Sunday, 11 May 2014

Killy Queeeeeen

As you can tell, I'm absolutely loving this hair from Adoness, so much so that I decided to wear it again. I am loving the colour so much that I'm seriously considering becoming a red-head, lol! This time I am wearing it with a sexy lil number from Blue Blood, which she recently released at the Witching Hour event. This is a new 50L monthly Gacha event, held on the 13th of every month, starting at midnight for one night only!

Millie was sat at home on Earth Colony 316, playing with her laptop, getting more and more bored, when she decided to head out and get sushi. It was after curfew, but she knew of one sushi bar in a dodgy area of town, that would still serve humans after curfew and not inform the Colony Authorities. Still she had to be careful that there were no Colony Authority drones hanging about.

After enjoying her sushi, Millie decided to head back home. But just as she was closing in on her home, she thought she heard the familiar whirring of Colony Authority drones. She hung back, drawing her gun as a precaution. She didn't think she would actually shoot down an Authority drone, but if it came to that or spending the night in a cell, she knew what she would choose.

Finally, happy that she had been mistaken, she headed back home.

skin: riel ~ aurora - rockabilly,
eyes: dead apples ~ phantom,
hair: adoness ~ myrina,
hair-base: kmadd,
ear plugs: nox ~ splattered heart,
nails: [virtual/insanity] ~ glam - Slink nail appliers worn with Slink nail enhancement hud,
tattoo: reckless ~ guts and glory,
hand tattoo: love zombie ~ skelly hands,

dress: blue blood ~ killy,
tights: pinkmares house ~ silent echo fishnets (sorry store closed),
boots: violent seduction ~ esther boots,

piercings: cute poison ~ agelast and legion,
ring: nox ~ quit playing games with my heart,
bracelets: DV8 ~ cyber bangles,

drd ~ dark makeupstitch,
repulse ~ clawed eye and forced smile.

MiLLiE xXx

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