adore & Abhore, Some Ghost, Sn@tch, Banana Banshee, Somnia and many, many more. This event hopes to offer you all your Mardi Gras themed must-haves from some of your favourite designers, so hurry up and get shopping before this event goes bye-bye!!

All furniture shown is also available at Flux, and is by Little House of Curios. Everything I'm wearing (except the hair) is exclusive to Flux. Here's the obligatory close-up:

And the obligatory close-up:

While strutting my stuff at the Jazz Club, I ran into Miss Lillian Shippe. She'd had a drink or two and did not like that I looked hotter in those Sn@tch leggings than she did. We exchanged words. Then things turned nasty when she broke her beer bottle over the bar and lunged at me.

I was not gonna stand for that! I managed to wriggle my way out of her grip and turned the tables on her.

InFo (Picture 1&2):

Skin: Adore & Abhor~ Mardi Gras/ Golden tone,
Face make-up: Collisions ~ Carnival,
Tattoo: Vestigium ~ Masks,
Eyes: Banana Banshee ~ Beads/ Carnival,
Bra top: Somina,
Leggings: Sn@tch ~ Parade Latex Pants,
Beads: Netherworld,
Mardi Gras mask (in left hand) & Pose: Frooti.

Picture 3&4:

Dress & headdress: Some Ghost ~ Iko Iko dress with Big Chief headdress,
Facial make-up: Schadenfreude ~ Mardi Gras Eiraku lip/eyes,
Pose: .evolve. (available at main store only).

All furniture included in photo 3 is brought to you exclusively to this event by fucifino. Hurry down to Flux now, here's your taxi!

Hope ya'll have a happy and safe Mardi Gras!!

Millie xox

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